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"and the winner by knockout....XBOX 360"

Out with the old, in with the new. Where the original was based on off the shelf middle of the road PC technology with cool graphics, the new one is based on unrelesed 3 core PowerPC technology (Interesting IBM is now manufactoring processors for all game consoles) with cutting edge graphics.

Gone are the wired controllers, although they'll still be available as an option.

The front is now customizable, which is pretty cool when you think about it.

It's the only console that will ship with a hard drive. C'mon any Xbox owner knows that hard drive is a killer feature. Not only for games, but for also ripping your own music to play in games. That Sony isn't going to include one with their basic package is HUGE mistake-- but ya gotta cut costs somewhere I guess.

Anyway, Microsoft has improved Live network support. Everyone recieves it free, and you only pay if you want to play with others. Think about it, this will be the largest FREE voice over IP network. That's pretty amazing. You're also going to be able to sell content over the network, which could be huge. And you can watch others play.

Don't even get me started on third party support. Microsoft is pulling out all stops. They've signed up so many partners that have never developed for the Xbox before, it's simply going to exciting to see what comes out of all of it.

And Microsoft is going to be first to market, which should give them a better chance against Sony.

Sony's offering looks technically superior, but when you really think about it, developers make games based on the lowest common denominator. Look at EA. How many games from EA are developed with Xbox in mind? Uh none. They'll also PS/2 based. I'm thinking all games will now be 360 based, even if they're on the PS3.

The one misstep from Microsoft is backward compatibility. They're saying the most popular games will work, but that's going to be a problem. Sony has always been backwards compatible. Nintendo, uh, not so much, but they're making up for it now I guess with the Revolution. Microsoft needs to address this.

The one area where Microsoft may make up ground is being developer friendly. Microsoft excels at operating systems and tools.

I think the 360 will be the right console at the right time, and may give Sony some serious competition.

Developer friendly, 3 core processor, customizable face plate, free "live" network access, wireless controllers, hd, 5.1

Backwards compatiblity questionable

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/05/06

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