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    Achievement Guide by MoDo LV

    Version: 1.0.1 | Updated: 12/16/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    v. 1.0.1
    By Modus Operandi
    martins.osis in Google mail
    Other contacts @ http://modo.lv/
    The "home" of this guide is at http://smartguides.info/
     [G.1] EPISODE 1
      [G.1.7] GAS STATION
     [G.2] EPISODE 2
      [G.2.1] NEW YORK
      [G.2.2] POLICE STATION
      [G.2.7] AFTER LOVER'S PEAK
      [G.2.8] THE MILL
     [G.3] EPISODE 3
      [G.3.1] TRAILER PARK
      [G.3.3] GETTING AWAY
      [G.3.4] THE TRAIN YARD
      [G.3.5] TO THE MINE
      [G.3.6] OFF TO MIRROR PEAK
      [G.3.7] GHOST TOWN
      [G.3.8] IN THE SILVER MINE
     [G.4] EPISODE 4
      [G.4.1] TOUR OF THE CLINIC
      [G.4.2] CLINIC IN THE DARK
      [G.4.4] TO THE FARM
      [G.4.5] THE STAGE
      [G.4.6] ANDERSONS' FARM
     [G.5] EPISODE 5
      [G.5.1] POLICE STATION
      [G.5.2] CROSSING TOWN
      [G.5.3] TOWN HALL
      [G.5.4] THE BOOKSTORE
      [G.5.7] TO THE POWER PLANT
      [G.5.8] POWER PLANT
     [G.6] EPISODE 6
      [G.6.1] ON THE WAY
      [G.6.2] THE SCRAPYARD
      [G.6.5] MINING CAMP
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    Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 international licence. If you 
    don't know what that means, read 
    When using this work in any way, please let me know; and make sure to
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    together with my name and a link to http://modo.lv as well. Thank you.
    This is an Achievement guide for Alan Wake on XBOX 360. It is a 
    spoiler-free (as much as possible) guide, created with the purpose of 
    letting you play through the game on your own, but at the same time 
    helping you can get most achievements with as little replays as 
    I will not waste the space and time to copy-paste the entire list in 
    this guide, because you can see it pretty much anywhere, your XBOX 360 
    included. Instead, I will elaborate on the types of Achievements and how 
    they relate to this guide.
    For most collectible & combat Achievements you can at any time pause the 
    game ando select "Statistics" to see your progress.
    This guide will not even mention them. What's the point of writing a 
    guide on how to get an Achievement that you could't avoid even if you 
    wanted to? This includes about half of the TVs in the game which will 
    turn on by themselves when Alan approaches them on his way through the 
    game. I also think there's a radio like that somewhere, because you can 
    only actually turn on 10 in the game, but the statitics screen says 11 
    when you get the Achievement.
    [A.2] ONE-OFFS
    These are the Achievements that require you to do some specific thing in 
    a specific part of the game. Like completing a section withot dying or 
    using guns, activating a specfic object in the game, and so on. These 
    will be included in the guide at their appropriate places.
    These are the main reason this guide was made. There are coffee 
    thermoses and manuscript pages all over the game to pick up, and there 
    are also Achievements for finding "all of" other things like TVs and 
    radios. These are what most of the guide consists of.
    [A.4] COMBAT
    These are the Achievements that mostly you end up getting without trying 
    specifically, but you do still need to do certain things to get them (so 
    they aren't un-missable). A few of these (e.g. "Sound and Fury", "Float 
    Like a Butterfly" and others) are a sort of one-offs, but they're still 
    combat related and not tied to one specific place-time in the game. Very 
    few of these will be explicitly referenced in the guide, because most of 
    them require little more than just paying attention to what you're 
    doing, but there will be some general guidelines.
    You will be playing the game all the way through twice. Apart from 
    everything else, there are Achievements for completing in on every 
    difficulty (stackable). While it's theoretically possible to get 
    everything in one go, it would have to be in Nightmare difficulty, which 
    makes a lot of other Achievements near-impossible. You're welcome to try 
    if you wish, of course, but this guide is written for everyone, so it 
    assumes starting with the easier mode and thus playing twice.
