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    FAQ/Walkthrough by jackisback21

    Version: 0.75 | Updated: 02/21/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Console: PS2
    Date: 16 February 2007
    Faq made by jackisback21 
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    Walkthrough 0.75% commplete. 
    Version 0.75
    Strangely my name is Jak and i love games and this site and i hope this is good.
    This is my first FAQ and i've just wanted to make one for a while so now i have.
    Hopefully you'll find it useful and it a spoiler walkthrough. If you have 
    anything to ask me just add or e-mail on MSN at jackisback21@hotmail.co.uk.
    As you probably know you can use Ctrl+F to go to wherever you want on the FAQ.
    left/right - cycle weapons
    down button - holster weapon
    up - not used
    L1 - Lock 
    R1 - Fire, punch
    L2 - Satalite phone menu 
    R2 - Not used
    L3 - crouch
    R3 - center camera - cycle camera angles
    X - Run
    Circle - Talk and taunting, Rage when held down
    Sqaure - Reload, shove
    Triangle - Action, enter vehicle
    Start - Options
    SELECT- next music track
    left/right - cycle weapons
    down button - holster weapon
    up - not used
    L1 - Lock 
    R1 - Fire
    L2 - Satalite phone menu 
    R2 - Not used
    L3 - Taunt/horn
    R3 - center camera - cycle camera angles
    X - Accelerate
    Circle -  Handbrake
    Sqaure - Brake/Reverse
    Triangle - exit vehicle
    Start - Options
    SELECT- next music track
    The first mission starts at the end of the Scarface movie. In the movie Sosa
    sends his goons to come kill you. And he succeeds. But not in this game. In the
    game you survive barely and you're empire is ruined and you have nothing. This
    game is basically about revenge and rebuillding you're empire. The game is
    basically a "What if" story. What if Tony Montana survived? We'll see.
    Basically you are Tony Montana, Drug Lord. You buy drugs and sell them for a
    profit. The profits you make are used top buy anyting you want. Exotics, weapons
    etc. But be careful, any money you make is called "Dirty cash". This means that
    if you die you lose all of this and drugs. To make sure you dson't lose this
    cash, you have to launder the money in banks. Unfortunately the bank takes
    interest for all the money to deposit. The more heat you have the more interest
    they charge you. 
    Satalite Phone
    To get to the satalite phone menu press L2. There is a lot to see here. The 
    music menu is simple, just choosing and showing you the music you have. You
    do have to unlock some songs too. Exotics allow you to buy whatever you want
    from the catalogue. Weapons allows you to buy any weapon and ammo that you need
    and this is delivered to your weapons locker. You can then equipt from your
    mansion or car. On the driver menu you can choose whatever car you have and have
    it delivered to you wherever you are. Your driver also stays with you wherever
    you go and will take out gang members and police. The boat menu you can access
    at docks. The business menu is the most important one. Once inside, the business
    sub menu will display what mission you are currently on or which ones are
    available. Also which henchmen you can be to lower your heat. The turf sub menu
    shows you what fronts you own and allows you to buy protection for them. The 
    heat menu shows you what your current heat levels are and paying them down.
    The Meter
    When you are dealing, a meter shows in the bottom left hand corner of the screen
    .This basically tells you how much money you will make from dealing and how much
    your heat will be lowered and such. The aim is to get the meter as full as you
    can before letting go. The perfect point to get is one full way around. If you
    get past this point then you fail, but if you get less than the success zone, 
    you will still make the deal just not as good as you could get. You can hold
    down as long as you want and let go when you see fit. The meter is used for
    pretty much anything when dealing with people.
    Purchasing your yeyo
    To buy your coke, you need to do a felix or sandman lead. If successful, you 
    will have unlocked a supplier. Go to that supplier, and buy the yeyo. If 
    successful you will be able to sell your goods to dealers or on distribution 
    runs. Although watch out, if your gang heat is high you may want to lower it
    as you will get less product for your trouble. Do the enforcer missions or pay
    it down from the heat menu to get the best deals.
