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"The Chris Hansen report - Blue Dragon is the definition of perfect"

It hasn't been a secret that Microsoft has struggled to break into the Japanese market. While struggling to compete, Microsoft has done what it can to try to rectify the situation. The first part of that plan was to release a role playing game from the famous Sakaguchi. It hasn't worked out too well thus far. Blue Dragon sold extremely well when you take the hardware sales of the Xbox 360 into consideration, but it didn't give Microsoft's system the boost it needed for long periods of time. Despite all of that, Blue Dragon still excels with its well written story, highly likeable characters and a traditional turn base game play that brings both nostalgic and epic content into play.

Being turn based, the game goes back to the roots. It's not one of those turn base systems that try to set of an illusion of real time by having your characters run around. Blue Dragon is as traditional as it gets. Though the game still plays extremely tight and painless. The gameplay has plenty of moments that shine. The main reason being the wide variety of enemies that keep things fresh. The bosses found in here are also nicely rendered and captured to give off the essence that Sakaguchi was going for.

Instead of opting for random battles, the enemies appear on the field. By approaching them, it triggers the battle screen. This both eliminates the necessity and chore of trying to go to a certain place and encountering countless enemies. I really enjoyed this way rather than random battles. As mentioned earlier, the wide variety of enemies also makes things interesting, so it makes you want to jump right into battle.

The music in this game was epic. Uematsu a famous Japanese composer has made another fantastic soundtrack. There simply wasn't anything wrong with the music. The graphics were also a technical achievement.

Blue Dragon was a fantastic game on any merit. The old school style game play and the fantastic story all add up to a single thing; that old school role playing games are far from dead. In fact, Blue Dragon revitalizes it. In terms of Japanese role playing games, Blue Dragon is the definition of perfection.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/03/07

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