    So, here's the general outline:
    1) Finish the game on Normal, getting most of the Achievements.
    2) Finish the game on Nightmare, picking up the Nigthmare manuscript pages.
    3) Replay any chapters as needed to get any Achievements still missing.
    Of course, these are not iron-clad rules, you should always do what 
    seems best at the time. But do note that ammo & weapons are quite common 
    and enemies fairly weak in the Normal difficulty mode, so you shouldn't 
    get carried away with saving up for potiential hard battles, as there 
    won't be many.
    *) Do not run from the Taken when playing on Normal difficulty, always 
    try to kill all that you come across on your way through the game. Don't 
    hang around waiting for them, though, as sometimes new ones will just 
    keep appearing. Just take out any and all that are in your way/near you, 
    and move on.
    *) Remember that restarting from a checkpoint has no penalty and does 
    not reset any counters. So don't hesitate to restart from a checkpoint 
    whenever a fight does not go your way, as all the kills & collectibles 
    will stay recorded.
    *) Don't use the pistol as long as you have a hunting rifle or a 
    shotgun, except on the weak "runners" who die from a single potshot (or 
    if the Taken are too far away for shotgun).
    *) Don't use the flare gun unless you're fairly certain it will kill at 
    least three Taken. The flare gun is quite rare for most of the game so 
    you need to make the shots count. The same goes for flash grenades.
    *) "Collateral Carnage" is a bit tricky, so try to work towards it 
    whenever you have a chance. Keep an eye out for red barrels and 
    sparkling electric wires -- most of the time any Taken caught close to 
    an exploding barrel or touching the wire will die instantly.
    *) "Back, Back I Say!" requires you to be in critical condition 
    (dark/colorless screen) when you light the flare.
    *) Don't hoard the batteries. In the Normal difficulty mode, they're 
    even more abundant than weapons and ammo. I suggest never keeping more 
    than eght or ten in your flashlight (spend any extras as soon as you get 
    them to get the Achievement faster).
    *) Don't bother with the cinematic dodge Achievements. If you don't get 
    them automatically on your Normal playthrough, you'll get them on 
    Nightmare, as dodging is pretty much a mandatory requirement then. If by 
    some freak accident or deliberate effort on your part (um... why!?) you 
    somehow do manage to avoid them, it's a trivial matter to load up any 
    chapter and just keep dodging the first Taken you meet over and over 
    again until you get it (the first two in Episode 1 logging yard and all 
    in the dream don't count though).
    *) For "If It Flies, It Burns", just make sure you always stay around 
    until you kill all the birds that you can every time they appear. Even 
    if you don't manage to get the Achievement on your first playthrough, it 
    should be close enough (over 800) for you to inevitably reach it at some 
    point during the Nigthmare playthrough.
    Remember this is NOT a walkthrough! There will be no gameplay help 
    whatsoever, you're completely your own in regards to enemies, puzzles 
    and items like batteries and ammo.
    Here are the Achievement tags used in the guide:
    all be self-explanatory.
    *) CANS: Can pyramids that you have to shoot to get "Carny".
    *) SIGN: Signs, posters and other pieces of information that you have to 
    examine for "Bright Falls Aficionado" Achievement.
    *) OTHER: One-off Achievements, the name stated together with the 
    [G.1] EPISODE 1
    THERMOS: At the second lantern, where the path forks and the light leads 
    you to the right, keep going straight instead.
    CANS: After getting the gun, check the fence to the right of the wooden 
    THERMOS: When you reach the first checkpoint after getting the gun, look 
    to the right to find stone steps leading down into the bunker. Make sure 
    you don't drop off the ledge to the left of the steps before getting the 
    THERMOS: As you reach the lighthouse, check the bench to the right of 
    the lifebuoy.
    OTHER: In the diner, on your way to the bathroom, you'll be asked to 
    turn on the Jukebox ("Drink 'Em Both Up").
    THERMOS: On your way to the bathroom, under the neon sign.
    THERMOS: Before crossing the footbridge leading to the lodge, run back 
    up the hill to the car.
    THERMOS: In the cabin, check the kitchen.
    RADIO: Check the back porch of the cabin.