    Fronts are businesses that you collect money from supplier deals. Once you have 
    unlocked the supplier deals you have to get to each front and pick up the
    payments. (see supplier deals)
    When distributing, your fronts get attacked. The more gang heat you have the 
    more your fronts get attacked. Only one front is attacked at one time so when
    you have unlocked North and South beace the runs get very hard. You must get to
    that front before it is destroyed.
    You need to protect your front from attackers. To get protection to go the turf
    sub menu in the business section. Select a frpm and you can purchase protection
    by pressing the square button. The first thing you can buy is surveillance and 
    then henchemen. You can have five henchmen, although these only delay your front
    being destroyed. Once a front is destroyed you have to pay more money back to 
    claim it as your own and then buy your protection again.
    With balls you can trigger you RAGE and unlock femme fatales. To get more balls,
    you have to be a bit crazy in your car, driving on the wrong side of the road
    and having near misses. If you hit another car press L3 to taunt the driver to
    get balls. Other ways are having successful deals with dealer and suppliers.
    Also there are conversations you can have with people and fast talking cops gets
    you more balls. When you get enough, a femme fatale wants to see you. Once you
    get to her just keep talking to her until she agrees to stay with you at your
    mansion. There are ten overall to unlock, and once you have completed the game,
    they follow you around armed with weapons!
    RAGE is a very important of the game and can save you at times. To fill the
    RAGE meter, taunt you enemies after you kill them and use manual targeting.
    Hold down circle for a bit and you will go into a different screen where you are
    invulnerable and have unlimited ammo and get health back for every enemy you
    kill. This is a very good way to take out gangs especially if you are on low
    health. Use it every time you can.
    Before you unlock supplier deals you have to find dealers to sell your yeyo to.
    These appear as white dots on the radar. The max you can trade with a dealer is
    100 grams, and the max you can make is 10,000 in one deal. The meter comes up
    and will see how successfullly you do. If you fail the deal, he will attack you.
    You can get your coke back from killing him but this will raise your gang heat
    a lot.
    TIP: Get a henchman and do a deal and get your cash. Then, to get your coke 
    back, get your gun out and shoot the dealer but DONT kill him. Your henchman 
    should then shoot him and allow him to kill the dealer. If done correctly you
    can get your coke back without raising any gang heat at all.
    Supplier deals
    This is where you make the big money. Once you have unlocked them, and done a 
    felix or sandman lead, you can go talk to a supplier. They deal in "keys" which
    is basically a kilogram. Once you have dealed you have to go talk to the 
    suppliers guard. You have to then choose a boat and then get to one of your
    safehouses. Firstly you have to get out of the islands, while pirates attack you
    Uh-huh. Once you have escaped those golddiggers, you then have to get to one of
    your safehouses. Instead of pirates, now you have to dodge the police. Try to
    dodge the police as if they see you they will come after you and you have to 
    make a run for your safehouse. Once you get there, you can start distributing.
    NOTE: Make sure your gang heat is low and also you will need to buy a better 
          boat. The best boat to buy is the attack boat, as your henchman shoots
          while you can concentrate on the driving.
    Distibution runs
    Once you have done a supplier deal, your keys will be delivered to one of your
    storehouses. Once you have got to one of your storehouses step inside the green
    marker to begin the run. You must first choose a vehicle. The vehicle i use is
    the bacinirari (sorry for the spelling,) as this is a fast vehicle and has some
    armor. You now have to start driving to each of your fronts and picking up the
    boxes outside. If one of your fronts get attacked, you can choose whether to
    go and defend it or to leave it and come back later. These runs get extremely
    hard once you have unlocked North and South beach, as you have to traverse a 
    large area quickly.
    Cop Heat
    With higher cop heat, the area you have to traverse to get away from the cops
    lengthens. You may not think this is very important, but trust me, once you 
    start failing missions because you can't get away, you'll be very annoyed!
    Once you have too much cop heat, you have to pay an indicment, so
    you may aswell lower it by paying it off or by doing assassin missions.
    Gang heat
    Gang heat is annoying and very important. If it is too high then you can't do
    deals and get any product. You also don't get as much money from your deals if
    it's too high.
