Why does the system keep messing up the video but not audio(360)?

  1. I have an older xbox 360, around 2008 model. My first problem started with the audio starting but no video. I took it to a guy and paid out $45 to get it fixed. That was in May of 2011. Then in the end of August the picture went out again. Now the guy told me sometimes the xbox runs so quick that the disc sometimes cracks the video chip or some crap. Here's the thing, no one runs around, the xbox is flat and never moves. So anyway in August after I went online and found a way to overheat the system then it would be fixed, and that worked up until 3 weeks ago. Since then I have needed to fix it 3 times and now today I did it 3 times and its still going out. I need a bottom line, is it better to get a new system, is this a problem in any newer systems, or should I just say screw it, PS3 time?

    User Info: r239238

    r239238 - 5 years ago


  1. DONT GET PS3. If you have done the "towel trick" numerous times, dont do it anymore. It temporarily fixes your system but in the long run it overheats everything else that is working to the point of not working status, basically frying the whole system. Find a video on youtube that shows how to take it apart, or find someone that knows how to do it, then once your into the innards of the 360 unplug the fan cable from the motherboard, you will know what im talking about when i see it, but if you try this method make sure you grasp the whole plug, not just the cable otherwise you run the risk of ripping out the cable, then you are screwed. Once you do that leave the system on for a good 15 mins or so, then turn it off and wait an equal amount of time, once cool, plug the fan back in then try it. I have done this to my xbox, and my friends and it has worked. BUT it voids the warranty if you open the 360, and im not responsible for any damage you cause! If this still doesnt fix it, just buy a cheap one from gamestop

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    papapung4898 - 5 years ago 0 0

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