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"An Excellent Choice for Next Gen Gaming"

The Xbox 360 is the second version of Microsoft's Xbox system, and it looks like they learned their mistakes from the last big black box.


Planning for the 360 began in 2003, and Microsoft wanted to put some power in the System. We were hit with the hype of the system, and the games like Perfect Dark Zero [the so called Flagship, even though it did not live of to those lofty expectations for some people]. But when people saw the graphics of the 360, it was amazing, I know the first time I really played one of them, my jaw dropped. So Microsoft created a vastly improved version of the Xbox, made two different configurations you could get, and read the next paragraph to see how it is doing.


The Xbox 360 was released on November 22nd 2005 [one year before the other two], and it is the current leader in sales. The 360 has amassed 16,000,000 sales, while the Nintendo Wii is in the lead with 19,000,000 and the PlayStation 3 is lagging behind with 9,000,000. The 360 is doing very well here in America, but in Japan it is bombing because of a lack of the Japanese games, because the Xbox is mostly American "blow stuff up" games. There have been some glitches, which may have helped, but the current price drops for the three [yes three] variations may help. The Elite has gone down from 479 to 450, the Premium has gone down from 399 to 349, and the Core has gone down from 299 to 279. This should help compete with the Wii.

The System: 7

I like the 360, it is smaller than the old Xbox and I like the white look more because it is more pleasing to the eye. It may still be bulky [seven pounds] but it has a better form factor, and there is also a sleek curve through the middle and it can be laid on its side. There is also a good Hard drive that you can have in there to save your games, music, movies or just the other stuff you get on Live. It is also like a Computer, you can hook so many things into the back of it. But if there is one problem for me, it is that there can be a lot of glitches, and be careful because the thing could overheat on you. Make sure you take care of your 360.

Controller: 8

The Xbox 360 game pad is a great controller, and it is perfect for the kind of games you will be getting if you buy a 360. You will be getting mostly shooters, beat em ups or driving games and the Game pad like I said is very effective for those games. And there is also a button that lets you access a simplified version of the Dashboard that lets you go back to the menu during a game. This controller is very comfortable, the buttons work quite well, and you should dig it if you try it out.

Features: 8

As I said before, you can hook up a lot of stuff to the 360, they have a lot of ports in the back, and you can even use the 360 Game pad on a Windows XP PC. But lets go over the important things; you have Xbox Live, which is the best online service next to playing on a Gaming quality PC. And on there you can get wallpapers for the 360, Demos, movie previews and so much other good stuff. You can also listen to Music, watch DVD's, you can buy a little HD-DVD player, you can go on the Internet. You can also download games on the Xbox-Live Arcade [come on Rare give us Perfect Dark]. And the menu that you access all of this from is called the Dashboard, which has five simple to use blades that contain all of the crap you need to use for the 360. Putting this simply, the 360 is like a Computer that goes in your TV, and a damn good one at that.

Graphical Power: 9

The 360, so far is the most powerful system in my mind [besides a Computer]. You can get some breathtaking graphics for some of the games on there like BioShock and Gears of War. But I am also kind of worried, I don't know if people can start making things look much better than this, the 360 proved that these Developers almost have the capability to make life like games, and really I don't think much more needs to be said. There are beautiful games with amazing textures, particle effects, water, and a massive amount of AI on the screen at once. Only problem is you need a HD-TV and all of the kinks haven't been worked out yet, and if you have a SD-TV it won't look much better than the Wii. But around the end we will have some gorgeous games.

Sound Capabilities: 9

The sound on the 360 is amazing like the Graphics are. Now that gaming has evolved so much and these Devs know so much about coding and adding sound to games, we can get some incredible voice overs and music, as well as sound effects. And if you have a high quality surround sound system hooked up with a game such as Gears of War, it will be tough to go back to the old setup.

Game Media: 8

The 360 uses 12x DVD's, and they can get around 8 Gigs on there for the games. So there is plenty of room to put some big games with great sound and Graphics inside. But we may be getting some HD-DVD games soon so there could be even more on there soon. Lets just say that you will like these DVD's unless you're really picky.

The Games: [Current rating] 7, [Expected rating by end of lifespan] 8

Well I will be blunt, when the 360 came out the games SUCKED, but now that has been uprighted. Now we have games like Gears of War which are mind blowing in just how much they got in there. The only problem is that if you are an RPG fan, you will hate the 360, but if you dig blowing stuff up and racing [which is why the sales are so high here in the US, we love that stuff] then you will like what the 360 offers you in Games.

Suggested games: [As of this review, 8-5-07]

BioShock, Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 3, Dead or Alive 4, Dead Rising, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, F.E.A.R., Gears of War, Kameo: Elements of Power, Perfect Dark Zero, Prey, Viva Pinata.


Incredible graphics, Xbox-Live, good controller, good console for shooter games, well priced.


Lack of game diversity, Console glitches, poor backwards compatibility.

Should you get it:

I would recommend the XBox 360 as being the best system currently out there, and unless the Wii Devs finally start pumping out more of the hardcore games instead of the mini-game compilations, it will be that way for a while.


The Xbox 360 is probably the best choice for gaming this generation, while the PS3 isn't really getting much out there, and the Wii is being infested with pathetic shovelware, the Xbox 360 has been the most consistent at this time with releasing great games.

[Current Rating]
[Expected rating by end of lifespan]

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Originally Posted: 09/05/07, Updated 01/22/08

Game Release: Xbox 360 Hardware (US, 11/22/05)

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