    If it's too high then the gangs can start attacking on your distribution runs.
    This gets increasingly annoying when you're getting attacked all the time. Gangs
    are verywhere around Miami. You can find them just by walking around. Still they
    retaliate against you when it's too high so bribe them off on the heat menu to 
    save some trouble rather than doing enforcer missions. It may cost a lot but it
    saves a lot of trouble.
    Now all thats out of the way we can get on with the walkthrough woo!
                               ¦LITTLE HAVANA¦
    This is a great first mission. Your carbine assault rifle has unlimited ammo so
    go crazy! It makes it a lot easier to fill up your rage meter when manually
    targetting. Ok you start off at the top of your mansion stairs. Take out 
    everyone you see until they stop coming. Next go down the right stairs. On
    your left you should see a load of enemies gathering. If you have RAGE, this is
    a good time to use it. Take everyone out and then there is a door on your left
    with loads of enemies in. Take everyone out and pass through all the doors 
    and eventually you will come to your henchman. He tells you to use the 
    undergound passage. He then dies and his assassin is right infront of you as you
    come out of the cutscene. Take him out and go underground.
    There are a lot of medkits around. If you need one, be my guest. You can also 
    come back if your health gets low. This path isn't easy. There are a lot of 
    guys around. There are also doors on your sides where they pop out of. Just take
    out everyone you can. You should eventually get to a large passage where there
    are loads of gang members shooting at you. Use RAGE when you can, it helps. Go
    through the doors on your left and right and shoot everyone. Just keep following
    the passage and eventually you'll get out.
    After the cutscene go towards your henchmen. Head east and take everyone out.
    Then keep going straight and use the medkit if needed. Go down the stairs and
    unleash your RAGE when you can. There is a tiger here, but dont worry about it,
    it doesn't harm you. Just keep following the path taking out everyone as you go.
    RAGE helps here. Eventually you'll get a timer and the path will lead you to a 
    maze. You just gotta head North. Don't worry about the timer, you should have
    enough time. You still have time to shoot enemies. Eventually when you get out
    a cutscene will be triggered where the police take over and you have to flee!
    Don't worry, you'll get the mansion back in time.
    -SHEFFIELD, FELIX AND COCO ¦(can't remember what it's called)
    After all the cutscenes you start looking for George Sheffield. Follow the
    tutorials to get used to the vehicle controls and eventually you will end up at
    the Babylon Club. You need to go inside and talk to Sheffield. (Also if you feel
    like dancing, head to the dance floor and press L1. Then press R1 to spin. :P)
    Anyway once you've talked to Sheffield you should head outside. The vice gets in
    your way and tells you that they're watching you. Yeah Like Tony Montana  
    couldn'ttake them out with one hand behind his back. Anyway you now need to go
    and talk to Felix. Just follow the map and GPS arrow to get to him. Talk to him
    and then you have to go talk to COCO. Follow the blip and go talk to her. You
    now get to practice selling to dealers. Follow the blip again and go practice
    dealing. Once you're done, you get to sell for real. Go talk to the other
    dealer and hopefully you'll get 10,000 for you're troubles. If you do, you can
    go pay off the vice and get you're mansion back. If not, you can go to another
    dealer until you get 10,000 or more. Once you have, you have to go all the way
    back to your mansion to pay off the vice. Once you have, you've got your 
    mansion back woo! Go inside and the game skips to a cutscene.
    You arrive at a hotel annoying a receptionist in a cutscene, once this has ended
    get out you're Micro SMG and take out everyone you can see. If you have RAGE
    you can use it. You just gotta keep going up to the top. After the cutscene, you
    have to fight Gaspar's security manager. This is the first melee battle, and not
    a very hard one. After the cutscene a chopper starts shooting at you. You might
    aswell take it out. Use manual aiming to try and hit them inside. If you have
    enough ammo it should eventually blow up. After that you just have to go back
    the way you came taking out everyone in your way. A shotgun is a good way to get
    rid of them too.
    Eventually you'll arrive at the basement. Just shoot everyone and just when 
    you're about to get in a few cars shows up. Take them out before you get in.
