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"A good upgrade from Xbox"

The Xbox 360 is the sequal to the system Xbox. According to Microsoft, Xbox was really just testing the gaming capabilities of Microsoft. And the Xbox 360 is actually the "real Xbox". Anyway, onto the review after that random piece of information.

Hardware: 8/10

The hardware for the Xbox 360 is good but as with all other systems it has its pros and cons. Some pros are first that it has good graphical capabilities. Some launch games have amazing graphics, and Microsoft said those games aren't even utilizing 20% of the 360's graphical power! Project Gotham Racing 3 has amazing realistic graphics already. Imagine it using 100% of the 360's power. Another pro is that there are many convenient accessories. Like the controllers. You can choose a wired controller which can be used on a 360 and a PC as well. Or the wireless controllers which can charge and play at the same time (if you buy an accessory that allows you to). You also have a remote that can access Windows Media Center and play DVDs as well as control many of the 360's functions. A third plus to the 360 is the way it's built makes many things easy. It allows wireless controllers with little fuss. It allows easy connection to the internet. It doesn't overheat easily (if you followed the directions). With the official remote you can access and control it with a click of a button. Another big thing is the harddrive. It can be removed so now you can carry your stuff over to someone else's 360 without the hassle and limited space of a memory card! The hardrive also has a whopping 20 gigs. The 360 also has its cons. One major one is that if the 360 moves, even an inch while a disc is in there, the disc WILL get scratched. That gets annoying and can also throw $60 down the drain. Another con is that it doesn't allow full BC of Xbox games and forces the developer of a game to create an emulator for their game if they wish for it to be BC. Another con is that it uses the same old fashioned disc format. That means many games may have multiple discs to play. There are also many minor cons but they're not really worth mentioning.

Controller: 10/10

The controller for the 360 is great. It's a size that's not too big, not too small. The buttons are conveniently placed and the controller has good grip. There's also a selection of wireless or wires. The Wireless can be charged and played at the same time by plugging the Play and Charge kit in one of the 360's USB ports or even a computer's. The Wired controller can be plugged in to a computer and used as a controller. The controller is very convenient and easy to use.

Graphics: 10/10

I'm not a very big graphics whore so I think the graphics of Xbox are fine. But when I saw some games for the 360, I was blown away. I saw a picture comparing Project Gotham Racing with the real life scene. The scene was made in almost exact detail. At first I couldn't even tell which one was the real life picture! Graphics on the 360 has amazing potential and can add greatly onto your gaming experience. Though I don't care too much about graphics, nice graphics is always a plus for me.

Games: 9/10

The 360 right now has a small library of games. But it still has great games such as Call of Duty 2, Perfect Dark Zero, Condemned: Criminal Origins and some others. The 360 now has even a wider variety of games coming to it, even Japanese RPGs. There is one Japanese RPG released for Xbox and two that were never made. Japanese RPGs coming to the 360 this early in its stage is promising. The Xbox was known also for some dominating action games such as the Halo series and Ninja Gaiden series. Both are exclusive to Xbox and both will make a return on the 360. Games have a large potential on the 360.

Online: 10/10

The online on Xbox is perfect. It works with a system called Xbox Live Silver and Xbox Live Gold. The Silver is free; Gold is not. On Silver you can chat, look at stuff and also download content for your game or the 360. Which lead to something else. Te Marketplace. It's a place where you can download many things such as game content, demos, trailers, misc. objects and much more. There's also the Arcade where you can download games for points. These points can be purchased off of Xbox Live or in a card. You can also earn them through game achievements. Xbox Live Gold is where this feature shines. You can play multiplayer games online through this. Xbox Live Gold is organized, easy to connect to and fun. It also supports a headset so that you can chat while playing. Without online, the Xbox would have died long ago. Xbox Live Gold also supports custom music. Using Gold, you can play with 32+ players over the internet. Xbox Live takes "fun" to the next level.

Overall: 9/10

Definitely a good buy. It's early release also means a bigger library of games than the Revolution or the PS3. It can do MANY things from play games to watch DVDs to stream music from an iPod. It has great games, great graphics, good hardware and a good controller. It's capabilities aren't even at a fifth at the maximum capacity. The Xbox 360 has a very promising future. I suggest you buy one unless you plan to get a Revolution or a PS3. Buy all if you're rich enough.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/05/06

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