Creating Kluke's Rings?

  1. I've managed to get the message "You've cut and polished the gemstones well! It's been a while since I've made something so magnificent." - I believe this is better than the message about "Not many rings can compare with this one". Has anyone actually gone through and made a chart of the different messages to see which one is best? And does anyone have any idea if there's a way to make a ring with two (2) HP and two (2) MP marks for the ring and still get really good stats?

    User Info: Kaeus_Dralupe

    Kaeus_Dralupe - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. LMagnuz ( has a FAQ/Walkthrough that has details for this. I tried a lot of different combinations and so far this has turned out to be the best one, considering Kluke, as a black mage, does not actually need a lot of attack power. It's practically a perfect ring, considering who the wearer is. Thanks, LMagnuz.

    1. Black Zircon
    2. Leafy Ruby
    3. Turquoise of Love
    4. Mad Amethyst
    5. Ocean Topaz
    6. Forest Sapphire
    7. Silent Peridot
    8. Princess Garnet
    9. Red Oynx
    10. Spiritual Moon

    Result :
    +8 Attack Power
    +10 Defense Power
    +150 Magic Attack
    +10 Magic Defense
    +10 HP
    +10 MP

    User Info: Kaeus_Dralupe

    Kaeus_Dralupe - 7 years ago 0 0

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