    Once they've been disposed of, get in the armoured van and get out. There will
    be gangs chasing you but they will not blow up the van unless you are a really
    bad driver. Just focus on the driving and dont waste ammo. Once you get to the
    bank just watch the cutscenes and do what you have to do.
    Once you've gone in and talked to Pedro, you have a mission to do. You have to
    get rid off some contraband for him so the cops dont bust him. You have five
    minuted so get rid off three crates. This is pretty easy apart from the last
    crate. "The cops came early". Typical. Anyway all you have to do is get away 
    from them and get rid of it. Just shoot the cars that follow you while 
    driving. Once you have got rid of all three crates return to him. He now
    allows you to but his place for 50,000. If you have the cash buy it. If not,
    then do some felix leads to get the coke then sell it. 
    Once you have bought it,
    do some felix leads to get some coke then sell it so you have some cash. Your
    other objective is to increase your reputation level so doing felix leads is a
    very good idea, so you can buy some exotics. I recommend buying the Bandit car,
    as this is quite a fast car for 10,000. Once your reputation level has increased
    return to your mansion to level up. 
    This is not an easy mission. You're only weapon is a micro SMG, which isn't 
    great for boat missions! Anyway once you've talked to the owner get in the boat
    and start the mission. You need to kill the woman and pick up the 10 paper
    documents, but do not wait until you have the documents to start shooting. You
    can shoot her just don't kill her yet. Shoot her when you can and the idiots
    following you if you want. Watch out for the toxic barrels that float around
    also, you don't wanna be slowed down. Just keep following the target shooting
    when you can and collecting the paper documents. Once you have them all, go in
    for the kill. Once you've killed her you can go back and talk to the owner.
    This is a hard level and you will probably not succeed first time so just try to
    be patient and in the end you will succeed.
    Once you get back but the place but once again if you don't have enough do some
    felix leads and start selling to raise the cash. It costs 75,000.
    This mission is also not easy. You can use a car for protection here against the
    gangs. Take out all the cars as they pass by while in your car preferably with
    a Micro SMG. Try not to damage your car too bad. Also if you start running out
    of health or ammo, you can get it back if you go inside there are a few rooms
    at the back. Save your RAGE if you have it also, the leader is annoying.
    After a few rounds, the leader will blast out on a massive vehicle. There is no
    point tryig to stay in your car, he blows it up with ease. Try standing on the 
    roof and shooting him when you can, then getting into cover when he's near you.
    Target the machine gunner first as he's the damage man. Hopefully you will take
    him out then get the driver. Use your RAGE here to take them out if you have it.
    Eventually you will have taken them both out after a few attempts. Once you have
    done this go talk to the manager. This place costs 100,000. But don't despair,
    you get 80,000 from taking out the gang.
    This is a good funny mission. Once you get to Babylon and have a drink, there's
    a funny cutscene where Tony curses the world. Anyway, once you get out of the
    scene everyone is trying to kill you. Well first things first get your gun out
    and if you have it, use your RAGE. Take out as many as you can until they stop
    coming. There's also a medkit in the kitchen to your left if you need it. Make
    your way to the entrance and a cutscene will start. You find out the Diaz
    brothers want to kill you too! Not surprised really. 
    Anyway, you find yourself inside a shop with a chainsaw. :D . Run towards the
    enemies as fast as you can and aim for their heads, you get more balls for 
    dismembering them. Just keep going at them and follow the doors out. Use your 
    RAGE if you have it and just kill everyone. Get Diaz and take out everyone until
    you're outside. Then everyone starts shooting you. Kill one of them and take 
    their gun. Gun down the rest and follow the red blip on your radar. A cutscene
    will trigger with Diaz escaping. Run as quick as you can to the car and get out
    of there and follow him as fast as you can. If you wait you fail. When you get 
    near him just keep ramming and shooting his car until his car blows. If he 
    survives just get out and kill him. Well that's the Diaz brothers out of the way
    for good.
