Review by ryubaru

Reviewed: 02/27/06

Get this system. It's waiting for you.

Graphics: 10/10. The first games may not look as nice as they should, but that's because they aren't even using %20 of the system's power. Also, this has more that three times the processing and graphics power as the PS3. These games look incredible, and they play that way as well. It's a technological powerhouse, and it will go up to your Alienware and kick it straight out the window into your backyard for your new dog to chew on and trick the cats with.

Power: 10/10. I didn't need to add this. See above.

Media: 7/10. The only reason I'm giving the kind of media it uses a 7/10, is because dual-layered DVD's are getting outdated. They could have used and HD-DVD, but than again the Blu-Ray would have still kicked its ass anyways. Otherwise, the media is fine. But a new Xbox 360 game is scheduled to ship on 4 discs. Now, for consoles, I think that's a bit much. For computers, no big deal because most games nowadays install on your hard drive. Is that what it's doing? The HDD's aren't THAT big ya know...

Backwards Compatibility: 8/10. They have so many games, but they missed so many good ones, as well.

Multimedia usage: 9/10. Almost anything can be stored on that HDD. Music, photos, and videos. You can stream things, too. Everything from the sound and picture is clearer that crystal-clear. It can also connect to your Windows computer. The only reason I'm giving this a nine is because it does not support ACC. Or in otherwords, it does support music that comes out of iTunes. But part of the reason might be that it's an Apple product. Heh.

Online/Xbox Live: 10/10. I LOVE Xbox Live!! Every game you get is loads of fun to play on Xbox Live, and you can also play online with old Xbox games, such as my personal Live favorite, Halo 2. If you don't have you computer close to your 360 or it's in a different room, Buy a router and the wireless adapter. It may cost nd extra $100, but it's worth it. You can download game/music/movie trailers and games from Xbox Live, too.

Outside Design: ????/10. Bicker about that somewhere else. It could look like a pile of dog crap and I would still play it. But of course, it would have to be de-scented.

Premium, or Core? PREMIUM!! The Core has issues with buying a separate HDD, and it cost a whole lot more when you buy a Core and then all of the accesories. the Premium has. It was a cheap marketing ploy.

Overall: 10/10. I saw a comparison (not specs, and actual comparison) on IGN, and the Xbox 360 will kick the PS3's and Nintendo Revolution's butt pretty hard. This is the ultimate system, and since the new shipments all over the lace, run out and get one. Set it up, and play like you've never played before. If you're lucky, you'll get that mini limited-edition remote, like I did. I pre-ordered mine a while ago, and I picked it up around noon on launch day. Mine is absolutely problem-free. Run and get one, and you'll be happy. I promise.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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