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"When playing this game, I had a hard time staying awake"

Alan Wake sufferers from repetitive gameplay and a lackluster story.

The game does look good though. The environments are clear and I never came across any issues with texture pop-ins that some people have. However, character models are a different story. Lip syncing is off and they just look 'last-gen.'

There is also some decent voice acting, especially from the lead character, Alan Wake. Gunshots and footsteps sound great too.

Now, your probably wondering why I have said mostly good things about Alan Wake so far, yet have only given it a 3. Well, I don't know about you, but for me, the 2 most important things in ANY video game are Gameplay and Story. The two areas where Alan Wake is lacking.

Lets start with the story. Your a horror writer, named Alan Wake, who is suffering from a writers block, and you go on vacation with your wife, Alice to a place called Bright Falls.Not all goes to plan and Alice goes missing. You have to find her. I hated the story for the following 4 reasons:

1. Alan Wake is an unlikeable character. He's hot-headed, angry and can't run more than 5 yards without running out of breath. In a video game, the main character needs to be likable, especially when the game is named after him. I also felt disconnected to the character. When you pause the game to check your objectives, it says things like 'Wake needs to go here, Wake needs to do this' instead of 'YOU need to go here, YOU need to do this.' On the box is says Alan Wake a 'Psychological Action Thriller.' Alan is going through the 'Psychological' and 'Thriller' parts. Your just left to play the really repetitive action sequences. (More on these soon.)

2. Alice is an unlikable character. She's clingy, whiny and annoying. In a video game, the damsel is distress must be some one who you actually want to rescue. I didn't care what happened to Alice, at all.

3. Manuscript pages. They are these pages which you collect and can read. They tell you what's going to happen next. It's not surprising when you read madman with an axe is going to try and kill you and five minutes later, it happens. You can read them after you've completed the game but you already know what has happened, so what's the point?

4. The ending is really confusing.

Now, onto the gameplay. In short, It's really boring and really repetitive. You can't just shoot the enemies. You need to get rid of the darkness around them by shining your torch on them first. This is fun is the 1st level, but soon becomes tedious. The fact that Alan Wake mostly takes place in the same forest just makes it more repetitive.

Buy or Rent? Neither. If you MUST play it, rent it. I completed it in 8 hours on Hard mode.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 07/06/10, Updated 07/07/10

Game Release: Alan Wake (EU, 05/14/10)

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