    This isn't hard until you have to defend the trucks full of coke. Straight when
    you get out of the cutscene there are a few guards right infront of you. Just
    take everyone out but don't use RAGE yet if you have it. Once you have taken
    everyone out, you have to go and kill the manager. Move towards the building,
    taking everyone out as you go along. When you get into the room with the manager
    , use your shotgun and aim for his head. Once everyone is dead, there is a 
    cutscene where the gangs are trying to destroy your coke. If you have RAGE you 
    can use it now and just take everyone out. You have two trucks to defend, you
    may lose one but this does not matter. Once you have taken everyone out, you can
    start your first distribution run.
    Well that's it Little Havana has been conquered. You own all the fronts here and
    can now  start distribution runs netting the big money. You can make some money
    before you start the next mission doing the distribution runs. The Diaz Brothers
    have now been taken care of.
    This mission can be hard if you make a big deal out of it. After you have 
    increased your reputation level, you get a call from Pablo saying he knows 
    something about your wife. He wants you to meet him. Tony is cautious here, as 
    he doesn't trust Sheffield or his goons. Anyway you get taken to an area with
    loads of gang members and you are unarmed. Two goons run at you with machetes.
    Take them out and grab their machetes and run for your life. Next, hide until 
    you get one of them on their own and take them out. Pick up their pistol of if
    you're lucky their AK. Then wait and take out as many on the ground as you can.
    Take all their ammo and get the AK. There are loads of enemies above so take 
    them out. After a while a car will appear and start shooting you. There are some
    medkits above on the scaffolding so use them if you need them. Once you have 
    taken everyone out, go to the car. RAGE is very useful here so use it if you 
    have it. Once you have taken them out a cutscene will trigger. Pablo is escaping
    !You can't let him get away. Run towards the dock and take out the three guards.
    He runs away in a boat, so grab the spare and luckily it has a machine-gun so 
    he can be taken out with ease. Phew, now that wasn't so hard was it?
    O-Grady's Liquor Store¦
    This is a great mission too. The gangs come in three rounds and run through the
    doorways and through the back. The shotgun is the best weapon for this mission.
    It's great, if you stand by a doorway and two or three gang members walk through
    just firing one shot would take them out easily. It's a pretty easy mission, you
    don't even need RAGE. Once you're done and had your fun talk to the manager and
    buy the place.
    Fidel's Record Store¦
    This isn't the hardest mission ever. You just gotta find the guy who stole the
    tapes and get them back off him. Grab the car right outside the store and follow
    the red blip until he runs. When he does, ram his car until he gets out or he's
    stunned. But DO NOT shoot the car. You need him alive and you don't wanna do it
    again. When he's stunned you gotta fight him, which isn't really hard. Once you
    have there is a cutscene with Tony beating the crap out of him. Once you're done
    return to the store.
    U-Gin Shotgun Bar¦
    This is great if you love sniping. Tony pays an assasin to take care of this guy
    for him. You start by getting to a vantage point by driving. This isn't easy, as
    you have to jump from ship to ship. Just hang on and hope you have quick 
    reactions, don't brake just keep accelerating. The last one is hard, stop if you
    don't think you're gonna make it and speed up as fast as you can. If you fall 
    into the sea you have to start the mission again.
    Now for the hard bit. There are yachts coming from all directions and you don't
    have a lot to go on for your target. You need to hit a guy with a blue hat and
    a purple sweater. Eventually, you get a message saying he is on the last batch
    of boaters. If you kill the wrong person, everyone else goes faster and makes it
    harder for you to get your target. Once you think you have the right guy, take a
    shot. He's among the last part of boaters. Just hope you get lucky and shoot 
    everyone if you shoot the wrong guy.
    Babylon Club¦
    This is a bloody hard mission. If it was just you, then it would be easy since
    you've got a Deagle(Desert Eagle handgun) at the beginning. This is a great gun
    and will kill anyone with one shot, apart from chainsaws but we don't need to
    worry about that. You've been given a job to protect the VIP. He's hiding in the
    toilets and the gangs have been sent to eliminate him. You need to protect him 
    and get him out to be able to buy the club. 
    There are two enemies on the way to the VIP, just take them out and get to him.
