Need a Full but simple Tutorial on how to flash a replacement DVD Drive. HELP?

  1. Now the problem. My original dvd drive is damaged and everytime I put an Xbox 360 disc in, a message comes up (plays as a dvd) saying that 'To play this disc, put it in an Xbox 360', also in several different languages.
    Now I've also tried out the replacement dvd drive, but it's doing the exact same thing.
    Is that what an unflashed dvd drive does? Or is it just my Xbox 360 and not the dvd drive itself?

    Now could you please tell me everything I need to know to make this Dvd drive work? Keep it simple though, as I'm not exactly a braniac with these kinds of things. (NOTE THAT I AM NOT LOOKING AT FLASHING IT FOR FIRMWARE, I DONT WANT TO BE ABLE TO PLAY BACKUPS)
    And if possible, explain with the least needed tools.

    Hope you guys can help!!
    Much appreciated.
    (Please answer all questions asked if you can)

    User Info: Leon_Saturos

    Leon_Saturos - 9 years ago

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  1. I will not attempt to explain the process here however there are some very in depth guides available at Xbox-Scene which can help you flash a replacement DVD drive for normal use.

    This link is provided with the intention of helping you flash a replacement DVD drive for the sole purpose of playing legitimate Xbox 360 games. Any information offered on the linked website that does not conform to the guidelines set out by GameFAQs TOS is beyond my control and should be visited at your own risk. I make no guarantees that any of the information provided will not damage you or your equipment.

    User Info: anonymo420

    anonymo420 - 9 years ago 1 0

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