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"A Great Start for Microsoft"

The Kinect is an excercising game; you control your arms, legs, and full on body with your body. All of this with the Kinect Sensor.

If you buy a system, it comes with cords, manuals, the system, the sensor, sensor calibration card, the game, and your excitement.

The Start
It asks to create profiles, set up time and that stuff, like the Wii. If you had put your sensor, it nicely orders you to control with the sensor. You choose an avatar but none of them are good. Your gamer picture is most likely bad. Don't worry.

It has huge customization. To start, let me tell you that some games you start up get you something new for your avatar, like Kinect Adventures, the game you get. So, you probably start with the look, but then right before you go to features, you want to change that good look. You change it whatever you want to be. You are probably comfortable with the system.

What Else?
Your system comes with some games, demos, and trials. Play them for more gamer pictures and fun. You can connect to Xbox Live, which will be explained later. You can watch Dvds and listen to Cds. If you and your friend have a kinect sensor and a Live account, it is time to video chat. Did I tell you you can control dvds and cds and your dashboard with your voice? There is also a market for stuff for your avatar, games, and more great stuff. Try setting up the Kinect Id. The sensor scans you, then you are supposed to step on green squares. Then you arr done. Guess! The next game you play or Id set up you do, it recognizes you!!

Xbox Live
To join, click on a feature you need a Live account with. It will prompt you to join. There is a reason why most people do not want an Account.

First, you enter your name, birthdate, and email. If you are an adult, you're fine. If you are under 18 you must have an adult make an account for safety. For both the ways, you need billing information. This also means your credit card number. Remember the incident with Sony and their network? It is also okay to turn the system off while this.

Kinect Safety
Please by noted that if you have some conditions you should sit on the couch and use the controller. Do not move the system with a disk in it or most likely, a scratch. Do not move the sensor or else you are forced to reposition. Just remember to have FUN!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/23/12

Game Release: Xbox 360 Hardware with Kinect (US, 11/04/10)

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