Can't use DLC offline anymore?

  1. For the past year I've been migrating back and forth from a location where I have net access and can use my live account, but for other reasons I don't game at much, and another location where I don't have internet access, but I do have ample free time to play xbox360. Everything has been fine, I'd download stuff at one location and play it at the other while offline. Then my system Red Ringed and had to be replaced.

    Now, I can use my dlc at the place with an internet connection when I'm signed onto live (the place where I don't have time to game) but when I'm offline at the other location, I can't use any of it. This mostly relates to Fallout 3 and Dragon Age (most of my other games, I don't care much about the DLC). I've tried moving the Licenses over using which did move the licenses to my replacement xbox, but I still can't use any of my DLC offline.

    I've also tried redownloading the dlc direct from xbox live. When I do, it doesn't actually redownload, it just confirms I already have it on the hard drive (at least I think that is the case, as the "downloads" are only taking about 2 seconds on half a gig of information or more).

    The only thing I can think of trying, is to delete the content from my hard drive completely and then redownload it. I'm still not sure this would work however and it will take me the better part of a day, so I'm hesitant to try it.

    What do I have to do (short of repurchasing the dlc, which I'm not willing to do), to be able to play the content that I've already payed for?

    Microsoft's response has basically been, "uh, why are you trying to play offline again?"

    tl;dr I can't play my old dlc offline on my new xbox.

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    IgnorantWiseman - 8 years ago

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  1. Because you changed systems the live profile was assigned to the other consoles id.
    this is what you have to do.

    User Info: Fallen_soul83

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  1. <i>Then my system Red Ringed and had to be replaced.</i>
    Did you send it into Microsoft and have THEM replace it, or did you just buy a new 360? If THEY replaced it, it's very important to bring that up.

    Anyway, I tried the same thing when my 360 was stolen (bought a new one and moved the licenses). The problem is that licenses only work with Arcade games, (the games started being full games even offline) not DLC. My copy of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will only have DLC if online (even DLC installed from a disk won't work offline).

    Sadly, the only thing that worked for me was buying internet access and staying on xbox live constantly - which is likely Microsofts' goal to begin with.

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  2. you can transfer you DLC licences to your new console.

    I think there are limits on how often though. Google "Xbox DLC Tool

    User Info: eighthnemesis

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