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    Weapon Upgrade FAQ by Supercircus

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 04/07/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

             ______                 __    
            |   _  \  .---.-..----.|  |--.
            |.  |   \ |  _  ||   _||    < 
            |.  |    \|___._||__|  |__|__|
            |:  |    /                    
            |::.. . /                     
            `------'     : Weapon Upgrade Location FAQ V. 1.5
                           by Supercircus              
          _______               __                
         |   _   |.-----..----.|  |_ .-----..----.
         |   |___||  -__||  __||   _||  _  ||   _|
         |____   ||_____||____||____||_____||__|  
         |:  |   |                                
         |::.. . |                                
                                         .  .                   
                                   . .78DD,$7I++~~:=.           
                              .INDMNDMN$  .788OOO8ZOOZZON..    
       .                     ?NNNNMNMM                 :ZO$O.. 
      .O                    NNNMDMMM                        7...
      ~8.                    MDM8NM                            .
      8D?                      8NM                              
      ND?.                     DON.                             
      DZ=~.                    D8D.                             
      IZN:.                  .,NNM. =I,.                      
      .88+~                  MNNMMM  M8= .                      
       8ON?,.               NNDDMNNNNNN$$                       
       ZDZ$?.              NNMMMMO7MNNMMM8.                     
        DD8$?..           DDNNMM     MMDDN.                     
         88DZ7..          NNZMN8     MNMONM.                    
          DO8I=          .M  ?NN+.. MNNNM=Z$7.   N?.            
          Z8O87.            MNNDNNNMN:..~NNN?8DZIDN.            
           ,8DZDNM=      :MMO8NDNDMNNN?+    MNONMDNZ            
             ODDMMMNMMMNMMO8NZ8NDN8ODDD.     .MMNDDM           
               NDDM$MNM888Z                   ONMMDM            
                 IDDDON8O                      NMMDN            
                    8DDD8.                     MM8N$            
                        $                      :DNN.            
    Upgrade Descriptions. . . . . . .[DES00]
    	Clip Extender...................[DES02]
    	Double Shot.....................[DES03]
    	Enferon Shells..................[DES04]
    	Fire Power......................[DES05]
    	Fire Rate.......................[DES06]
    	Reload Speed....................[DES08]
    	Stopping Power..................[DES09]
    	Upgrade Slots...................[DES10]
    Upgrade Locations. . . . . . . . [LCN00]
    	Chapter 01......................[LCN01]
    	Chapter 02......................[LCN02]
    	Chapter 03......................[LCN03]
    	Chapter 04......................[LCN04]
    	Chapter 05......................[LCN05]
    	Chapter 06......................[LCN06]
    	Chapter 07......................[LCN07]
    	Chapter 08......................[LCN08]
    	Chapter 09......................[LCN09]
    	Chapter 10......................[LCN10]
    Upgrade-Related Achievements............[ACV00]
    Contact Info............................[CNT00]
    Before we start, let's go over some points of
    interest concerning Weapon Upgrades in the PS3/
    Xbox 360 game Dark Sector :
    Applying Upgrades__________________________
    You can apply Upgrades to weapons at Black 
    Markets. Upgrades cost nothing and can be 
    applied to any weapon as long as the weapon 
    has open Upgrade slots available. You can 
    apply the same type of Upgrade to a weapon 
    as many times as you want, or you can switch 
    it up for some fun.
    Finding Black Markets______________________
    You'll find your first Black Market at the
    beginning of Chapter 4. From then on every
    Black Market appears as a manhole with a glim-
    mering cover. Stand on them and a prompt will
    pop up that will allow you to access the Black
    Upgrades are Permanent!____________________
    Once you apply an Upgrade, it cannot be removed,
    so choose wisely.
