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"Five years for this?"

Alan Wake was first announced at the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo (aka E3), the game looked new, fresh, original & interesting. In terms of first appearances, Remedy Entertainment did everything right, but as most people will know, first appearances can be deceiving. Very deceiving. Alan Wake had just about everything going right for it, it look interesting & was developed by Remedy Entertainment (responsible for the great game series Max Payne), so what went wrong?

Well, like all my reviews I'll start with the good points.

The graphics. Graphics are very nice, textures are smooth, lighting & shadow are also good. No complaints about the graphics.

The controls. The controls are simple & easy to use. The analog stick controls Alan's movement, A is to jump, B is to interact, X to reload your weapon, Y is to change batteries, LT to Aim, RT to fire, LB to sprint & dodge, RB to throw. Very simple & easy to use, which I like. There's nothing worse than when games have confusing & hard to use controls.

Now onto the bad things.

The story. You will either love or hate the story. Me? I hate it. Now, maybe I'm just a bit simple but, the story is too confusing & over complected. The basic story is this, best-selling writer Alan Wake's wife Alice disappears on their vacation, upon searching for her, he finds pages from a book he doesn't even recall writing. Now, it's starts off good, but like I said before, it just ends up getting confusing & complected for little brains such as mine. I'd go into detail with the problems, but I want to keep this review to something you can read in around five minutes, not five hours.

You need DLC to really finish the story. Now, here's something hilarious, you've worked your little fingers to the bone to finish the game, you get ready to enjoy the ending cutscene that's going to wrap everything up...right? WRONG! Instead you get some unsatisfying open-ended cutscene, & find out you need the DLC to continue the story! If that wasn't bad enough, there's two parts of DLC, each costing 560 MS points! What the **** Remedy!?

Gameplay. Gameplay is...boring. Go here. Talk to him/interact with this. Kill the enemies. Repeat. I know this is a story-driven game, but the gameplay is really dull & repetitive. Fighting enemies feels like a tedious chore, in order to kill enemies you have to shine your torch on them first to weaken them, then shoot them. It gets very tedious & old, fast. You will probably find yourself trying to avoid combat whenever you can, simply because it's not very fun.

Overall, Alan Wake is really boring. The story is confusing & over complected, & the gameplay is repetitive & just not very fun. It's not the worst game out there, there's far worse, but there's also far better games you could be playing. I'm perhaps being too harsh on this game, because the story didn't capture me, & at its core its story is really the selling point, as it's a story-driven game. Also the fact that it took five years to make, & looked so interesting back in 2005, really didn't help. I'll give it a 3/10. Rent it (if you must).

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 01/04/11

Game Release: Alan Wake (EU, 05/14/10)

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