    NIGHTMARE MANUSCRIPT: To the left of the entrance.
    MANUSCRIPT: After meeting Stucky, turn right and go forwards a bit.
    THERMOS: At the spot where you met Stucky, go through the digger's 
    "jaws" and turn right, then check behind the pickup truck.
    CACHE: After going through a wooden gate and fighting the two taken, 
    follow the paninted signs.
    MANUSCRIPT: Turn left at the yellow crane and go uphill a bit to find a 
    small shack with the page nailed to the wall inside.
    THERMOS, MANUSCRIPT: After crossing the first tree trunk over the river, 
    go left. After getting the thermos, turn around and follow the path, 
    keeping to the right. You will come to a set of logs leading to a 
    manuscript page on a small rock island (if you see Stucky while 
    crossing, you're at the wrong logs, turn around).
    NIGHTMARE MANUSCRIPT: In the middle of your path as you near the second 
    logging yard.
    CACHE: As soon as you reach the second logging yard, shine your 
    flashlight on the logs right in front to see the signs leading you to a 
    ladder and up to a shack on the hill.
    THERMOS: As you enter the logging yard proper, go under the set of 4 
    logs hanging high up and turn right.
    MANUSCRIPT: Enter the shack next to the generator.
    RADIO, CACHE: Check the cabin with the light in front just after exiting 
    the second logging yard, and also behind it.
    CANS: Check the top of the broken stairs.
    MANUSCRIPT: A page will be on the ground in the middle of the path.
    THERMOS: Check the edge of the cliff at the spot where Alan mentions the 
    gas station in the distance.
    THERMOS: From the generator, start going down the path until you can see 
    a huge rock with a jagged top and a spruce tree on the right. At the 
    base of the spruce tree is a barrel and a thermos.
    MANUSCRIPT: In the middle of the path on your way up the hill.
    CACHE: After dropping down a ledge on to the side of a road, look across 
    the road and to the left, to find the first of the signs, painted on a 
    MANUSCRIPT: In the middle of the road, in front of the gate.
    TV: In the shack to the right of the gate.
    THERMOS: After defeating Stucky, look to the crane on the right as you 
    follow the path onwards.
    [G.1.7] GAS STATION
    MANUSCRIPT: On the ground behind the float.
    THERMOS: Under the tall "Gasoline" sign.
    THERMOS: Cross the gas station and head left on the road until you come 
    to a dead end with a truck, a thermos and several Taken.
    NIGTHMARE MANUSCRIPT: Next to bathroom door, behind the station.
    SIGN: Deerfest Sign in the gas station shop.
    [G.2] EPISODE 2
    [G.2.1] NEW YORK
    THERMOS: In the design room, straight ahead as you enter the apartment.
    MANUSCRIPT (2): Both pages are in Alan's office, in the room down the hall.
    THERMOS, MANUSCRIPT: In the room across the lobby from the room you 
    start in.
    SIGN: Check the missing posters by the sheriff's office door.
    MANUSCRIPT: In the last cell (the only open one).
    THERMOS, RADIO: Across the parking area from where you exit the station.
    MANUSCRIPT: Behind the old truck that you have to check.
    SIGN: Columbian Mammoth to the left of the starting point.
    THERMOS: On the kitchen counter.
    THERMOS (2): At your cabin, one is on the kitchen counter and the othre 
    next to a hot tub out back.
    MANUSCRIPT: Behind a yellow truck by a dumpster.
    RADIO: At the first abandoned cabin.
    TV: In the second abandoned cabin.
    MANUSCRIPT: Turn right at the payphone, and follow the path up to a 
    lookout point.
    MANUSCRIPT: In the back of the abandoned car, just past the payphone.
    THERMOS: Check the cabin on your left just as you enter the area.
    MANUSCRIPT: On the stone ledge next to the steps of the park ranger 
    cabin's front porch.
    THERMOS: Check the base of a tree behind the park ranger's cabbin 
    (across the lot from the Visitor's centre).
    MANUSCRIPT: At the end of the hallway in the ranger's cabin (after 
    getting the key to it).
    MANUSCRIPT: On a log table at a lookout point just before the second set 
    of stairs.
