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  1. Ever since i got my xbox i have been through 4 controllers. 1 naturally broke and the rest have the same differtent problem. This is the anolog sticks being not in the centre but facing a different direction. For example my last controllers left stick was facing so much left that i had to buy another one. This means that when i play a game, for example cod or assassins creed, the guy is always walking left. So i centre the stick but it always slants left again. I cant play none of my games like this. My current controller is starting to do the same thing again so i am going to buy a new one. I am sick of buying more and more controllers and so i am asking here if there is any way of fixing it? What causes it? and should i really buy a new controller?

    User Info: ZAGAMER360

    ZAGAMER360 - 5 years ago


  1. Its a non serious problem, all of your controllers are in fine condition, they just tend to get a little worn from gameplay, some of mine do this too but it shouldnt screw up your gameplay.

    User Info: papapung4898

    papapung4898 - 5 years ago 0 0

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