Trying to get 720p on my hdtv, how do i get it?

  1. Hello, i just got a new HDTV sharp Aquos 1080p 37 inch. And i hooked up my xbox 360 with the cables it came with. I set it to HDtv mode on the cable and plugged in the six wires in input 1. However, i only get 480p as my signal. How can i get 720p mode?

    User Info: jjay9225

    jjay9225 - 8 years ago

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  1. On the dashboard scroll up to "My Xbox" and then scroll all the way to the right to a menu called "Console Settings"

    There the first option should read "Display Settings" from which you can set your 360 to 720p or 1080p (your TV may accept 1080p over component as most of the newer Sharps will).

    Also, be sure that you do not have the yellow "composite" cable plugged into the TV as it will override the component (red/green/blue) connection. The cables that come with the Arcade system are composite only, so if you bought an Arcade unit you will have to purchase either the "Component Cables", the "VGA Cables" or the "HDMI Cables" depending on the inputs available to you on your TV.

    User Info: anonymo420

    anonymo420 - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. Nice tv man.....but check your display settings and you will be able to choose what mode you want

    User Info: 1KingOfGames

    1KingOfGames - 8 years ago 0 0

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