    SIGN, CACHE: At the point where a sign to Lover's Peak points you to the 
    right, take a left into the Moonshine Cave first.
    MANUSCRIPT: After crossing the second bridge, you'll come to a path fork 
    where another Lover's Peak sign will point left. Take the right-hand 
    path instead, to find a picknick area.
    SIGN: Follow the path, you'll come to a giant tree with a man-sized hole 
    in it.
    THERMOS: At the generator, turn right and follow the cliff edge (with 
    the fence on your left).
    MANUSCRIPT: On the side of the path just after the generator, hard to miss.
    SIGN, THERMOS: Take a right at the barricaded wooden gate to reach a 
    historical tree ring.
    MANUSCRIPT: On a boulder right in front of you as you bypass the blocked 
    THERMOS: Check behind the map to the right of the entrance to Lover's Peak.
    CACHE: Turn left, and follow the cliff edge around the wooden beams.
    MANUSCRIPT: Along the path.
    MANUSCRIPT, CANS: Just after navigating past the traps, you'll come up 
    to a lone barrel.
    MANUSCRIPT, THERMOS: After going through some woods, you'll come to a 
    pair of shacks and a generator. Search around the generator and in the 
    CACHE: After dropping down from a ledge with a generator, take a right 
    and approach the plane. Use it's right wing to reach the chest.
    THERMOS: Reach the cliff edge overlooking the river, and follow it right 
    until it takes you up a steep crag overlooking the mill.
    [G.2.8] THE MILL
    MANUSCRIPT: Go out on a small balcony when you reach the second floor.
    MANUSCRIPT: Right in front of you after raising the platform and using 
    it to reach the third floor.
    THERMOS: In the third floor room.
    MANUSCRIPT: In the barn just after the mill, use the smaller chests to 
    get over the big crates.
    THERMOS: Check the table and emergency box just outside the trailer park 
    MANUSCRIPT: On the ground next to the ladies restroom sign.
    THERMOS: Turn right as you leave the trailer park and follow the road 
    until you hit a dead end.
    CACHE: When you reach the log truch in the middle of the road, get out 
    and go right to find a hut with the chest inside.
    CANS: Take a left at the first truck, and follow the path around to 
    reach a ligthed checkpoint.
    THERMOS: Get out at the second logging truck and look around it's left 
    side for a table.
    MANUSCRIPT: Inside the blocked-off tunnel, in front of a logging truck.
    NIGHTMARE MANUSCRIPT: In the middle of the road right in front of you as 
    you approach the cabin.
    CACHE: When you reach the cabin, go behind it and look for the chest.
    [G.3] EPISODE 3
    [G.3.1] TRAILER PARK
    THERMOS: Turn right at the crashed boat and look for a picknick table.
    THERMOS: On the counter in Rose's kitchen.
    MANUSCRIPT: On the ground in front of you as you leave Rose's trailer.
    RADIO: On some steps you pass on your way back to the car.
    MANUSCRIPT: On a piece of log along your path (after exiting the dry 
    MANUSCRIPT: Turn right when you reach the crashed cop car, and follow 
    the road to a dead end.
    THERMOS: Check the inside of the tower that you come to just after the 
    helicopter crash.
    THERMOS: On a rock behind the searchlight.
    RADIO: The first safe haven after getting the first few flashbang grenades.
    MANUSCRIPT: Turn right after crossing the wooden bridge where you are 
    attacked by four Taken.
    CACHE: At the place of the next ambush after the one on the bridge, 
    check the right side of the path for a pointer to the cache (follow the 
    small footpath into a cave).
    THERMOS: Check underneath the billboards outside the radio station.
    [G.3.3] GETTING AWAY
    MANUSCRIPT: Pinned to a wooden fence on the side of your path.
    MANUSCRIPT, THERMOS: From the safe haven, turn right and head into the 
    forest until you reach a cliff wall on your right, then follow it onto a 
    path taking you up a hill. About halfway up there will be a thermos on a 
    ledge overlooking the radio station, and then at the base of the radio 
    tower at the top you will find the manuscript page.
