Review by MisterMarioMan

Reviewed: 01/11/10

If you grew up playing RPG's in the 90's, then do I have a game for you.

Blue Dragon is, quite honestly, a Super Nintendo RPG remade for today's standards. The battling is simple, yet complex, the game ranges from pathetically easy to ridiculously hard, and the characters develop over the course of the game. This is a straight-up RPG, with no strings attached, and that is what makes it great.

The game is essentially a remake of an old-school RPG. you know the ones, like for the Super Nintendo, where you would spend 40 hours on it because a good 15 of them were solely for grinding for levels. It's as if they took an old game, updated the graphics and sound, added voice-overs, and added a couple of new extra features. If you're the kind of guy who likes playing the latest shooters and hasn't owned anything before the PS2, then this probably isn't the game for you. But, if you're a guy like me, who used to play old RPG's all the time, then you'll absolutely love it.

The combat is simple, turned-based, all depending on stats, but adds in the next-generation feel by making certain things quick-time(though the game can easily be beaten without that) it makes for an old-school charm in a new-school world. However, the game seems to have a very awkward difficulty curve, with some things being waaaaaaaaaay too easy and some things being incredibly hard, with no real middle ground in-between.

The voice-acting isn't the best. No performance really stands out in my mind, but I do recall finding most of the character whiny and annoying(with the exception of Jiro, who I actually somewhat liked) The main character, Shu, has one of the most annoying voices I've ever heard, and is one of the least likable characters I've ever heard. Couple this with a fairly standard story, and you have a pretty basic RPG. this is where the game flops.

I will say, however, that the story actually picks up and becomes likeable towards the end, and by the end, I was actually looking forward to the next scene. About near the end of Disc Two, you'll really start to like it.

If you like the old-school RPG's, such as those on the Super Nintendo, then yeah, buy Blue Dragon. It's a new-age way to relive the days of monster slashing and dungeon crawling. Be warned, however: don't go in with hopes that this will be an RPG comparable to the best of the best, such as Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy VI. This is what is; a fun game which is greatly hindered by the annoying characters and story.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Blue Dragon (US, 08/28/07)

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