    Before you go straight into the toilet the gangs will appear behind you. Before
    going to the VIP, take out the gang members until you get RAGE. Next, get to the
    VIP and escort him through the room. Take out as many as you can and use RAGE if
    you can. Don't get him out when there are loads of gunners everywhere. When 
    there are fun escort him up and go out towards the left doors. There are a few
    medkits around so use them when you can. Go slowly, taking out all the gang
    members. Once you get outside escort the VIP to the marker. They will keep
    coming out of the door so be careful. Use RAGE when you have it to save trouble.
    Once you are done get the VIP to the car. Once done, talk to the manager. The
    club costs one million dollars so make sure you raise the cash!
    Marina Storehouse¦
    Now you can take over Downtown 100%. Once you get out of the scene quickly take
    out an AK or whatever gun and shoot everyone you can see. You now have to take
    out everyone on the stairs and get to the top of the warehouse. Be careful here,
    there are loads of explosive barrels, try shooting as many as you can when you 
    can see them so you don't blow up. Once you've made it too the top take out 
    everyone there.
    Next a massive group of gang members appear below. Go down to the last stairs
    with your henchman and take cover on the wall and shoot them as they climb up 
    the stairs. Also there are medkits on each of the floors so use them if you need
    to. Don't use RAGE here, save it. Once they have all been taken care of, a 
    cutscene will be triggered.
    Ok, now it gets tough. A chopper will come and try to kill you. If you have RAGE
    use it, it makes it a lot easier to kill them. Watchout for the barrels around
    again, you don't wanna do this mission again. Try taking cover and crouching as
    much as you can so you don't get hit, a few hits will easily kill you. Just keep
    shooting with your AK or Carbine and if you don't have these weapons grab them
    from one of the fallen gang members. Just keep shooting until it blows up and 
    now you have taken over Downtown woo! You collected their stash of coke and can
    start distributing when you fell like it.
    Ok so now you've destroyed the Diaz brothers and taken over Little Havana. Now
    you've just taken over Downtown. What's missing? Oh yeah Nacho Conteras. Just
    like the Diaz Brothers, you gonna have to kill him. Well atleast you've taken
    over half the town.
    From taking over Marina Storage, you get a call from the Sandman. If you have a 
    high enough reputation, you can go over there. Sandman's leads are exactly like
    Felix leads, you have to help the Sandman maintain control of the islands. These
    few next missions you don't take over any fronts, you have to wait till South
    Beach to do that.
                                    ¦THE ISLANDS¦
    This is a lony and hard mission. Once you are outside move in. There are fights
    going on here so talk to the guy with the arrow above his head if you wanna bet
    on a fight. Otherwise go straight into the red blip to start the mission. After
    you come out of the cutscene, turn to your left and shoot the two goons and if 
    you don't have an AK or Carbine, take theirs. Follow the path and take out
    everyone you see. There is a medkit in the bank where you started if you really
    need it.
    Next go through a hatch on the left and watch out for the goons around the 
    corner. Take everyone out and keep following the path. Next you will get to a 
    part where tons and tons of goons spawn for ages. Just keep taking them out and
    keep moving. Follow the stairs around and take out everyone in your way. Just
    keep following the path round until you get to a control room type of thing.
    There is a medkit here if you need it and also checkpoints here so you don't 
    have to start again if you die which is hard not to do.
    Anyway take out those guys in the conrol room and unleash RAGE at anytime if you
    want to. Once you are outside and have take out everyone you see, some goons 
    will be shooting at you from above. Try turning round and shooting them. 
    Otherwise just continue up the stairs taking out everyone as you go. Eventually
    you will come to another hatch. Just keep taking everyone out as you pass 
    through. There is another medkit here aswell so use it if u have to.
    Just follow the red blip on the radar disposing of your enemies as you go along.
    There are loads of barrels around here so be careful and use them against your
    enemies if you can. But do not use RAGE till the end. As soon as you get there,
    a load of enemies appear. Use cover if you can and once again SAVE your RAGE.
    Once they have been taken care of a  cutscene is triggered. There are two 
    snipers guarding Nacho. Unleash your RAGE and run as fast you can towards the
    snipers taken out the few enemies along the way. Make sure they're both dead
    before you proceed. A cutscene is triggered and now you can kill Nacho.
