Review by KaoticEnigma

Reviewed: 12/19/05

So much more then just a gaming system

Now before people start spouting off at the score I gave it, this review is for a fully functional, not glitched system. Basically, the system as it was meant to be. I have to go by this since that's what I got. I have played this thing A LOT, and not a single problem as of yet.

Now I'm also giving it this high of a rating because I use every feature that can possibly be used. I'm Xbox Live subscriber. I have an HDTV (but have played it on a non HDTV), I have a Media Center laptop, a wireless router, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, a nice cool place on my rack to keep it from overheating and 4 wireless controllers.

User Interface/Feautures

The UI of this thing is gorgeous. It's quick, it's clean, it's sharp. It's everything you need it to be. It's customizable, either by game themes, or even your own pictures. With this in mind, you can change the base colors from white (default) to something from a theme, the photoshop something and make a very unique theme for yourself. There's Gamer pictures, Gamer Cards, Xbox Live Marketplace....this thing basically has anything you could possibly want in a system.

Then there's the connectivity with Media Center. Dude. Any song on your hard drive could be played in any game at any time. Any picture can be displayed. You can make slideshows make them your background....whatever you want. And as for video?? This is exclusie for Media Center PC's but it is so worth it. You can record TV in one room and then stream it, wirelessly to a completely different part of the house. you can watch one show on your PC while someone else watches another one on your Xbox 360. Plus any video clips, yes including pr0n, that you could possibly download, are right there for you to view on a TV. The possibilities are endless. Plus it's ability to read other forms of digital media players, including PSPs and iPods.

Xbox Live is crazier then ever. More options, things to download...who knows what the future holds. Konami and Capcom have signed on board....Mega Man and Castlevania?? The original Metal Gear?? Street Fighter II?? Who really knows?? Plus now every game is required to have some type of online content, so our online functionality just got multiplied by at least 10.

HDTV is grogeous...and regardless, the games look great even on regular TVs. Not to say they can;t look better. But this is the first batch of games and people are still wowed. We've barely scratched the surface of this machines power.

Now, I know people are speculating over the ability of Blu Ray and the lack of space on DVD drives. Well that's not really gonna be a problem for at least 4-5 years when things really start to heat up. BUT guess what happens then?? You gueesed it. The NEW next generation. So let's take this generation a step at a time.

This system holds a lot of promise, and we're not strictly talking about a gaming machine. This is a full blown cornerstone of a an entertainment center in your house. It can integrate everything you need, in one machine. I really can't wait to see how Sony counters this approach.

Bottom Line

This system is unlike any system you have ever played before. Period.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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