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"This system will become your hub of entertainment"

The 360 is a great system. Back when it came out, one feature, Xbox Live, pushed it beyond every system ever made. That was late 2005, now it is early 2009, does the Xbox 360 still hold up?

Graphical Power: 9.5/10

While not as good as the likes of the PS3, the graphics card is easy to develop for and pushes out some great graphics. Sure, PC games have surpassed it already, but that doesn't mean that the 360 looks awful. Developers are claiming to have pushed the system to its limits, then something that looks even better comes out.

Sound: 10/10

The sound on the 360 is great. Great surround sound support and not to mention it has 320 channels to play sound from. All in all, it sounds good!

Hardware Reliability: 6/10

Oh boy, after owning the console for a year I suffered the infamous RROD. Not to mention there are alot of freezes and the Xbox Guide menu freezes up while the game is still running, making it impossible to control it. There is also an error that, every so often, makes you delete your half done downloads otherwise the console freezes every time you connect to live. Graphical issues and so on. I could go on forever describing how unreliable the hardware is. The only reason it got 6 points is because microsoft replaces defect systems for free.

Features: 10/10

Xbox Live is the reason you are buying this system, right? If not, turn away. This is the first system to let you write messages, check your friends list and use MSN Messenger in the middle of a game, and the only one.

There is a profile system much like the user system on a windows PC. There are 3 types of profile, offline, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Live Silver. An offline account allows you to play games and earn achivements. Which are earned from doing a specific thing in a game. For example, an achivement may be awarded for completing a level. These achivements award you points which go towards your global score on that profile. This usually ends up showing how much you play games, rather than how skilled you are. Atleast every game supports them unlike the PS3. An Xbox Live silver profile lets you download content, add friends, send messages and have one on one coversations and compare your achivements with your friends. The Xbox Live Gold profile, however lets you download certain content, play online, go on netflix, have 8 way conversations no matter what you are doing and alot more. But the catch is, you have to pay £5 a month for it.

You can also create an avatar which stays with your profile. You can rip CDs and play songs while you are playing a game and you can download content while playing a game too! Multitasking is part of the 360s appeal. You can do almost anything while playing a game.

Games Library: 8/10

Just when you think no exclusives are coming out, Microsoft pulls something wonderful out of their arse every E3. There are over 300 games, excluding downloadable arcade titles and community games. This number is including multiplatforms though.

Value: 5/10

People whine about the PS3 and its price, but consider all the things that comes with it that the 360 has as overpriced accessories. 512MB memory card for £30? You know where they can shove that...

Overall: 8/10

If it wasn't for the bad value and horrible hardware, this system would've got a 10 from me. But other than that, it nails everything you could want from a system and some things you didn't even know you wanted.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/22/09

Game Release: Xbox 360 Hardware (EU, 12/02/05)

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