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"Hands down the console with the most defects"

"Hands down the console with the most defects."

I received the Xbox 360 as a Christmas present, and it was up and running (or so I thought) within 20 minutes after opening. Then I turned on the console and something beyond my worst nightmares happened:


The whole console became a rock. It wouldn't respond, it wouldn't even turn off. It finally turns off and I make it 10 seconds in, but then it froze again. I must have repeated the process 50 times before I managed to place a game in the console. Just so you know, I downloaded the new patch for the 360 then too. The game was Tony Hawk's Project 8. Seconds after the opening video started playing, it froze. My eyes grew wide as my Christmas present started making extremely loud sounds. I leaped towards the console and pressed the power button. I prayed that nothing bad had happened as I restarted the console and took the game out with blazing speed. I managed to save the game from permanently being trapped in the Xbox 360's disc tray. My console froze again immediately after. I waited an hour, in case it was just overheating. But it was not overheating. My console was defective, and would not even turn on afterwards. I then went to Microsoft's website and they gave some reasons that my Xbox 360 could be acting like that. One of the reasons given was:

"You might not have the correct date and time".

I kid you not. They actually thought that my console wouldn't turn on because the time and date were not properly set. First of all the time and date were properly set (how would the console know if they weren't properly set anyway?), second of all, HOW IN ANY WAY WOULD THAT MAKE MY CONSOLE NOT TURN ON?!

I decided that I would not even bother to call customer support, as I could be told unbearably real possibilities such as "You ate a taco Friday night, causing you to fart an oily discharge onto the console". I will be returning this box of horror tomorrow morning.

This part is for those who have a working console:

Now I will tell you the aspects of this console that I did get to experience:


Sure, they're good. They're fantastic for some games. At the system's launch, though, they were not fully utilized. That probably won't matter now because most of the games now have made full use of the console. If it's graphics you're looking for, this is the console to get. The PS3's graphics have actually not been as good as the ones on the 360.


Very good sound. But all of the new consoles have good sound, so this category is unimportant.


Setting up the console is very simple, and when you first start it up, it is easy to start playing games. Much of the stuff is already done for you from when you first boot up the 360. Of course, if you're a gamer this category won't matter much.


The games are varied, ranging from first-person shooters to third-person shooters to basketball games to football games....don't worry, there's more. The newer games are much more unique than the launch titles. No two games will give you nearly the same experience. Plus, you can play demos of games in the Xbox Live Marketplace. But the games you kind of have to judge on your own. You may love them, you may hate them.


From what I hear, Xbox Live is fantastic, but I did not get a chance to use it because of my console mishap.


A step up from the Xbox controller. It isn't as bulky, and the buttons have been put in more comfortable positions.


If you were to plug in an Xbox 360 at a Metallica concert, you would be straining to hear the concert. THIS SYSTEM IS THAT LOUD.

Altogether, it probably isn't that bad of a console if you get a non-defective one. Sadly, many people (I've heard numbers as high as 1/3 of all 360 buyers) have had serious problems with their consoles. Those chances are too risky, at least for most people. I would wait and get a non-defective one (if they ever consistently make working ones, it's been a year and things are getting worse). If you can manage to find a working one, go ahead and get it. I've heard it's nice on the other side of the defect mountain.

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Originally Posted: 01/02/07, Updated 02/13/07

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