    CANS: After the ambush at the shack, check the other shack behind it. If 
    you've gotten all the can pyramids up to now, you will get the "Carny" 
    Achievement, but there will be a few more later in case you missed any.
    MANUSCRIPT: Check the road at the shack to find where it splits. Before 
    following your objective to the left, go right a bit to find the page.
    THERMOS: Check the shack on the right side of your path.
    MANUSCRIPT: On the right side of your path, before the next safe haven.
    MANUSCRIPT: On a tree stump at a junction, just after receiving a phone 
    CACHE: From the junction just after the phone call, follow the left-hand 
    [G.3.4] THE TRAIN YARD
    NIGHTMARE MANUSCRIPT: As you approach the water tower after crossing the 
    underside of the train bridge, look for the page on a tree stump on your 
    MANUSCRIPT: Next to the ladder under the water tower.
    THERMOS: Immedeately after dropping into the yard, turn right a bit and 
    you should see it in the distance.
    OTHER: The first part of the yard is a great place to get some indirect 
    kills for "Collateral Carnage". There are several explosive canisters here.
    TV: Second floor of the warehouse.
    MANUSCRIPT: On the railing of the balcony as you exit the warehouse.
    OTHER: Make sure you destroy the posessed bulldozer for "Heavy Metal" 
    THERMOS: Underneath the big metal container on the right of the gate.
    [G.3.5] TO THE MINE
    THERMOS: Stop the car before you go under the broken bridge, get out and 
    go throught the trees on the right. You will come to a red chair on a 
    cliff edge overlooking the valley.
    RADIO: Just after passing the broken bridge, there will be stairs on 
    your right leadin up to a shack.
    RADIO: Up a wooden tower on the right side of the road as you drive to 
    the mine.
    MANUSCRIPT: On the left side of the road, at the top of the stairs 
    inside a red mining tower.
    THERMOS: Check the mine entrance to the right of the main building.
    SIGN: Check the first sign on the left as you enter the parking lot.
    MANUSCRIPT: On the ground on your way into the mine.
    OTHER: This is the point where the timer for "Meet the Deadline" starts. 
    The Achievement is not difficult in itself, but not knowing the way and 
    trying to get all the collectibles and other items at the same time can 
    be tricky. I recommend playing through the chapter once slowly, getting 
    everything, and then doing a quick replay where you focus exclusively on 
    moving along as quickly as you can (not just for the Achievement, but 
    also to save your own, real-life time).
    THERMOS: Check the metal shelves next to the switch that opens the hatch.
    MANUSCRIPT: On the ground in front of you as you exit the building.
    OTHER: There are a lot of exploding barrels in the yard. Use them on 
    your way across to work towards the "Collateral Carnage".
    THERMOS, MANUSCRIPT: Look around the top floor of the second warehouse.
    MANUSCRIPT: On the left side of your path.
    CACHE, THERMOS: At the fork in the path, keep going straight (left-hand 
    path) and up the hill to check the abandoned mine entrance and the 
    broken bridge.
    THERMOS: The path will split again after crossing the small wooden 
    bridge, take the left side and make sure you check out the red shack.
    [G.3.7] GHOST TOWN
    NIGHTMARE MANUSCRIPT: On a rock in the opposite direction from the town 
    MANUSCRIPT: On the right side of the bridge leading into the ghost town.
    SIGN: In front of you as you cross the bridge.
    NIGHTMARE MANUSCRIPT: The first red shack on the left of the tracks.
    THERMOS: Turn right at the entrance and go between the red cabins after 
    crossing the bridge to find it in the last one.
    OTHER: To get "Iron Horse" Achievement, you must destroy all possesed 
    objects (parts of the locomotive) here.
    THERMOS: Behind the shack with the key in it.
    CACHE: At the point where you receive a text message, instead of turning 
    right and going up, approach the cliff edge in front and follow it to 
    the left.
    MANUSCRIPT: At the point where you hear whispers and the path splits, 
    take the left-hand path as far as it will go.
    MANUSCRIPT: On the ground in front of you as you drop off a ledge into a 
    THERMOS: On your left as you make your way along a path going down.
    MANUSCRIPT: When you exit the mine, turn right and take the stairs up to 
    the top of the hill. Climb the ladder to the top of the wood block.
