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"The Future is Bright"

Hello and welcome to my review of Microsoft's second gaming console. The Xbox 360

The 360 is white in color, the disk drive has a chrome finish (if you bought the premium version, if you have the core then the disk drive is white) The power button is on the lower half of the console (vertical) or the right side of it (horizontal). there are two usb ports on the front and a third on the back.

The controller design is excellent this time around. I have to say that the xbox 360 controller is the best, and most comfortable controller I have ever used, it looks pretty much like the original xbox's S type controller. Only the black and white buttons have been replaced by left and right bumpers that are above the triggers. In the middle of the controller (where the original xbox controllers had the jewel) there is the Xbox 360 guide button. This button allows you turn on the system from afar, and access your custom soundtracks while playing xbox 360 games. It also lets you see who is online (if you have xbox live).

The xbox 360 is more than just a gaming system. You can stream media content (pictures, videos, music etc.) between your xbox 360 and your pc. Every Xbox 360 game is required to have custom soundtrack support, which means you can play your music whenever you want in any 360 game! The Xbox Guide button will breed a new generation of couch potato, now you don't even have to get up to turn your system on and off. One thing that is cool about the 360 is the ability to completely customize your console. there is a variety of face-plates for you to choose from, also you can download new themes, and gamer pictures for your dashboard from the xbox live marketplace. Games now have achievements. So if you get to a certain spot in a game (getting to a higher rank in the mage's guild in oblivion for example) you are rewarded with gamer points that add to your gamer score.

The Marketplace
The xbox live marketplace is where you can download new content for your video games. other things you can download include game demos, themes and gamer pictures, and trailers. some of the down-loadable content isn't free. You pay for it with Microsoft Points. Microsoft points can be purchased directly from xbox live, or you get them from your local retail outlet.

Game Library
The xbox 360 is looking good so far. with great titles out right now like The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion, Call of Duty 2, Dead or alive 4, Battlefield 2 Modern combat, and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter to name a few. There are also great titles coming out in the future Like Gears of War, and Halo 3, saint's row, Mass effect, and hopefully another Kotor title.

Xbox Live
xbox live is Microsoft's online gaming service for the xbox and xbox 360. You only pay 50 dollars a year for this great service. You automatically get a Silver membership (which is free) to live when you purchase your xbox 360. silver gives you access to the marketplace, and lets you chat with your friends, but if you want to play games online you will have to upgrade to gold.

Gaming online
The xbox 360 already has some awesome online titles, My favorite as of right now is Battlefield 2 Modern combat, I recommend getting that game solely for its great multiplayer. other good ones include Graw, call of duty 2, and table tennis to name a few. Also if you can play halo 2 with people that are playing on their original xbox's.

The xbox 360 has some pretty cool accessories. there is the play and charge kit which recharges your batter pack while you are playing (or if the system is turned off), the quick charge kit (which can recharge a battery pack in under 2 hours!), the xbox 360 wifi adaptor (which allows you to play online without all the cords), the media center remote (self explanatory) and the soon to be released Hd-dvd add-on (which will play hd-dvds so you can watch movies in High definition)

My thoughts
Overall this system is excellent. The graphics on the xbox 360 blew me away with games like oblivion and call of duty 2, which look so good on a high definition television, you can almost compare them to real life. I am really excited about the xbox 360's future and with over 100 new titles coming out by Christmas this year the future is looking good.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/24/06

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