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One step forward, two steps back...08/03/06gummy
Hands down the console with the most defects02/13/07Idioasis
Exceedes expectations, not just another novelty system.02/23/06ACPCybernetico
A top console10/31/08Bl4d3Gunn3r
A year in review.01/02/07BLKMAGE43
A Fine System With Real Potential02/13/06Bobfoc22
and the winner by knockout....XBOX 36006/05/06BreXreilly
The Future is Bright08/24/06carwreck1
Great system that with more games will give sony an even battle07/16/06crddrc
Awesomeness in a box named x02/17/06darkside_tanro
The Adversity of an Xbox 36011/04/16DustinIC
Microsoft makes a comeback!11/27/06falcodarkzz
This system will become your hub of entertainment06/22/09fillup0
As of June 2008, the best console that's not made by Nintendo06/25/08GamerJM
Great graphics + great games = Win01/12/07JonWood007
So much more then just a gaming system12/19/05KaoticEnigma
Decent console.01/28/09LightSideofJedi
The Xbox 360 S with Kinect is great but does it set the bar for this generation of gaming?03/02/12netman70
The next generation is here? Gee, I didn't notice01/10/06PyramidHead87
Good, but not that good.02/07/07Qzor
Get this system. It's waiting for you.02/27/06ryubaru
A great console... Er, it could've been without the piss-poor internal design12/03/09skullboy950
State of the art gaming console05/21/13SquallEX8
The best next-gen console.05/12/08StarOceaner
A Great Start for Microsoft01/23/12SworderGreen
An Excellent System01/16/06The1Executioner
XBox 360s don't last long.12/20/12Yarrum_K

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