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"A very well made game"

Ok, this is my first review on here. So, I'm going to choose a game that is very fun for me to play.I'm really hoping that this review will help if you feel uncertain about getting this game.I'm going to say that I'll be looking at a few categories; music, gameplay, sound, story, replay, graphics, and overall feel of the game. Now, let's get started.

1. Gameplay: Arguably the most important part of a game is playing it. The way you get into battle is similar the Star Ocean: Till the end of time and Tales of Symphonia, you run into monsters to start a battle, and you can also back attack them with the X button to try for a surprise attack( though monsters can do the same to you). The game is turned based like Final Fantasy(except without the time gauge) and you get Corporeal attacks( Similar to summons or limit breaks) that also heal your MP after an attack, but you won't get those till the 3rd disk. Now, you get classes ranging from assassin to monk to guardian and the list goes on for about 6 other classes. So, there's a class that'll suit your style. You can get to use other classes abilities if you aren't that respected class as long as you've unlocked that ability. There are also a number of stats that are the tradition ones for an RPG. Strength, Defense, M-Defense, M-Strength, MP, and HP. You can also only have a max of 999 HP and 999 MP, while the HP and MP don't seem that high, it helps with healing items that heal nearly the same damage as the potions in Final Fantasy. Well, that's all I can think of on most of everything for gameplay.

2. Graphics: The graphics aren't stunning, but they're pretty good as well. There really isn't much to this section, but I'll type a few more sentences into it. Graphics aren't as important, but these really get your attention on some points. The cutscenes are very well done as well, especially in fully rendered cutscenes

3. Sound: The game has nice sound affects, there aren't really that many misplaced sounds in the game. Same as graphics. There really isn't a lot to say about sound and music(I'll get to that next) compared to gameplay, story, or replay.

4. Music: I love the music in this game. The boss theme(though can get repetitive) is really amazing. The guy from Deep Purple is in it. One of my favorite themes is Zola's Theme near the end of the game. Same as sound.

5. Story: This is the stereotypical story of a group of people trying to stop an evil king from taking over. Of course it can be deeper than that on a few points though. It starts out with 3 people, Jiro, Kluke, and Shu, protecting their village and get lost and comfront Nene(pronounced Nay-Nay) the evil king who attack. On their quest, they encounter Marumaro and later Zola(Marumaro has a little crush on her, but you'll find one of the reasons in the game). They start on a quest to stop Nene and that's all I'm saying on story. Also, Shu has Naruto syndrome(he has this one catchphrase that he'll say over and over again in the beginning). He'll continue to say "I won't give up!" when ever a little challenge comes up for the team to overcome, thankfully, he stops saying it a lot somewhere around the very middle of the story.

6. Replay: Though I haven't tried the New Game+, it basically give you everything you ended the last game with. There really isn't anything new in this feature except that is makes it impossible the complain like 3-4 achievements. Though it does seem nice to go own the areas that gave you trouble during your first play through.

7. Overall: This is a game that's really good, but could have been a little better. I'm aware that I'm giving it a 9, even though I said that it could've been better, a statement that warrants a 7-8. However, I'm a person that'll see the best in a game while ignoring the bad things(I did the same with Sonic the Hedgehog 2006). I would advise getting this game if you're into RPGs. If you're not sure, give the game a rent and then make your final decision.

Final Thoughts: Well, there ya go, a(hopefully) detailed review of this game that I hope will help you. There are 3 disks before I forget, so it may take a little longer to complete than regular games, especially if you try to 100% complete the entire game. I may do more reviews since this one was actually fun to write and it was real fun to look back on everything I've done in the game.

Well, good bye and thank you for reading.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/21/08

Game Release: Blue Dragon (US, 08/28/07)

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