1 Terabyte(TB) harddrive ??

  1. Does any one know where i can buy a 1TB hard drive for a xbox 360 and i don't care what the price is ?? And it doesn't matter what kind of x box 360 its for like slim or the fat console. And that's ALL i want is JUST the hard drive no modded consoles or anything. So if anybody knows where i can buy one then post a link. And if its like 1TB or more i will also accept that. And you might think its fake or wierd but its real from what i know so if anyone comes across of a 1TB or more USB stick post a link to that if you could. Thanks.

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    DrBink - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. First of all, the highest individual Hard Drive that Microsoft sells is a 250GB Hard Drive. Some of the special edition Xbox 360 S consoles are coming with 320GB Hard Drive.

    This leaves external hard drives/USB sticks, which Microsoft began supported last November I believe.
    There is a rule though.
    When you put in a USB Stick or External Drive, you have to tell the Xbox 360 to give it it's own space to restrict to just the Xbox 360. You can only use up to 16GB of your device to use for Xbox 360 storage.

    So, if you have an external 1 TB hard drive, you will only be allowed to use 16GB of that for Xbox 360 storage. They do this so you have to buy their Hard Drives, which only reach 250GB/320GB right now.

    There is a possible way around this (though I don't know a lot about it.) In your Xbox 360's Hard Drive, open it up and take out the actual physical Hard Drive component out (usually a gray rectangle steel box.) Other external Hard Drives have a similar thing inside them. You could possible find a Hard Drive component with 1 TB of memory, and stick that into the Xbox 360 Hard Drive shell. I've heard that this works and helps give you a lot more memory. But do this at your own risk.

    Base line: 250GB Hard Drves are as big as your going to get, unless you get a newer Xbox that comes with a 320GB Hard Drive.

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