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"Decent console."

I like this console very much. I like some of the games and Xbox Live despite paying for it. I like the black finish on the console as well as the HDMI despite having the need to use an A/V dongle for TVs that cannot get sound through HDMI and it is needed for surround sound systems. I like the HDD size very much. I also like the arcade games on Xbox Live. I use this system only for gaming. I don't care about using it as a media hub because I like my PS3 as a media hub and a game system. The Dashboard is user-friendly so I have no problems with that. I bought this sytem for Ninja Gaiden II and maybe for KoTOR III if it ever comes out.

Here are the cons of this system. Microsoft has made every Xbox 360 accessory proprietary and it limits third-party accessories. Good example, the HDD is not upgradeable, you cannot use a normal Wi-Fi adapter, controller does not use normal USB cables but a proprietary cable. Power supply is external and bulky and it does not use an AC power cord. Microsoft watered down the cost by taking out a lot of important features just to cut manufacturing costs and make a quick and easy profit and piling up add-ons after add-ons which will jack up the console price to what a true current-gen highly advanced technological society should get. Another problem lies with 95% of the users who own this console. The reason why they usually fail is because owners treat their consoles like trash and do not bother to keep the system well-ventilated, they move the console when a disc is playing(Which you should NEVER DO ON ANY CONSOLE!), and they do not keep their power supply well ventilated. They put their consoles on a carpet which creates more heat or on their system box. Some of the problems such as "Disc read error", and "Video error" and all those other errors are partly Microsoft's responsibility and partly ours. If you really want this product, I advise you to do one thing:

Treat your console with great care.

Great console but many shortcomings. I prefer PS3 because there is no proprietary hardware, online is free, though not as developed as Xbox Live, games are getting better year by year, Blu-Ray Disc, and reliability. That's it. Thank You!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/28/09

Game Release: Xbox 360 Elite Hardware (US, 04/29/07)

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