    This isn't hard. You take one of the snipers and just basically have to get him.
    He's very slow in the water. Once you have found him on the radar, aim and fire.
    Watch out for the small boat though, if you take too long he'll get away. He 
    takes a few shots to kill, aim for the head if you can to make him die quicker.
    A cutscene is triggered where a shark comes and eats him. Serves him right for
    messing with Tony Montana! Also he said some horrible things about your Mama so
    too bad.
    This mission is two parts.
    First Part: The first part is good. The guy gives a machine gun with loads of
    ammo. Just follow the Dock Boss and shoot the trucks aiming for the guys inside
    through the windscreen. When they get out just take out everyone around the
    truck. Also gangs are coming from behind you in another truck so go and deal
    with them. After a cutscene they now come in choppers. Just head over to them
    and take them out. There are also barrels around everywhere so watch out. Also
    there are a few medkits around so use them when you need to. After you've taken
    everyone out go talk to the Dock boss.
    Second Part: This part is harder. You heard of an informer and you have to go
    take him out. Just get your attack boat and chase him down. Pirates are 
    scattered around him but just let your guy take everyone out. Once you get close
    enough to the guys yacht aim for him instead of the boat. This takes a while, 
    and after a whille a boat comes and picks him up so your best bet is to try and
    take him out yourself. This part isn't easy but just keep trying and you'll be
    done in no time.
    Nacho's Tanker¦
    This is one of the worst missions. It's long and quite hard. When you start, you
    are in a chopper with an escort. A few boats appear, take them out with your
    machine gun. The other chopper gets blown up whatver you go and you can't stop
    it so don't worry about that. Next eventually get to the tanker. Just keep
    shooting as much as you can glancing at the radar to see where your enemies are.
    Take out as many goons as you can. Eventually you will have gone round and the
    chopper will drop you off. Luckily you have a checkpoint here. OK.
    Bombs. Big bombs. Run towards the first one, but don't forget to take out 
    everyone you see before you start. You should have enough time. Once you've
    taken everyone out, run towards the bomb and check your radar so no one is 
    coming. You have to defuse the bomb with the meter. If you fail BOOM!!! Luckily
    there is a checkpoint but try to get it right first time out.
    Next, two boats spawn. Run down the left side of the boat until you see a part
    with a machine gun. Use it and gun down the boats as they go past.
    Now you have to get another bomb at the cargo hold at the bottom. Just keep
    following the marker, this should take you down somestairs and into a hatch. Be
    careful there are loads of enemies here. Keep going down the path and turn right
    out another hatch. Watch out here, there are tons of enemies. There should be
    some stairs leading down. There's a few goons near the bottom, make sure you 
    an AK or carbine here. Just keep going to the bomb, the gangs will keep coming
    till you defuse the bomb. Just wait till there aren't many left and go to defuse
    the bomb.
    There's one bomb left. Also there are more boats that you have to take care of!
    Well just find another machine gun and get rid of those stupid boats, they're
    scattered around everywhere. You have to go down a few floors and then just 
    follow the blip taking out everyone as you go. When you are near about 15 
    enemies spawn right outside the bomb! Use RAGE here if you can. Next defuse the
    bomb and atleast that's the bombs out of the way. But wait, there's more...
    You now have to kill the captain and foreman. On your way there try to get RAGE.
    The captains right at the top of the ship just follow the stairs up and take him
    Now for the foreman. This isn't hard if you RAGE. Just follow the blip and when
    you can use RAGE to get rid of him and then finally you're done!
    Now that that's over you can go and conquer South Beach.
                               ¦SOUTH BEACH¦
    Ah these mission is pretty easy. Some people have ordered Shark fin and guess
    what, you have none! Do you really thing Tony Montana would go out Shark Fin
    fishing? Of course not! Some other guys doing it. But wait, Pirates! Pirates
    are gonna stop him! What are you gonna do? Ah yes, you're gonna rip the crap
    out of their boats with the best gun in the game with infinite ammo. Fun? Yep.
