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"Awesomeness in a box named x"

I simply love my new 360 though I'm stuck referring to it as the Xbox 2. Seriously Microsoft just because Sony would have a bigger number doesn't mean you guys need to try and out do them. After all isn't 360 degrees just going to bring back to square one?

Control: 10/10
Well on the premium system the control is great. Integrated wireless out of the box. It makes you wonder why we didn't have this 5 years ago. The controller is well designed. It is highly ergonomic. The grip is comfortable and your hands won't get tired after that 8 fragfest on Halo 2 or, from playing KOTOR all night. For previous XBOX users you will be used to the button layout. However the Black and White buttons have been ditched. In the Backwards Compatible games the Left shoulder button and right shoulder button function as Black and white.

Launch Titles: 7/10
Well I feel a little left out on the launch titles. There were no RPGs. However I was able to satisfy my fix because I already owned KOTOR and Fable. Both are backwards compatible. Shooter Fans will be very happy. The BOX has two great shooters out already, PDZ and Call of Duty 2. I myself own Call of Duty 2 and can't put it down easily. However were left only a few other lackluster titles. Nothing extraordinary here, We get another Need for speed game, another Tony Hawk game, another DOA title and Two new titles, King Kong and Kameo. I wasn't impressed by either. King Kong bored me and Kameo was so-so. Come on Microsoft where are the Halo 3 and a new Mechassault. What's up with no SC3 Namco?

Functionality: 10/10
Well what more can you ask for? This thing can play DVDS, CDS, Xbox, Xbox 360, MP3 CDS, and more formats straight out of the box. You can also connect your digital camera, computer, or mp3 player to stream photos, music, and video. The device has a hard drive that you can rip music files to. XBOX live is fully integrated into the dashboard. This thing just astounds. Way to go Microsoft.

Backwards Compatibility 8/10
Not every game is supported. Some of the games that are supported really bite. We get Volvo drive for life but not Doom 3. Plus you have to have a emulator for each game. Microsoft is also getting behind in the Updates. So this almost perfect but not quite. Should have taken a page from Sony's book here.

Audiovisual: 10/10
A giant leap ahead. The graphics are in true HD. The picture is amazing even on a normal tv. The sound is great too. Not a whole to say here other than GREAT!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/17/06

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