Review by Lichmassacre

Reviewed: 07/30/13

If you want a starter RPG, play this game.

Blue Dragon I feel is a good enough RPG to be a starter for those who are new to RPGs. Unless of course you want to play crap. Then play Final Fantasy XIII or Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. H***, maybe even both. That'll surely p*** you off! :D

Story: 7

It's your average, nothing special story for the most part. It's well written enough though. Also if you really think hard at points in the game, it can be kinda obvious what's gonna happen in the future.

Graphics: 7

The art style is by who? None other than the one and only Akira Toriyama himself. The character models are well designed as so do the monsters, but the environments aren't something special. They don't take much use of the Xboxs power. But if you like Toriyama's art style, then you're good on the graphics.

Soundtrack: 9

Who composed this game's soundtrack? (It has a soundtrack you can buy btw) Who, dare I ask? Who? Nobuo Uematsu himself. No words needed. Assuming you've heard his works. If not... The soundtrack is fantastic. Beautiful, epic, soothing, listen to it for yourself.

Gameplay: 7

Made by Hironobu Sakaguchi himself. The creator of Final Fantasy. Despite that though...

It's very basic. In fact, it's the equivalent of the early Dragon Quest games practically. So no special gimmicks. But at least that means there isn't a bad gimmick to worry about. One special thing about battles and the whole game (not really) is that you use your shadow to attack. Don't believe me? Then look at the box art and tell me that I'm high. Also because its basic, if you don't like Dragon Quest, it can be boring in battles.

The Level system is similar to Final Fantasy V. So that's good. Speaking of levels at certain points 2 characters will leave the party for a bit. Although they come back the same, getting them back to level will be a pain.

In fact, getting some of the achievements requires you to get to Level 99 and Level 99 classes just to kill some monsters that even with a maxed out party, can still kill you in TWO hits. Yep... HAVE FUN! :D

Final Thoughts

There really isn't that much to say. It's good and recommend it. End of story.


You want to ruin your weekend and play FFXIII AND FFMQ at the SAME TIME! :DDD That'll surely get you going in a fit of rage!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Blue Dragon (US, 08/28/07)

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