Review by JonWood007

Reviewed: 01/12/07

Great graphics + great games = Win

The Xbox 360 is the first next-gen system made and it is probably the best one out at this point. It is a great system with great games and great graphics.

Graphics- 10/10

Overall, the graphics of this game are excellent. Compared to last gen and even some of the other next-gen games, the graphics are excellent. Most of this really depends on the game, but the 360 has had several games that show off excellent next-gen graphics. When it comes to capabilities, it is top of the line.

Audio- 10/10

Again, this is game dependant, but the sound is awesome in many of the games such as Call of Duty 2 where it sounds like you are actually watching a movie.

Controller- 8/10

Overall, the controller is great. It looks good, and it feels good while playing. After using this controller, there is no going back. I played games for a while on this, and then went back to the PS2. The PS2 controller felt awkward to me after using this. There are enough buttons for everything and playing most games feels smooth. My only problem is the wireless-ness. While in many ways, it is cool, the batteries die after around 20 hours of play which means you need to change your batteries mid-game. Get rechargeable batteries or you will be spending a lot of money on AAs.

Games- 20/20

Gaming systems revolve around games, and without good games, a system is nothing. Since the Xbox 360 came out a year before the Wii and Playstation 3, the Xbox 360 has many games. Many of its games are awesome bestsellers. With games like Call of Duty 2, F.E.A.R., Oblivion, and Gears of War out there, this system has an awesome lineup. The only possible problem I can see is the lack of variation in games. The majority of games on the Xbox 360 are first person shooters. If you like first person shooters like me, this is the perfect system for you, but if you are looking for innovation, or a variety of games from al genres, you might be better off with another system. Also, this is not a good system to get little kids. Since most of the games are shooters, most of the games on this system are rated T or M.

Price/value- 20/20

Overall, the price and value of the Xbox 360 is great. Out of the three systems, I definitely would say this is the best deal. The price tag for this system may seem high with it being $300 for the core system and $400 for the premium, but if you get the core, it is only $50 more than for the Wii and you get better graphics and a ton of games. For the premium, you get a hard drive (which is better than one of those memory cards) and a bunch of other stuff that is definitely worth the extra $100. Also, when compared to the PS3, which is $500-600, this is definitely a better deal. The hardware for the PS3 might be a little better with the blu-ray player, but this system focuses more on the games, and this system definitely has more blockbuster games than the PS3 at this point.

Features- 16/20

If you want lots of features, this system may not be the best out of the three, but it has a lot of great features. You can play DVD movies, play games over Xbox Live, download demos/movie clips, and play your own music while playing a game.

Backward compatability- 6/10

This is where this system suffers the most. When it comes to backward compatabilty, this is the worst of the three systems. Instead of having the hardware for backward compatibility right in the 360, you need to download files required to play certain games. Some games, such as the Halo games, are playable out of the box on the premium version, but to play others, you need to download files. Also, at this point, many of the games are still unplayable because microsoft hasn't released the files yet. Eventually, this game may be able to play all of the games from the original Xbox. However, at this point, it can only play some of the best games on the original Xbox like Halo and Doom 3.

Overall- 90/100 = 9/10

Despite its minor flaws, the Xbox 360 is currently the best deal out there for those who want to get a next-gen video game system.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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