Review by Qzor

Reviewed: 02/07/07

Good, but not that good.

About three months ago, I bought a new Xbox 360. It was tough to get the required $700 for system memory card, and all of the other necessities. So, I opened it up and started playing my first game Dead Rising. I was blown away by the graphics, sound and overall experience of the system. You might be wondering why I only gave the 360 a 6/10 but here is the reason. A few days ago, I was playing Gears of War when all of the sudden the system froze up. It was not the first time this had happened. So, I unplugged the system but this time, when I turned it on all I got was a blank screen and three red lights on the system. So, long story short I have to send the system back to Microsoft to get fixed. Now on to the review:

Hardware (2/10):

When playing you Xbox 360 be careful not to breath on it because it might break. No, seriously. The system is full of flaws causing it to either overheat or break down. Now, there have been attempts to fix the overheating problem such as the exterior mountable fans that you can put on. The only problem with those is that putting one on voids that warranty! Why take the risk of trying to make the 360 better at a chance of no more free repairs? If you send in your 360 to get repaired, you don't even get the same one back. I sent in a Premium system and got back a core. Let me tell you that I wasn't a happy camper. After an angry letter to Microsoft and a few more weeks, I finally got a Premium system back, but it wasn't my original because it had a childish sticker on the power button. The best thing that Microsoft could do would be to fix the bugs and release a a new 360.

Graphics (9/10):

They are truly amazing, and the best of the next gen systems by far. When playing sports games with the HD experience, the players actually look and move like real people. Sometimes I forget that I am playing a video game and rather watching an actual sporting event. If you are looking for graphics go with the 360, but remember if your 360 is always being repaired you can't experience those amazing graphics.

Sound (8/10):

The sound is great but not perfect. There is something about it that just doesn't seem right. Other than that there are no problem whatsoever that I have noticed. I can get better sound quality when playing mp3s and movies on the system but only by using my Bose speakers. Not everybody has Bose speakers because of their high price. But really, how much does sound matter when you are playing video games.

Games (5/10):

Boom head shot, boom head shot. Almost all of the games on the 360 are either first person shooters, fighting, or sports games. While this may appeal to some people, it doesn't apply to all. If Microsoft were to release a larger variety of game then this section would receive a higher score.

Price (1/10):

Owing an Xbox 360 is like having a hole in your pocket. For some reason, all of your money keeps disappearing. First of all there is the $600 charge just for the core system, then you have to buy extra controls for more than one person. At $60 a pop these things aren't cheap. Then comes the memory chips. These are expensive but needed. At $50 each for a low end one, and about $200 for a good one, you are sinking a lot more money here. Then there are the games. An average new game is going to cost you anywhere between $70-$100. And, if you want to play on-line you need to subscribe to Xbox Live which means a monthly amount of money going away. So, be prepared for lots of money to disappear, and the costs to never end.

It is up to you if you want to buy a 360 or not. Personally, I have had a bad experience with it and wish I never bough it. But hey if you want to buy it then go right a head because there is nothing but a few hundred dollars stopping you.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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