The 5 Evil Dragons?

  1. Alright, I'm a little stuck on this one, so I'm wondering if someone could help. I would to know the order of these Dragons from weakest to strongest (don't include Moody Dragon because he's weak as hell) along with where they can be found, approximate total health, recommended levels for facing them on Easy Mode, and known/possible weaknesses. I've tried fighting the Amethyst Dragon once and it completely kicked my ass.

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    When I first faced Amethyst Dragon I believe everyone was about level 55 or slightly lower and all of the classes for my Shadows (all the ones that had skills that boosted stats anyway) were Level 50 or higher so that I'd have all their skills (Generalist was also upped to 50 to get the Skill +8 and Accessory +3). I actually figured that the ones without weaknesses would be easier (so I thought Moody would've been easiest with Blizzard at second) and that Phantom Dragon was the hardest due to the physical and corporeal absorbing skill. I also figured Spark Dragon would also be weak to Wind due to the running theme of Flying monsters sharing that weakness (the only exceptions being Moody and Blizzard for some reason).

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  1. It would help if myself and the users of this site knew what level your characters and shadows were at when you took on the Amethyst Dragon.

    Anyway, I'll assume that by Easy mode you meant Normal mode since Normal is considered Easy in this game.

    Spark Dragon: I would say he's the toughest of the 5 dragons. Every time I face him, he takes a good chunck of my all of my character's health away. I was able to constently heal, but I still consider him the toughest. According to the offical guide, he has 23700 HP and has no real weakness (the guide says he's weak to Wind, but I don't believe it). Try to take him on at like 70-ish, maybe higher.

    Phantom Dragon: I would say he's the 2nd toughest for 3 reasons:

    1. You have to steal Nene's Earrings from him, so you'll want to make a save before you take him on.
    2. He absorbs HP from Regular Attacks (the Attack command, counterattacks, etc.).
    3. He absorbs HP from Corporal Attacks (I'm not kidding).

    This guy has 20200 HP (offical guide) with a weakness of Wind. I think as long as you don't use either Regular attacks nor the Corporal attack, you should be ok. I would try level 65 if you having a hard time with this dragon though. As a bonus tip, you can still use Magic Swords against this guy.

    Blizzard Dragon: I would say he's the halfway easy, halfway hard. He did kick my rear end the first few times I faced him, but he's not bad once you know what to do. This guy has 19880 HP (offical guide) with no weakness. I manage to beat him in the 60's.

    Amethyst Dragon: I find him to be the easiest of the 5 dragons, even easier than the Moody Dragon in fact, so I don't see why your having a hard time with him. He has 24990 (offical guide) and has a weakness of Wind. If you have the Guardian's Total Guard skill unlocked, equip 1 of your characters with that skill, and give him/her the Bellybutton Ring of Wind as well. With this combo, you already won the battle against this guy, because he has a habbit of using Lighting of the Gods, and the Total Guard user will jump in front of the attack if it's not aimed at him/her. Thanks to the Bellybutton Ring of Wind, he/she will absorb the attack. Because of this, I really can't give a level recomendation.

    Total Guard unlocks at Guardian rank 30 and you can find the Bellybutton Ring of Wind in the Underground River inside a regular chest (number 6 for the area if you were looking in the offical guide) if you don't already have it.

    If you allowed me to include the Moody Dragon into the mix, I would have considered him to be the 2nd easiest dragon to kill, due to the fact that you can just beat the living daylights out of him with physical attacks.

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  1. I could have been wrong with the Spark Dragon having no weaknesses, and his weakness is actually wind. I only said that the Spark Dragon has no real weakness, because I didn't seem to do that much damage with wind spells casted on him. I don't know for certain, maybe it's just me. With the Blizzard dragon, he seems to take decent damage from fire attacks (magic swords or fire spells), but I'm not sure if that's it weakness or not (not with 100% certainty anyway). As for your "the ones without weaknesses are easier" theory, I can't really say for certain if that's nessarlly true or not. It might just depend on your level, but who knows. I know it's not an actual answer, but I wasn't sure to make it a "you need to be clear" response or not.

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  2. If you have the Bellybutton Ring of Wind then you can use that item for all Dragons, but Blizzard Dragon. All the Dragon have some time of Wind attack and that item will absorbs all the blows. Also, I tried it and they all seemed to be week against Wind attacks, this is because they are all flying type monsters.

    The only one that shouldn't be week against wind is Blizzard Dragon, which you should switch to fire attacks now. Also, usse the Bellybutton Ring of Water and it will absorb all the water attacks. Maybe Blizzard Dragon has some type of wind attack, but I'm not sure and I'm not sure if you should even try Wind Attack on him I just kept using fire attacks. He is called Blizzard Dragon after all and it would make more sense to use fire attacks on a water creature.

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