Is XBOX 360 worth buying?

  1. Im asking this because I want to have my second new generation console, I have the nintendo WII. But I have heard rumors that the xbox has a lot of problems. What problems does this system has? Another reason I want to buy this system is because of its low price. The PS3 is WAY to expensive. I need opinion from gamers with this system. Another question what kind of games does it have?

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    henryusa1 - 8 years ago
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    I want the XBOX 360 60GB because of the price and I am not interested on online gaming. I just want play normally. Im scared of buying this game system because I would be wasting $300 and that is a low blow. Does the warranty really helps?

    User Info: henryusa1

    henryusa1 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The 360 really has only 1 major issue and that is the RRoD(red rings of death) this is caused by the system overheating and is fatal but is covered by the manufacturer warrenty. This is an issue that is being vercome by MS and newer models of the 360 do not have this issue.

    The console itself is one of the most powerful available and has a huge range of games in its collection.

    I would reconsider your comment about online gaming, this breaths life into many games and even turns rubbish games(campaign mode) into amazing and addictive games. The other features available to you by being online is not only the playing of the games but also the massive amount of downloads from the Xbox Live Marketplace, everything from new maps, missions and tracks to music, video, demos and much more.

    Haters will always say the PS3 is a better console and in some ways it might be but the Xbox Live experience is what makes this console stand a million miles taller than any other console. an xbox 360, buy brand new if possible and get a new model and then get yourself online. Add me if you like and we can hook up and I can guide you around.

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Other Answers

  1. Well, the games list is available on FAQs, so if you're interested, it's here. Nearly every game that isn't done in-house is available on this platform. As to your question, there has been issues with RROD though the new chipset and ability to install games seems to fix that problem. There is a recent E74 error, that has to do with the hard drive. Both of those are covered under an extended warranty. People usually pick this system because their friends have it, and are willing to pay for online play in a secure and closed network where cheating & cheat devices are easily reported if and when they actually arise. It also provides a points system so that you may passively compete with your friends in games to see "who's better". The controller is generally well received though fighting game fans do complain about the feel of the D-Pad. I myself enjoy the system as a gaming machine, though I tend to play more arcade games than purchased games, I do enjoy it for the community it provides and the features I seek at the price I can afford.

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  2. I had the same problem as you before, but I chose xbox, the online is free, if you think about it, the xbox 360 come with a free 1month trial of LIVE, just keep creating a new account every month, it is worht it, the online gaming has the cleanest server in the planet, sure there is a red ring but so what, just make sure you take care of your 360, don't play too long, its bad for your eyes. The 360 is loaded with new feature every 3 months with a new update, the new 1 vs 100 lets you win Microsoft points so you can spend them in the marketplace on new movies and new games.

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  3. YES my friend let me play Call Of Duty 4 online and it was the best two hours of my life. Its worth it.

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  4. Yes the Xbox 360 does have problems like the RROD (Red Ring of Death) which makes consoles unusable but newer consoles are less prone to this now. And the Xbox 360 has a lot more and better games than the PS3 like Grand Theft Auto 4: Episodes from Liberty City, Gears of War 1 & 2, Forza Motorsport 2 & 3, Halo 3, Halo: 3 ODST, Halo Wars, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2.

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  5. It depends. Do not get the arcade. It sucks. i got it and it got the RROD within 5 months. get the regular xbox 360 or the elite.

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