    Find Each Upgrade Before Proceeding!_______
    You should try to be sure you've found an Up-
    grade before proceeding further into the 
    chapter. Going through doors with prompts,
    jumping down sections, entering cutscenes, and
    going in elevators are all a one-way trip. If
    you miss an Upgrade and one of these occcurs,
    the Upgrade is lost unless you restart the
      (, /    )                ,         ,            
        /    /  _  _   _  __    __  _/_    _____   _  
      _/___ /__(/_/_)_(__/ (__(_/_)_(___(_(_) / (_/_)_
    (_/___ /                 .-/                      
                            (_/      [DES00]      
    Decreases recoil and spread of fire. You'll 
    get less of that nasty kick-back that sends
    your crosshair flying. Each upgrade will
    reduce recoil by twenty-five percent.
    Clip Extender____________________[DES02]____
    Expands clip capacity for more shots between
    reloads. Each Upgrade applied will increase the
    clip size by twenty-five percent.
    Double Shot______________________[DES03]____
    Fire secondary bullet on each shot. In other
    words, one tap of the trigger shoots twice
    the bullets. Will double the amount of damage
    a gun can dish out, but keep an eye on your
    ammunition. Best used with Clip Extender
    Enferon Shells____________________[DES04]____
    Coats enemies in clouds of Enferon gas. When
    you apply this Upgrade, your weapon will have
    an increased fire power of ten against Tech-
    nocyte enemies, but no damage bonus against
    normal troopers. You'll notice a brown gas
    cloud where you aim the weapon, be careful
    not to get caught in it, since Enferon affects
    you as well.
    Fire Power________________________[DES05]____
    Increases weapon damage. Each Upgrade applied
    will increase the power of a gun by twenty-
    five percent. Best used with Fire Rate Upgrades.
    Fire Rate_________________________[DES06]____
    Increases rate of fire. Each Upgrade applied 
    reduces the amount of time between shots by
    twenty-five percent. Best used with Clip Ex-
    tender and Fire Power Upgrades.
    Shots travel through flesh targets to strike 
    beyond. With this upgrade you can shoot through
    enemies and hit enemies behind them. Each
    Upgrade applied allows the bullet to travel 
    through one more enemy. 
    Reload Speed______________________[DES08]____
    Reduces reload time. Each Upgrade applied will
    reduce the amount of time it takes to reload
    a gun by twenty-five percent.
    Stopping Power____________________[DES09]____
    Bullets have increased chance to knock down 
    enemies. These Upgrades help immensely when
    faced with swarms of Technocytes, since a downed
    enemy is one that can't attack. Each Upgrade
    applied increases the chance of knocking down
    an enemy by twenty-five percent.
    Upgrade Slots_____________________[DES10]____
    Increases available number of upgrades. Each 
    time you apply this, you get one added upgrade
    slot to the weapon. This Upgrade does not 
    actually take up any slots.              
     ___/__)             ,            
    (, /   ____  _  _/_    _____   _  
      /   (_)(__(_(_(___(_(_) / (_/_)_
            )                         [LCN00]                 
    \__________Chapter 1 : Prologue___[LCN01]______\
    None! So go blow up that helicopter already.
    \__________Chapter 2 : Exposure___[LCN02]______\
    1. (Fire-Rate)
    After blowing up the door with C4, enter the 
    building and look straight ahead. Use the Glaive 
    to fetch the Upgrade from across the gap.
    2. (Fire Power)
    After the Colossus retreats, exit the warehouse
    and go to the right. Use the Glaive to fetch
    the Upgrade from the second story of the tower.
    \_____Chapter 3 : Baggage Claim___[LCN03]______\
    3. (Accuracy)
    After using the Power Throw for the first time,
    enter the tent with the radio transmission playing.
    It's sitting on the table.
    4. (Fire Power)
    In the room where you first need to use elec-
    tricity, look behind the power generator
    (circular thing) and the Upgrade is sitting on the
    5. (Double Shot)
    Before entering the elevator (small square space 
    with caging around it), search the room to find
    the Upgrade, also on the floor.
    6. (Clip Extender)
    After obtaining AfterTouch and eliminating the
    enemies, go into the small structure in the middle
    of the area and descend down the stairs. The
    Upgrade is behind some boxes.
