Credit card help?

  1. Why is it when i try to put in a credit card it doesn't work, i put in all my info but at the end it says can't authorize payment/try a diffrent card? and nothings wrong with mine. any idea why?

    User Info: iikegamefaqs

    iikegamefaqs - 7 years ago


  1. Just post your full name, address and card details with your gamertag and password and I'll do it for you.

    On a more serious note, make sure you have the right card type selected i.e. Visa/Visa Electron, it may just be being awkward.. Also, I remember having a conversation about problems when you set your tag to be a US/UK/JPN and you try and register a card that's not from that region. Can't remember if it turned out to be true or not, but worth looking up.

    User Info: cypherchild

    cypherchild - 7 years ago 0 0

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