    CANS: On the railing of the cable car station across the valley.
    SIGN: Next to the safe haven.
    THERMOS: Turn left immediately after crossing the suspension bridge and 
    check the cliff edge.
    CACHE: A bit down the path from the suspension bridge, there will be 
    markings on a tree and a rock on the left side of the path. Follow the 
    markings to the cache.
    MANUSCRIPT: On a rock on the right side of the path where you go around 
    the broken footbridge.
    THERMOS: Once you've made it through the ruined house, turn around and 
    check behind it on the right.
    MANUSCRIPT: On the wooden steps on your way to Mirror Peak.
    [G.4] EPISODE 4
    SIGN: Base of the big sundial outside.
    SIGN, THERMOS: At the main entrance door.
    SIGN: Across the hall from the dining room door.
    THERMOS: When going up the stairs to return to your room, at the landing 
    go right and all the way around to the window.
    MANUSCRIPT: On the ground at the top of the stairs.
    MANUSCRIPT, OTHER: After getting the key and going through the double 
    doors leading to Hartman's office, and enter the first door on the left. 
    Activate the tape recorder three times to get "Medical Opinions".
    THERMOS: Behind Barry.
    MANUSCRIPT, OTHER: The first room after getting past two bear statues 
    blocking a doorway. Turn on the TV to get "Boob Tube".
    THERMOS: Immediately after exiting the clinic, turn right and follow the 
    stone porch.
    SIGN: The base of the statue in the courtyard.
    MANUSCRIPT: On a stone at the base of a tree in the center of the hedgemaze.
    MANUSCRIPT: At the second open area (stone floor, a few benches and a 
    trashcan), take the left path to reach a lone bench.
    THERMOS: In the gazebo where the taken orderly appeared.
    MANUSCRIPT: At the next safe haven after fighting the orderly, check the 
    shack on the left.
    MANUSCRIPT, CANS: On the stone patio just after the possessed gate and 
    CACHE: From the save haven after the possessed gate, go right and follow 
    the cliff edge.
    THERMOS: Right in front of you as you ascend the steps from the 
    rectangular pool of water.
    MANUSCRIPT: From the top of the stairs, follow the patio to the left.
    [G.4.4] TO THE FARM
    THERMOS: At the spot where the path turns left and a tree falls in front 
    of you, keep going straight forward. The thermos is on the top of the 
    wooden steps, protected by possessed objects which you have to avoid.
    MANUSCRIPT: Follow the train tracks into the tunnel.
    MANUSCRIPT: On the ground in front of you on your way to the generator 
    to pass the posessed gates.
    THERMOS: At the campsite with tents.
    MANUSCRIPT: On a rock on the side of the path after meeting the bright 
    MANUSCRIPT: On the ground in front of the ruined building with the 
    THERMOS: Around the side of the ruined house and on the second floor, on 
    a window sill.
    THERMOS: On the first floor of the cabin with Danny & Walters.
    MANUSCRIPT: After leaving the cabin throught the broken window, go 
    around to the front of the cabin and check the porch.
    CACHE: Befor entering the blue pickup, go down into the basement of the 
    THERMOS: After the first curve of the road, there will be an old 
    tracktor on the right side of the road.
    CACHE, RADIO: At the first T-junction in the road, take the road 
    forwards and check the house on the left, then follow the road to a wood 
    THERMOS: At the first T-junction, take the right-hand path, and drive 
    for a little bit until you see a lone rock on the right side of the 
    road. Get out, and go past the rock to find a tracktor with a tree stump 
    next to it.
    CACHE: After leaving the car and dropping from the road onto the field, 
    check the barn in the distance and to the left.
    NIGHTMARE MANUSCRIPT: After leaving the car and dropping from the road 
    onto the field, reach the barn in the distance and to the left, and then 
    go past it and left some more, to reach a small outhouse.
    THERMOS: Check the seats on your left as you near the stage.
