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"A year in review."

Lets get this party started right!!....?

----- My best unbiased opinion, I own a 360, OWNED 2 PS3's and cant wait for the Wii to hit shelves regularly.----

Well the Year of the Xbox 360 has come and gone so lets see how it stacks up against the newest additions to the next gen era.

Hardware: 8

When the system debut came about the Xbox 360 had a little issue with a tempature problem which MS promptly corrected with the second release of the system. Also the 20 GB HDD is actually about 13 GB and some change due to system info already installed on it. But in the course of a year and the dozens upon dozens of games played I still have about 12 GB and change left on the HDD, so space is not really and issue. (Rumors of a 60GB HDD are already circling....but alas nothing but rumors.) The controller... WOO HOO nice job, it is very ergonomic, easy to use and supports comfort over extended gaming sessions, and the available Play and Charge kit is a plus as well.

Graphics: 8

Stunning, thats it simply stunning.......
However there have been a handful of games that appear to be a straight port from the original xbox to the 360 with only slight changes made to the graphics. But with beauties like Oblivion, Ghost Recon AWF and many others this is where the system shines. However much like the previous Xbox the game library lacks, but with th recent releases of games like Gears of War MS seems to have not dropped the ball........ yet.

Features: 10

Out of the box DVD control (this time with complimentary media remote if you bought the premium console.)

Xbox Live: OORAH! So far (lets see where Sony goes with theirs) this is the meat and potatoes of the system, an unparalleled online service. XBL is very user friendly, loaded with eye candy and the recent release of movies and TV shows on demand is amazing. XBL Vision is cheesy but none the less entertaining. Sony has a free service, however, I find that the user interface is not nearly as nice and appears mostly to the technilogically inclined. Wii, what can I say, it's made to tailor to the needs of your great aunt Beatrice, anyone can use it.

Resolution: 8

Most games only support upto 720p but some go as high as 1080i, the human eye however has to scower the screen for every minute dtail to see the difference, but there is one. Core system only comes with composite R/W/Y cables but can be upgraded fairly easily.

Overall: 8.5

The beta testing is done for the first year, time to crank out some software or fall miserably into the Dreamcast abyss.

Looking more towards ease of use and family fun? Look towards the Wii

Got the extra bang for the buck? PS3 is waiting, proceed with caution until later into 200, Sony has some bugs to whack.

Looking for an all around system thats slightly more affordable?... 360 is just the thing you need..... But you don't have to take my word for it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/02/07

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