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"This is a masterpiece."

Let me start off by saying that I decided to buy my Xbox 360 because of this game. I had only seen the trailer and felt immediatly in love with it. Now, after playing many, many more games on my console, it still stands as my favourite. Let me share my thoughts on it, if you don't mind.

Graphics: A+

In one of the first scenes of the game, you come into the town of Bright Falls on a ferry boat. The beauty of the graphics litterally explode into your face at that moment. I was so impressed, that I stayed on the boat, just looking around and getting immersed in the game because of the graphics. As the game progressed, the quality of the graphics never dipped below the level of amazing. The forest was so alive and well done that it became some kind of character for me.

Music: A

The in-game music is atmospheric and totally in-tuned with the story. The moments of tension were always made better because of the music. And of course, their is the chapter ending songs. They were all superb. But the real star of the show is by far The Poet and The Muse. This song is my favourite coming from a video game. It represents the story of Alan Wake so very well.

Characters: A

Alan Wake is a great leading character. I really felt his loss and his pains. I have felt a connection with him that made me think about his adventures even when I was away for the game. The supporting crew is just amazing. Every character that has some lines of dialogues is well though out and they feel different and real at the same time. The Coconut Song episode, to me, represents this perfectly. And the voice-acting (in french for me) was top-notch,.

Gameplay: A+

Almost perfect if you ask me. The taking down of the Taken never got old. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire time. This game is intense. Alan controls flawlessly and the control response is spot-on. Their is just enough ammo and batteries to keep you on the edge. The exploration is always tense because the Taken are out in force. You can also drive around and again, the controls are thight.


It's pretty obvious that I love this game. In an era where the FPS are kings (and I do Hate them), Alan Wake gives me hope for the future of gaming. It proves that survival-horror can be very well done with an intelligent story and strong, yet fragile, main character. I highly recommend this game to all. I have not played the two DLC's that were released after, but it gives me hope for a sequel. Enjoy!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/25/11

Game Release: Alan Wake (US, 05/18/10)

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