Can i fix my disc?

  1. I was playing on my xbox360 on call of duty modern warfare 2 and i was angry because of something and i hit my xbox and then i heared this creekly noise and then i turned my xbox of then back on i took the disc out and all of it was scratched around the circle of it on the back. I can still go into games and play like one or two or three matches then it comes up with game error ( clean the disk with a soft cloth ) and restart your xbox360 for more help go to I am wondering if there is anyway i can sort this problem because my game still works proper but it comes up with that when im in a game.

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    Fulton11 - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    How do i disable cheats for transformers 2

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    deceticonsrock1 - 7 years ago
  3. Clarification Request::
    Yeah as my Halo 3: ODST has a crack right through one side and theres no where to fix it at O

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    Rainbowcrossing - 6 years ago

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  1. I actually had my console tip over with a friend's Rockband 2 in it, went to town and found a disc fixer (hand crank, there was an automatic one too). I got him a new Rockband 2 and the fixer. Using the disc fixer I ran the disc through it SEVERAL times (10+ I think) and it actually did start "fixing" it. I now have a disc that plays with the ring (much less noticeable now, but still visible.) You could try that.
    (For the sake of reference: I got it at wal-mart, but it is probably possible to get one at a staples or another computer/technical place, just ask for something that repairs discs.)

    User Info: RunemKoE

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  1. Try going to gamecrazy. They have this machine that fixes those circle scratches on your disks. They do it for free and it generally works pretty well. Ive take three of my disks and two of them now work perfectly.

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  2. where is gamecrazy do you mean GAME ? coz theres no gamecrazy where i live

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  3. Hollywood video and gamecrazy are out of business now....that sucks. if u see a hollywood video then go there and they have a machine that will fix your disc for free or be like the one by my house and charge 2 bucks...
    but ya they should be closing their doors in about a month or so......sux to be them but i dont feel sorry because game crazy and all those stores charge way to much and dont give us anything on trade-ins

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  4. Ok m8 but im from scotland + my cousin has a disk cleaner if i used that would it fix it ?

    User Info: Fulton11

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  5. Yo I got halo 3 but it got scrathed on the back circle can i fic it ?

    User Info: mw2pwns

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  6. Yes u can fix halo 3

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  7. Yes you can by taking some shampoo and put it all over the back of the disk and then rinse in hot water and dry.

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  8. Alright i did the same thing there was a complete perfect circle on my mw2. What i did was, i borrowed my friends mw2 and installed it on my hard drive. Now you can use your scratched mw2 and play it without a problem. It worked for me hope it works for you.

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  9. Ask blockbuster I once accidentaly did that and the laser is the one that does that I had
    CD2 rented and I gave it back to see what they can do about it, and gave me another one when I gave it back they told me they got the other one fixed and working again.

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  10. This depends on how deep the scratches are if they are too deep then basically no but if there only light scratches then you can take it to some kind of gaming store in your area and talk to them about it and they might be able to fix it with a machine that sands down the disc so that the scratches are gone hoped this helped :)

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  11. This happened to my grand theft auto try going to gamestop and they 'l trade it in or try using rubbing alcohal.

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  12. You can get it repaired, it just depends how damaged it is. I had a friend who got his disc 'laser-burned'. Luckily they repaied it for a small fee instead of him having to get a replacement.

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  13. Go to Game/Gamestation and you pay them 5 to get it reapired.

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  14. This happened to me with RDR.

    Basically what you want is a DISC RESURFACER. You can purchase one yourself ( look for something called a game doctor:, or you can call around to used game shops to see if they offer the service.

    A disc can be resurfaced a certain number of times however if the disc is too badly damaged it will not work.

    User Info: madasivad

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  15. This happened to me on the Wii before, and I have something that might work, but it's kind of silly. Have you ever tried the toothpaste method? Sometimes, if you rub some toothpaste all over the parts that are scratched, the game might go on for a little longer. after rubbing the toothpaste in the needed spots, wipe it off with a soft cloth. Be sure there is no leftover toothpaste on the CD, and use warm water with the cloth to wipe it off. After doing this, put the CD back in and see if it goes on any longer than before. This method has worked for some of my scratched up CDs, and i think you should try it. I have noticed differences in how long the game lasts, but the error will still come up after a while. I don't believe you can fix the CD so the error never comes up without buying a new one, but just try this method. It might work.

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