Reccomendations for a Xbox 360 to a new player?

  1. Hey, I play PS3 primarily but then one of my real life friends got an Xbox and others followed. Not only do I want to play with people I know, I want to play games like the Halos or Gears. Can you give me some advice about picking the perfect one? I'm asking Hard Drive size, slim or fat, and anything that would help. I also wouldn't mind hearing what you think are good titles on the 360 so I can start with them first. And lastly, what are some good items to go with it?

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    Carzyperson14 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I would recommend a new 250gb Xbox 360 S (the new one). This has plenty of memory and is quieter than the fat consoles, but I still use the old 360 with 60gb.
    If you buy a console with plenty of memory, you should install the disc to the hard drive. This basically means that the disc data is saved to the console, but you still need to put in the disc to verify that you actually have bought it not borrowed it. This means that the disc drive is not spinning for hours meaning that it is quiter (especially on the older consoles) and less likely to overheat.You do this by pressing either Y or X for game options when the console displays the name of the game on the MyXbox screen and selecting "Install game to hardrive"(you'll understand when you get one).
    But to be honest you dont need to do this, but get a console with 20/60gb plus for online use and downloads etc. Avoid the new 4gb xbox if you want Xbox Live or Extra Content.
    Controllers themselves dont really matter but I'd recommend buying a plug and play kit instead of using regular batteries.
    The new 360 has built in wi-fi for Live but the old ones need an adaptor or the included Ethernet cable which plugs in to your router but is very short.
    If you want, you can use the Kinect Sensor as a microphone and as for xbox only games I'd recommend Forza 3 and maybe Perfect Dark (a remake that is downloaded) and Perfect Dark Zero. But most decent games are on either PS3 or 360. If you want motion sensing the Kinect is pretty good and remember you need to pay for Xbox Live Gold after the 1 month trial so you can go online.

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