Golf Games?

  1. I recently bought an X-Box 360 and am wondering what good golf games there are for it? I enjoyed Hot Shots for PlayStation and am wondering if there are any games like it for the 360?

    User Info: Rheinschmidt

    Rheinschmidt - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. In the "Game Marketplace" section, you'll find "Indie Games" in the specialty shops. Try to find Avatar Golf (or you can just search for it by hitting "Titles A-Z" in the Game Marketplace.) You can download a free trail so you can try it before playing it. Those games cost $5 or less.

    Otherwise, the Tiger Woods PGA Tour games. They all have demos too, but they are full retail games. Search for them the same way and download the demos to see if you like them.

    I believe there are more golf games, but those are the main ones I'm aware about it.

    User Info: b2trumpet

    b2trumpet (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0

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