    Just look at your radar and shoot all the pirates as you see them. You gotta get
    eaith shark fin before this ends. When done, talk to the manager guy.
    Ah from an easy mission to a not so easy mission. When you talk to the manager
    he starts giving it to you saying he don't need your protection. Then a load of
    gang members come and try to kill him. All you gotta do is protect him. After 
    the cutscene run to him and take out all the gangs. If you have a missile 
    launcher take out all the cars that come by. If not, then you just gotta take 
    them out with an AK or Carbine. If you don't have one of those you're pretty
    screwed. Take out everyone until he runs inside. When he does some guys try 
    running through the front entrance. Take them out and run to him. They come in
    through the front and back doors. Just keep taking them out and hope the manager
    isn't stupid enough to kill himself. This may take a few attemps, try to draw
    fire away from the manager to you and if you have RAGE use it when you can.
    Once done talk to the manager.
    Again this is an easy enough mission. The woman wants you to take out some guy.
    He's at the pier so drive as fast as you can to it. Take out an AK or whatever 
    gun and take out everyone on your way to the boat. Watch out, there is a guy 
    hiding at the bottom of the stairs so be careful. There is another boat so 
    quickly get in and start driving. Just keep accelerating until you get to him.
    Ignore the goons shooting at you and just concentrade on the guy. You have a 
    SAW so it shouldn't be too hard to kill him. Once done go talk to the manager.
    Make sure you have a fast vehicle outside before you start the mission. If it's
    gone when you start the mission get another ASAP. The only car you can use is
    a crappy Jeep kinda thing but only use that as a last resort, it's hard to keep
    up with it.
    After the cutscene, there is a guy outside shooting at you. Take him out and 
    another will run through the door. There's also another guy at the bottom of the
    stairs, and they're all equipted with shotguns. Once you're at the bottom run to
    your car as fast as you can and give chase. He goes pretty fast so try to take 
    him out. Next he gets on a helicopter. This isn't easy, you have to jump from 
    one ship to another while shooting him. Just concentrate on the driving and just
    keep shooting just watch where you're jumping. Once you're done talk to the 
    When this starts you can't get in. Oh no! What ya gonna do? Find a way around 
    then it shows you how to get around. If you don't know how, then you need 
    professional help. Anyway call your driver and get a car it doesn't matter which
    it's just good that you have a henchman. Go round and jump the slope. There are
    gangs surrounding you. If you have not got it already, buy the SAW. It does not
    lock on but it kills them in 2 or 3 shots. It's the most powerful gun in the 
    game. It jumps around a bit, but can take down choppers and boats and, ofcourse,
    people easily. Anyway it shouldn't be too hard to take out the few goons around
    you. Stay in your car if you want, it doesn't make much difference with a SAW!
    Although you can't use it. hmmm. Anyway, getting a bit off task here, anyway,
    you have to get to the managers officer. As you walk in there are a load of 
    goons here so be careful. If you're lucky as you're walking up the stairs you 
    might be able to shoot him in the head especially if you have a sniper of you.
    There's sometimes a glitch and you may have to walk over to the manager for the
    game to continue.
    If not, use the wall cover and get him. Be careful, he has a deagle so don't go
    getting yourself shot you could do with some health for later!
    When he's gone, walk out of the officer and a loud of guys are coming. Take them
    out with your SAW or Carbine or whatever. Once done, head outside. There are a 
    few snipers here so watch your back. Also if you have RAGE, use it. Just run
    around crazily and take out absolutely everyone. If you run out use whatever you
    have. Once you see the snipers go and take that goonhead out. Also a few of the
    enemies have SAW's too so be careful!
    If you don't have a SAW, look around and find one. I had a missile launcher in 
    my car so i just got that out but use the SAW if you don't have something like
    that. You need to take out a few boats now round the back of the warehouse. 
    Get out the back and watch out for the two guys round the corner. The attack 
    are strong. If you have a sniper and are a good shot, i recommend taking the guy
    on the SAW out first don't ya think? Otherwise take them out with a missile
    launcher or your good old SAW will do. There are about six boats and then you've
    got it.

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