    [G.4.5] THE STAGE
    OTHER: The stage fight is your opportunity to get a lot of the combat 
    achievments -- the stage has revolver + ammo, hunting rifle ammo, 
    shotgun + ammo, flares & flashbangs. If you get lucky, you might also 
    manage the "Two for the price of one" achievment since the Taken come in 
    crowds. Don't forget to restart from checkpoint if at any point you drop 
    to critical health state to get the "Child of the Elder God" Achievement 
    in the end.
    THERMOS: In front of Barry.
    MANUSCRIPT: Before going through the hole in the wire fence after the 
    stage fight, turn right and check the back corner of the stage.
    MANUSCRIPT: Befor entering the barn, go right and across the field to 
    find a tracktor and a wagon behind it.
    THERMOS: TV right in front as you enter the barn.
    THERMOS: Check behind/under the stairs leading up.
    MANUSCRIPT: In front of you as you make your way around the second floor.
    SIGN: On the second floor of the barn, check the poster past the green 
    CANS: Don't forget to use the electric wires for indirect kills, and 
    check the wooden cable reel on the left of the second one for a can pyramid.
    THERMOS: Behind the large Taken that attacks you on your way up the silo.
    RADIO: The next floor after being attacked by the large taken.
    THERMOS (2): In the farmhouse, check the door on the right and the kitchen.
    MANUSCRIPT: On the ground at the top of the stairs, on your way to the 
    fuse box.
    [G.5] EPISODE 5
    MANUSCRIPT: 2 pages on the ground in front of the cell.
    THERMOS: Behind the reception counter.
    THERMOS, CACHE: From the point where the Deerfest float goes by, first 
    cross the road and check the booth for a thermos, then follow the road 
    to the right for a chest.
    CACHE: On your way to Bright's Diner, there will be a building to the 
    right with a lighted wall saying "Fresh Seafood: Fish & Shrimp". Follow 
    it round to the left and up the stairs.
    THERMOS, MANUSCRIPT, OTHER: Enter and check the Bright's Diner when you 
    reach it. Inside you will find the collectibles and the jukebox for 
    "Drink 'Em Both Up".
    MANUSCRIPT, THERMOS: When the sheriff goes left and shouts about light, 
    keep following the road to a dead end.
    THERMOS: On a table on your left as you go through the wooden gate that 
    Sarah unlocks.
    [G.5.3] TOWN HALL
    NOTE: Make sure you pick up everything you want before you pick up the 
    keys. You will be locked out of the hall the moment you pick the keys up.
    TV, CACHE: Upstairs.
    MANUSCRIPT: To the left of the stairs.
    THERMOS: In the small kitchen behind Mayor's office.
    SNIGN: The statue in the tiny park.
    THERMOS: On your right as you enter the bookstre.
    SIGN: Alex Casey book ad on the wall on the right side of the shop.
    MANUSCRIPT: On a table.
    CACHE: As you leave the bookstore, check the building on your left.
    THERMOS: As you move away from the bookstore, check the playground on 
    your right.
    MANUSCRIPT: At the back of the yellow truck to the right of the church.
    SIGN: The sign in front of the church.
    MANUSCRIPT: On the pulpit inside the church.
    THERMOS: The far left corner of the church basement.
    MANUSCRIPT: On a wooden lookout point on your way up the hill (after 
    THERMOS: To the left of the helipad.
    THERMOS: Grassy patch around where you land.
    THERMOS: Behind the pile of cement pipes in the first building.
    CACHE: Go left after dropping into the transformer yard.
    OTHER: The transformer yard is a great place to add indirect kills for 
    the "Collateral Carnage" Achievement. There are a lot of electric wires 
    and you can use your weapons (especiall shotgun) to push the Taken into 
    them (the darkness protects Taken from being hurt by bullets, but not 
    from being pushed back by them).
    MANUSCRIPT: Check the furthest left corner in the area with the 
    transformers, after going through the small metallic gate.
    THERMOS: After crossing the last bit of the transformers (where two 
    Taken attack you from both sides), check on your right.
    MANUSCRIPT: On a red chair in front of you as you leave the transformer 
    yard from atop a container.
    NIGHTMARE MANUSCRIPT: On the ground next to a yellow bus in the bunch of 
    vehicles on your left as you reach the road to the bridge.
    SIGN: Sign in front of the rotating bride, on the right side of the road.
