Review by mikeranus

Reviewed: 03/29/06

Very Good Game. But Flaws Are Apparent

There is an overall problem with great games that come out now. It seems that games are so big that little bugs get overlooked or unnoticed during testing, and pop their little heads up during gameplay. Oblivion fell into this category, but doesnt ruin the overall experience. There are others who are basing their scores on both the PC version and the 360, but I'm gonna score based on the 360 version only.

Graphics: 9/10

PROS: The graphics on this game are breathtaking on some levels. The towns look beautiful, the NPC's look unkempt (which by the way is a good thing, since makeovers werent priority in the times), even the skies give a sense of awe if you just look up and stare at them for awhile. The dungeons are also very well defined, giving you this sense that the art team did alot of their homework.

CONS: Gameplay graphics...(See Gameplay for reasoning)

Sound: 10/10
PROS: For a next gen game, the sounds are on par with where they should be. I would not expect anything less than good on a game where I spent 65 bucks on, so the sound is what should be expected. The sounds of your boots hitting the floor makes a difference, and does play into your quest, as sound can alert someone you might want to sneak around. The voice acting on the game is also a great, although some NPC's dialog can be annoying.

CONS: Some of the NPC's voice acting is so annoying, you just want to slash them up so you don't have to listen to them least I did.

Gameplay: 7/10
PROS: As you know, the game is very open ended, which means the game can be played however you like, which makes for an engrossing experience. There is countless quest to undertake, which can literally take you months to finish them all off, assuming there aren't going to be add-ons in the future. You can play in first person view or third person, which is a nice feature for those who cannot play first person games without getting motion sickness.

CONS: This is the games glaring problem. The graphics are great and have great detail, but sometimes the extra environment graphics (ex. rocks, trees) tend to get in the way. There is nothing more frustrating than going through an Oblivion gate, getting 80% done with the mission, than getting stuck on a rock, that somehow lodges your character in a rock and a hardplace...literally, making you either have to load a saved game or just quit. Many of you will say that you should save often, which you should, but I do that so if I die, I don't have to go through a level again. I shouldnt have to save because of something dumb like that happening. This is only a minor problem if it happens once, but this has happened countless times, which makes the gameplay suffer, due to freezing, or just being stuck. On a side note, if you play as an archer, playing in third person is 10 times harder, as there is no aiming crosshairs in third person.

Overall: 8/10

This game is definitely worth a look, if not a purchase, even if you are not a RPG lover. Yes, there are hiccups in the game, but there is not one game out there that doesn't have any problems. Why not give it a 10/10? There are minor flaws, but it doesn't hinder the experience too much. It does hinder just enough to frustrate the average gamer, who might not have alot of time to play each day, so getting stuck on a rock and wasting 45 minutes of time can leave a sour taste in your mouth. Don't get me wrong, I love firing up this game every night I can, but, to be fair, I cannot give this a perfect score.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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