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  1. A couple of days ago my uncles LG 3D smart TV stopped getting signal to all of its HDMI ports. Nothing got signal, so we switched it out for his older TV but not to old it had one HDMI port. The Smart DVD player works in the port, but when i plugged my xbox 360 into the port using my own HDMI cable it says "no signal" so i did everything Microsoft said to do with the hold y and press the right trigger, still nothing. I plugged the Smart DVD player into the port using my HDMI cable (the one i plugged into my xbox) and it got signal. The console turns on fine, dose not have the red rings, and from the sound of it runs the games. I do not have component cables with me at the moment and wont for another 2 weeks. so if anyone has a solution for this pleeeeeease tell me.

    User Info: p34nutbutter

    p34nutbutter - 4 years ago


  1. Try moving the xbox and tv to a different place

    User Info: ablasebeast84

    ablasebeast84 - 1 year ago 0 0

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