How do I beat the king poo?

  1. It Seems Imposilbe. Please give me some tips or somthing.

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    felex9 - 8 years ago

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  1. First of all- Level Up. High level is a must in fights against monsters like king Poo, golden Poo, and Gold Mecha Robo.(Preferably 80+, I had my Characters all Level 99, before I attempted those fights.) Also high level Class should be very useful (2-3 classes should be all learned- level 99 would be preferred, but if you don't want to wait, just get all the abilities for that class). Make sure that all of your Characters are able to use auto-revive and have Double cast for Magic-users, or Sword-Master skill for those Heavy-hitters (Maro). Equip all of your best equipment and set the best skills. (Sadly the Poo Bracelet has no effect on his majesty.)
    As for the main fight try to circle King Poo with some other monster (probably the basic pink poo). When you do that you will get an early advantage. when fighting those shrimps cast all of your best protective spells. (regeneration spells are a must- that way every turn your team gets at least a bit of HP back, Also any other spells that will boost any Party Stats. Quickus would be the best party option. other than that use any spells that you think would be a good asset in the battle.) After you are all set, finish off the last Poo, and get to the main course! King Poo is big, nasty and definitely a challenge. He hits hard, and he's fast for his size. But he's not unbeatable. (If you can, try to time your abilities right, so when king poo shows up for a fight he'll be in for a hurtful surprise -like a magic spell to the face or a fully charged hit.)Try to keep using Flarus And put that Doublecast to a good use by Spamming fire Spells. Keep your health up at all time, and Cast spells when they wear out (if a character dies, after being revived he or she should be brought to speed with a quick/a/us spell.) Cast the most powerful spells, use your strongest attacks, and throw in an occasional Corporeal attack, and King Poo will fall in no time!!!

    Hope it helps, and Good luck

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  1. I don't know what difficulty you're playing on, but my first playthrough was on hard mode and King Poo posed little trouble to me, so if you're on normal difficulty you shouldn't have too much trouble. First of all, make sure each character has their shadow class MAXED, and preferably have their character level maxed as well, though I don't stress it as much. Make sure everyone has gotten to level 36 in the Generalist class. This way you can equip the "Accessory +3" skill and the "Skill+8" skill. If you've gotten to about level 32 in all shadow classes with all characters, each of your characters should have almost every skill available. With the "Skill+8" ability equipped, you should have 10 more slots to equip important skills. Make sure at least one is the "Accessory +3" skill and with those three extra slots you should equip accessories that enhance agility (have you been collecting lots of nothings? The nothing man will give you very helpful equipment). Have at least two magic users in the back row (preferably Jiro and Kluke). Make sure their class is Barrier Magic and that it is maxed out. Then equip doublecast (Support magic skill), quick magic charge (white magic skill), ninja swiftness (assasin, but will only be effective if your assassin class is high), magic essence (support magic skill, but only effective if your support magic class is high, and of course the magic skills (i.e. white magic level 6, black magic level 6, and support magic level 6). If you have an extra slot equip the Resurrection skill learned from the white magic class. For the other three characters (preferably Shu, Zola, and Marumaro), you should equip melee-type skills like absolute counterattack (monk skill), sentinel shield (guardian, but not if the character is already guardian class), ninja swiftness, magic fence (barrier magic, but only effective if your barrier magic class is high), double strike (assassin) and resurrection. I had Shu as a guardian, Zola as an assassin, and Marumaro as a sword master. Their stats are the highest in these classes. Now on to the boss! Try to engage King Poo with a normal poo so that you can have time to cast your support magics. You'll want to cast Shiedus, Shellus, Quickus for sure, and it'll help to cast attack up for the characters in the front row and magic attack up for the magic users in the back row. Kill the poos and get ready to fight the King! His one weakness is his ridiculously low HP, so exercise caution and prioritize healing over attacking. I would recommend just having the front three characters defend and use items and attack when given a good opportunity. For the magic users, make sure one always will be able to heal before and after an attack by King poo (use Zephyr magic obviously to heal everyone at once). When you have a good opportunity double-cast fully charged flarus attacks. He should go down pretty quick. I was disappointed...

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  2. I followed the achievement guide in the FAQs to beat King Poo. I beat him on my first try, so it worked really well for me--I recommend taking a look at it. When you open it, just hit ctrl+f and search for "Beat King Poo". It should be the 2nd result.

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