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"This game delivers!"

Let me first say, that I am a major RPG fan. Everything from the Final Fantasy's to the Star Ocean's to the Dragon Warrior's. So, as soon as I learned of Blue Dragon about a year ago, I knew I had to buy it when it came out. Before playing, I noticed all of the pretty bad revies it was getting, but still was determined to play it. It was very fun, and made me happy :) Here goes:


First, I have to say, that the plot is pretty good. Many people say it's "childish", or isn't "deep". I disagree. If they would've played to at least the end of disc 1, they would love the plot. It even contains some shocking plot twists, especially near the end of disc 2, and various points of disc 3. I also disagree that the villian was evil for the sake of being evil. People who said that, should have playe dthe game for a bit, untill it revealed his true plan. Oh yeah, another thing. The characters were awesome in my opinion. They never gave up (lol Shu) and always followed their goal. The story was very character driven, and it inspired me at some points. The characters were developed nicley too, but sometimes Zola was kind of annoying with her "badass" image. The Shadows were cool too, my favorite being the Sabre-Toothed Tiger.


A long story short, if you loved traditional RPG's, you'll love this. Think Dargon Quest 8. There, done. Moving on......


The graphics are awesome too! The in game graphics are really cool, and "anime"ish, and I found them just fun. The fuzzyness in the background didn't bother me as much as other people. The monsters are creative looking to say the least, and the NPC's are all so DBZ looking, but I dont care. Dragon Quest was like that too, but oh well. The CGI graphics kick ass as well. 'Nuff said.


Nobou Uemetsu did the soundtrack, so you know it's amazing. So, yeah anyway it's good guys. It reminds me of Final Fantasy 9 kind of. The boss is atrocious though. Just listen to music on your hardrive. So yeah...moving on.

I give this game a 9/10, yo. It's just so good. It also has some pretty challanging achievments. The sidequests, which are numerous, aren't too rewarding. They are fun though,so thats good.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/13/07

Game Release: Blue Dragon (US, 08/28/07)

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