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"Microsoft makes a comeback!"

With christmas coming up many people will be deciding which console to buy, a Wii, PS3 or xbox 360. Perhaps my review could help you in making a decision?

I bought my 360 nine months ago, there was a massive shortage in consoles and I was lucky to find a core pack. My first game for the new console was Kameo: elements of power, I liked the graphics a LOT, and the gameplay was excellent, but it didnt impress me as much as I thought it would. The next game I bought, perfect dark, didn't impress me either. Although both games had stunning graphics, the gameplay didn't impress me greatly, well I suppose Kameo did, making use of the 360's monster power, but perfect dark was just another shooter.

Since then the 360 has moved on a lot, with games using its power very well indeed, and there are games for most people, adventure, shooting, racing - and even strategy in the form of The lord of the rings: The battle for middle earth 2.

Never has such power been at a gamers fingertips. The 360 has an edge over the other games consoles, when the playstation 3 is out the 360 will be in its second year, meaning game developers will have really got to grips with the hardware and will be fully utilizing its potential, not that there aren't already.

The xbox 360 doesn't just deliver stunning visuals and massive processing power, but also excellent software and developer support. Xbox live is an excellent example, with players extending their games life with updates and downloads. Arcade classics can also be purchased from xbox live for a small fee, these games are entertaining and fun. And theres the brilliant 360 exclusives, including Halo and gears of war. Rare is also an exclusive developer for microsoft now, so expect more great adventure games like Banjo kazooie.

One of my favorite features on the 360 are gamer points. A player acquires gamerpoints when he/she unlocks achievements when playing a game, an example would be in Kameo "rescued pummel weed 25GP". These points are there for everyone to see, so they can tell which games you play and how often. Gamerpoints can really extend a games lifetime, iv'e found myself going back and playing games I usualy wouldn't have to unlock a new achievment, and I often find myself getting back into the game again.

Control system: 8/10
The 360 controller is controller perfection in the two joystick design. The buttons are well placed and nicely sized, the joysticks are the best I have ever used, and the controller itself fits into the hand very neatly, all this makes for gaming heaven. The only reason its doesn't get a ten is because of the lack of innovation, thats why for me the Wii has a better controller.

Features: 10/10
Bucketloads of them, gamerpoints, downloads etc. Being able to listen to your own music while playing is a godsend!

graphics: 9/10
Brilliant, not even a pc can top em'.

Power: 9/10
Get a ton of power, then add a thousand bucketloads and thats the 360.

Overall: 8/10
My only complaint with the 360 is its lack of innovation, but it does what the last generation tried to do perfectly.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/27/06

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