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Please note that, since I have owned both the Xbox 360 Core & Xbox 360 S models, I'll be comparing them since they're the only 360 models you can get these days from Gamestop. Just letting you know.

Console Release Date:November 22nd, 2005
Day I got it:December 13th, 2011

The Xbox 360. Microsoft's new console that would rise against it's former video game console, Xbox. By now, A LOT of people have this console & it's earned a spot near the Nintendo Wii in terms of popularity. I never really cared for a 360 that much cuz I was enjoying Super Smash Bros. Brawl on my Wii (awesome game, BTW. Go play it!) so I was content without having one. BUT, then I heard that the newer Sonic game, Sonic Generations, was gonna be released for Xbox 360 & PS3. Since I didn't really care for PS3, I aimed for 360. I managed to get it 2 days before my birthday so there ya have it. Now onto the review!

The console isn't THAT big. It really depends on which model you get, really. The Core model from 2005 is REALLY bulky (not to mention, heavy) while the S model is pretty much the same thing only a tad smaller & not as heavy. If you have LOTS of space around your TV, this shouldn't be an issue, but if you desperately NEED room to even get something on your desk, then be prepared to move stuff around cuz, no matter which model you get, it's gonna take up a little space.

Control-wise, the console is pretty responsive. Every control you input in the Xbox 360 controller will come out in the time it's needed. A lot of games (Sonic Generations, Portal 2, Marvel VS. Capcom 3, etc.) respond well while others (Sonic The Hedgehog 2006, Street Fighter IV, etc.) won't respond like it should at times. In the button department, however, you shouldn't have any issues since the console doesn't have the "Very difficult Playstation" like controls. I'm not anti-Sony or anything (I have a PSP & an old Sony DVD Player to prove it) but the controls on those consoles are difficult. The only time this console throws difficult controls at you is if your using the shoulder buttons, which are LB, LRt, RB & RRt. You'll get used to them after a while though.

As all gamers of the 7th generation period know, using online functions on a console is something everyone wants to do. That's a tiny flaw with the 360. You have to pay MONEY to actually play online & join Xbox LIVE Parties! I mean, I can live without the Xbox LIVE Parites (since my Xbox doesn't like it for some reason) but playing ONLINE is a NEED if your a gamer cuz you want to prove to the WORLD that you're good enough & they make you pay friggin' MONEY to play online! On the bright side, you can get an Xbox LIVE Gold Membership (which is needed to play online) for free when you sign up & also for $1 if you want to use it for a month, but that's about it. You also need a Gold Membership to download games. Yeah. Thanks, Microsoft. At least you didn't have to pay to play online with the Wii. On the bright side, you can still friend people, use the chat system & use the messaging system without the Gold Membership, so there's a plus. Just wish it would work better.

Oh yeah. And did I ever mention that the Core model needs a wireless router to go online? Did I mention that the router costs over $50-$70? Did your jaw just drop from reading the price? Yeah. You better save for an S console. Just sayin'.

On the graphic side, the console manages to throw out the most GORGEOUS graphics to EVER hit video games! During it's first run though, it was struggling in the graphics department with some games looking more like Nintendo Gamecube titles. Around the time the PS3 & Wii ended up getting good graphics though, the 360 managed to get some amazingly graphical video games! Almost EVERY video game I got on the 360 had amazing graphics! (with the exception of Sonic The Hedgehog 2006. That looked more like a Gamecube game if anything.) Heck, the graphics even beat out the Wii & that's saying something! (Again, not an anti-Nintendo person. Heck, I have A LOT of Nintendo consoles so yeah.)

The 360 manages to make some cool sound effects & music come out of it's box! Everything sounds perfect & not-so-evil to the ears! Some of the sounds in some games may tick off some people, but hey! They sound amazing, so there's no harm done. Nothing I can really say. The menu's don't have BGM so it's not gonna be like the Wii where it's abnormally annoying when your on the Main Menu.

The game library is HUGE! In some ways, it's a combination between Wii & PS3. You got the family games (which are rated eC-T respectively) & then you have the games that should only be played by mature gamers & adults. (which are rated M respectively) So, if you have a child & your afraid that he's gonna end up buying an inappropriate video game like, say, Mortal Kombat, you can at least show them an awesome family game that anyone can enjoy!

The Core console comes with 2 game cables & a wireless (or wired depending on which you got) controller. The S console, however, comes with 2 game cables, a wireless controller, a Kinect (depending on which box you got will depend on if you get the Kinect) & a free video game that's rated T for Teen. (Don't know what it is yet. I'll update this review when I find out.) Both don't really have that much in the boxes, so don't expect a lot of stuff. (Expect A LOT of large, bulky cords if you get a Core model, though)

Accessories are good & there are more than the Wii. There's the Kinect (which works well on you being the controller. You can even talk with it), the 360 Headset (same as Kinect, only you don't need to be a controller) & even some extra controllers make the accessories interesting.

You'll end up playing the console A LOT in your lifetime! Heck, I've only had it around 1 month & I automatically enjoy it! The games are awesome the graphics are amazing & it's just the #1 way to play video games! (Next to Wii. The Wii is cool too.)

Awesome game library
Kinect & other accessories are sweet
Graphics look E-P-I-C!
The S model doesn't get red rings
Good responsive controls (On some games)
Can save 100 dollars for trading in a Core model for an S model at Gamestop

Xbox LIVE Gold Membership required to play online & join Xbox LIVE Parties
Console size is large
Core model gets red rings
The UBER Expensive 360 Core wireless router!

To conclude this review, I'd like to say that Microsoft did good on this one. They made a console that anyone can enjoy & yet, can still have the mature games like the PS3 always had. If you have some change, get the 360 S model. Do NOT get a Core though! (Unless you want to save money on the S model, of course. ;))

Final Score:9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/25/12

Game Release: Xbox 360 S Premium System (US, 06/17/10)

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