What do you need to be able to play online?

  1. I am just about to buy myself a 360 for christmas, and wondering what I need to buy other than the console to be able to play online, also is it free to play online like on the ps3? THANK YOU

    User Info: zombie_blaster

    zombie_blaster - 9 years ago

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  1. To be able to play online you need:

    - Ethernet Cable (comes with Pro and Elite console) connected to a modem, or a Wireless Adapter ($100) which needs to be connected to a modem.

    - Subscription. Yes, you need to pay. The 12+1 Cards are the best value, they are $60, so it evens out to $5 per month. Other alternatives are $20 cards for 3 months, or $8 for a month. You should be able to find these in stores.

    - And, of course, a LIVE-enabled game :-)

    User Info: TopIess_Grandma

    TopIess_Grandma - 9 years ago 2 0

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