    THERMOS: Outside the bridge control shack.
    TV, THERMOS: Inside the bridge cotrol shack after crossing the bridge.
    CACHE: When the chopper leaves after helping you out, go down to the 
    waterside on your right and follow it up to the wall of the power plant.
    [G.5.8] POWER PLANT
    THERMOS: The far left corner of the parking lot, where the guard's booth is.
    SIGN: To the right of the plant entrance door.
    THERMOS: Inside Weaver's room.
    NIGHTMARE MANUSCRIPT: After going through the metal gate (that only 
    opens after you've talked to Weaver), turn left and follow the path 
    around the outside of the fence.
    SIGN: To the left of the floodgate switches.
    CANS: At the end of the floodgate puzzle.
    MANUSCRIPT: On the ground in front of you as you follow the objective 
    after leaving the pipe.
    NIGHTMARE MANUSCRIPT: At the spot where you're attacked by birds, there 
    is a log across the chasm. The page is on it.
    CACHE: After finding Sarah and Barry, look behind the red barn (using 
    the uphill ledge on its left).
    THERMOS: Inside the huge piece of pipe before the elevator.
    THERMOS: Check the cliff edge on your right as you exit the elevator.
    SIGN: Next to the button that you have to hold to open.
    MANUSCRIPT: On a rock on the other side of the fence that the posessed 
    cable reels break so you can cross it.
    THERMOS: While crossing the dam and running from a tornado, check your 
    right at the bottom of the spiral metal stairs.
    [G.6] EPISODE 6
    [G.6.1] ON THE WAY
    THERMOS: On a table behind you at the parking lot where you start on 
    your way to the lake.
    SIGN: The motel sign at the next parking lot.
    CACHE: Through the first logging yard, following the path until you 
    reach a small shack.
    THERMOS: When you reach the first tunnel, check the barn to the left of 
    the road.
    MANUSCRIPT: In the middle of the road as you exit the first tunnel.
    NIGHTMARE MANUSCRIPT: On the bench your right as you enter the Majestico 
    THERMOS: In the Majestico motel's small lobby toilet.
    SIGN: General information board in the Majestico lobby.
    CANSO: On a ledge in the middle of the Majestico parking lot.
    NIGHTMARE MANUSCRIPT: On the left side of the field where you battle the 
    possessed car and some Taken is a barn with a light shining out of the 
    door. The page is upstairs.
    THERMOS: Past the garage-barn is a house with a thermos on it's porch.
    MANUSCRIPT: At the end of the second tunnel.
    SIGN, MANUSCRIPT: At the spot where the road is blocked and you have to 
    go up a dirt path on the right, check the wire fence to the left of the 
    entrance and go down the road past the barriers until it ends.
    left of the locked gate. There's a chest behind the building, a sign on 
    the door, a thermos inside, a page on a table upstairs and a can pyramid 
    on the balcony.
    THERMOS: After opening the gate, before going over the ramp, get out and 
    search some wood pallets to the right.
    MANUSCRIPT: At the safe haven before climbing a ladder to reach a generator.
    CACHE: To the left of the first safe haven that you reach by car is a 
    broken bridge and a small hut with the chest inside.
    THERMOS: In the area where the water tower is destroyed, check the 
    second house on the right.
    MANUSCRIPT: In the chapel ruins (the last house on the top of the hill).
    CACHE: Instead of going up the ladder, go through and past the safe 
    haven and check the area at the bottom of the struts.
    THERMOS: After you've climbed the ladder and pushed another cart out of 
    your way, check the spot where the the track turn to the right.
    THERMOS: Around the spot where you see a ship fall out of the sky, check 
    the old train cart.
    [G.6.5] MINING CAMP
    CACHE: After climbing the wooden steps, you'll have to go through a 
    wooden house on the right.
    THERMOS: Once you've gone throught the wooden house and dropped into the 
    camp, check behind the tall metal-plated silo.
    NIGHTMARE MANUSCRIPT: Behind the old generator that you have to activate.
    MANUSCRIPT: Right in front of you as you ascend in the small elevator 
    THERMOS: Shine your light on the word "thermos" behind the couch.

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