Need help transferring files from PC to Xbox 360 Hard Drive?

  1. I have recently purchased a new 120gb hard drive for my 360. With the 120gb hard drive, it comes with a cable so u can transfer all ur old files from the old 20gb xbox hard drive to your new 120gb hard drive. As this is all done now, I was wondering if you could do this fropm the PC to the Xbox 360. Everytime I try this, the PC reads it as "USB Mass Storage" and I cant access it by browsing "My Computer".

    Does anyone know how to enable windows to recognise this so I can use it as a portable device??

    User Info: djmoist

    djmoist - 8 years ago


  1. If you just want to use the old hard drive to hold media files, you could do a FAT32 format to it.

    User Info: L4cash

    L4cash - 8 years ago 0 0

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