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Avoidance. Practice this technique. This game is as self-destructive as Owen Wilson. It will take you down along with it.

Not because of the repetitive item discovery system. Nor the cliche environments(a castle, a desert, a forest, a ghost forest, a cave, an ancient cave, an airship, a town full of tiny, extremely irritating orange things with stupid hats that dance and scream all day long). It wasn't the washed out, half-baked god mode skill/battle system. Not even the idiotic, bordering on mind numbing cut scenes and pointless plot devices. I tried to switch over to the Japanese voices mid-game and use the subtitles, but after you chose a language that's it. I was praying it might make the cut scenes more bearable but Mistwalker was intent on ruining this game. You're better off skipping all of the scenes and making up your own.

What ruined it was the idiotic letdown of realizing the game just started getting interesting after playing it for 40 hours.

There are a couple good points I might add: Like Zola. At least there's something to look at during all the long, drawn out cut scenes. And when Jiro is trying to use an ancient device and he screams in frustration "It's not working!". That had me cracking up since he's making a most hilarious hand gesture at the same time. You'll see.

The final blow to Blue Dragon, regardless of the 2nd grade plot, annoying characters and repetitive game play, is the lack of challenge. You could go through the entire game without a single "OH S$%^" moment like JRPGs of the past. Like when a boss in an FF game would simultaneously one shot your healer, silence your casters and slow your melee attackers. You're left reeling, scrambling to come up with your next move before your enemies' next move. Don't expect that from Blue Dragon because your enemies' will be having all the "OH S$%^" moments for you. Why do they get to have all the fun?

To sum up blue Dragon: Repetitive game play, decent visuals(nothing great, but there is one point I recall that is quite pleasing to the eye...don't get used to it though), vomit inducing voice acting and sedating cut scenes, topped off with a healthy portion of Mrs. Smith's 2nd grade English class providing the story.

No mercy. 4/10 only because there is somewhat of a game here. It could only score worse if it was broken and unplayable.

On the upside I can tell this was a learning experience for Mistwalker due to the quality of Lost Odyssey. Doesn't help playing the game much knowing this,'s an upside.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 02/19/08

Game Release: Blue Dragon (US, 08/28/07)

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