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"Final Fantasy what? Oblivion defines RPG"

If you looked up RPG (Role Playing Game) in the dictionary, there would be a picture of Oblivion and the old Dungeons and Dragons dice games. JRPG developers need to take some notes. I already have logged 30 hours and haven't even done the first quest of the Main Story. Now that's bang for your buck!!

Anyone that has ever gotten used to a FPS, will love this game. With the compass and quicktravel, navigation is a cinch.

The graphics are top knotch, and most times you find yourself thinking "wow, this game is beautiful". There are a instances were there is a framerate hiccup, but the story, the freedom, depth and beauty all make this a minor flaw. Also Bethesda announced a trick that helps with that problem. While the 360 is off, hold down the "A"button then press the "guide" button on the controller, turn the 360 on , with the "A" still held down, wait until after the Bethesada title then release the "A". What this does is clears the data cache on the 360. When the data cache gets too fragmented it causes a drop in framerate, and a rise in load times (keep in mind, until the cache gets full again, the load times will be larger). What fragments the data cache are the same things that fragments your PC. I found that each time you decide to play Oblivion, it's best to do a cache dump, unless you haven't played any other game beside Oblivion. Anyway, I hope that might help some of you.

The character models are amazing, the lighting raises the immersion level through the roof, the stories are intriguing, the progression in any direction is totally up to the player, wide variety of things you can do, day/night and weather effects all compliment the immersion level. The menu system is easy after about 30 minutes. The battles are fun, I have a Spellsword Imperial, and the ability to use both magic and melee can get wild sometimes. But if you want to lean more on one than the other, it's still fun. There is just so much variety that this game would be fun to have a few characters going at one time. I can see geting 200 hours out of this game. If you don't have this game, go buy it, right now!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/27/06

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