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"Alot of potential, but a serious letdown"

The Xbox360 is a gaming machine. It lacks in various areas and the games for it lack alot to be expected.

The Xbox360 has a poor design. It stands out which some people consider good but the fact is, it doesn't fit the trends. When placed next to any home electronic, it turns heads with people knowing that it seems out of place. With most electronics being black and silver, I wonder why Microsoft tried with a white console. Perhaps they are envious of Apple.

The games for the Xbox360 are poor. It seems that most games lack a lengthly single player experience and rely on Multiplayer to bring it up. So far games have virtually no single player replay value. It just doesn't exist in most titles. Oblivion by far is the only game which has a good single player replay value because its only single player. More games need to have good offline experiences. From the perspective of people who don't have a broadband connection, the Xbox360 leaves you feeling like you bought incomplete games. Only when you have a broadband connection can you enjoy 90% of the games Xbox360 has to offer. So if you dont have a broadband connection, the Xbox360 is not for you.

The XBox360 is lacking in accessories. Because Microsoft likes to keep its wireless protocol on the Xbox360 proprietary, you wont be getting wireless accessories from third party makers. This is just sad, some people like the design of controllers with built in fans. Or controllers with rubber slip resistant grips. But Microsoft shot them all down because not many people are willing to be wired to their console anymore. The wireless headset has many problems. I have been one of thousands who experience annoying beeps, connection issues and poor microphone quality.

The Xbox360 interface isnt the best and not the worse. At least its better then the Xbox interface. It seems they have just taken from windows and tabs are now called blades and each blade has options within options within options. After using the PSP XMB interface and the PS3 XMB interface, the Xbox360 interface is not nearly as streamlined. I expected great things from the Xbox360 interface but it seems too colorful and at most times very dull to use.

The controller is nice, but still has the same flaws of the old controller. For shooters its greatly designed, but for other games, it just doesn't fit well. Fighting games are still a challenge to use the d-pad since its design just doesn't work when your trying to pull off combos. The rumble is still standard and doesn't add more depth to games. I expected games to better use rumble technology but its still lacking. In games where you full attention needs to be on screen, the rumble gets annoying. Last thing I need is a sore hand from the constant rumble that most games like to use.

The add-on itself makes the Xbox360 even uglier. You ant even customize the look of the Xbox360 so even if you were one who changed out a face-plate, you still have a white box sitting right next to it. Without HDMI, you wont be getting the best experience in terms of sound.

I just hate how Microsoft is making the HDD proprietary. I really would like to get a 120GB or 160GB because once you download all the demos and videos and now the new HD Videos, 20gb of space fills up quickly. Last thing I want to do is delete a movie that took me overnight to download just to watch another HD movie. Then the continuing cycle of deleting and re-downloading.

Microsoft charges 100 bucks for a 20GB HDD. I cant imagine how much the markup will be for a 100GB if they ever release it like they announced.

The only thing thats good about the Xbox360 is the online play. Its nice to use but leaves alot to be wanted. I don't like the fact that companies like EA are taking advantage of micro transactions to exploit and unlock game content. Achievements really don't mean much to me as I could care less how I stand against other players. The player limit has always been un-exciting. With PC games having 64 players, you would think a next generation system would have next generation online. But its a disappointment, the Xboxlive system seems to be identical to the online of the original xbox. The only thing new on XboxLive is being able to download non-game content.

This console just leaves alot to be wanted. The Core system is a joke. The premium is by far the better value. I consider the Core version to be the Xbox360 and the premium to be the console with extras.

The Core gets a rating of 3/10 because the fact being, with no HDD, most xbox games just wont play online because of updates. Therefore you are forced to settle for the lacking single player games.

The Premium version gets a 7/10 for being a solid console. Not truly next generation but not last generation either.

Overall the Xbox360 gets a 5/10. Alot of potential and abilities IF you are willing to spend extra.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 11/27/06

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