    \___Chapter 4 : Moths to the Flame___[LCN04]___\
    7. (Puncture)
    In the area with the fountain and electrical
    poles, where you fight Lasrian troops (with one
    high in a building), pass the turret and go to the
    entrance of the school but DO NOT GO IN. Turn
    around and look down a ways to find an alcove
    to the left with a door surrounded by caution
    tape and cones. The Upgrade is sitting on
    the left side on the ground.
    8. (Reload Speed)
    On the ground level of the courtyard with the
    gas burning in the middle, search the outer
    walkway to find the Upgrade sitting on the floor.
    9. (Fire-Rate)
    After the Colossus lays the beat down on the Lasrian
    troops (the area with a slope leading up to it),
    go behind the tents in the corner to find this
    10. (Stopping Power)
    In the area where you first use a machine gun turret,
    go to the far end of the walkway the turret is on.
    The Upgrade is nudged up against the short wall. 
    11. (Accuracy)
    Instead of walking too far forward, go immediately 
    left as you enter the attic with dead bodies. The 
    Upgrade is behind the wall of planks. Use the 
    Glaive to get it.
    12. (Fire-Rate)
    Immediately after you are tossed out of the building,
    search to your left and behind. This Upgrade is on
    the ground.
    13. (Enferon Shells)
    In the area with the ruined building in the center
    and no enemies, search near a statue in the building,
    the Upgrade is sitting on a stone table.
    14. (Reload Speed)
    In the building after the graveyard with the 
    circular room and torch, where you must turn 
    a valve. After turning the valve look directly
    behind you.
    15. (Puncture)
    Before entering the Colossus fight, in the area
    before the church with multiple things on fire,
    search behind a planter to find the Upgrade
    on the ground.
    16. (Upgrade Slots)
    Right as the timer starts after the cutscene, run
    to the room on your right. The Upgrade is on a
    table, so retrieve it quickly, exit the room,
    and escape before the timer runs out.
    17. (Clip Extender)
    Sitting on a metal case in front of where you
    start, right after jumping down from the corridor
    after escaping from the C4.
    \______Chapter 5 : The Shipment___[LCN05]______\
    18. (Double Shot)
    In the area above the deck of the freighter, jump
    down and turn to the right. Behind the wall of
    crates is the Upgrade, sitting on the ground.
    19. (Fire Power)
    In the room with the caged dog-like Technocytes,
    turn to your left as you come in and search the
    corner to find the Upgrade.
    20. (Upgrade Slot)
    When you reach the top of the stairs, instead of
    running out the doorway and escaping off the ship,
    turn right and run up a second flight of stairs 
    to find the Upgrade sitting on the ground at
    the top.
    \_________Chapter 6 : The Bait___[LCN06]_______\
    21. (Accuracy)
    In the area where you first meet the projectile
    enemies, there is an Upgrade sitting on a table
    in a tent. If you enter the tent, enemies will
    attack you, so instead, before reaching the tent,
    use the Glaive to retrieve the Upgrade from the
    opening and then bypass the tent altogether.
    22. (Enferon Shells)
    In the room with the hole and leaking pipe in
    the center, look around the hole to find the
    Upgrade on a table.
    23. (Stopping Power)
    In the area where you first fight the heavy trooper,
    look on the right, raised walkway. The Upgrade is
    sitting on the first bench.
    \__Chapter 7 : Industrial Evolution___[LCN07]__\
    24. (Fire Power)
    After using the ice to freeze away the webbing,
    go into the next area where the zombie-like
    Technocytes attack and onto the train car in
    front of where you entered.
    25. (Stopping Power)
    In the area where the stealthing and projectile
    Technocytes attack, where there is a large frozen
    cooler to nab ice from on a train car, run to
    the end of the area and then turn right and go
    down the space between the train cars. The Upgrade
    is on the floor at the end of the space.
    26. (Upgrade Slots)
    Right after using AfterTouch to open a gate with
    electricity, enter the next area and look 
    directly above you through a grated walkway.
    The Upgrade is sitting on the walkway, so use
    the Glaive to get it.
    27. (Puncture)
    In the outside area with the train tracks 
    and stealth/projectile Technocytes (the area 
    has a slight left curve and fire at the end), there 
    is a machine sitting next to some coolant 
    canisters. The Upgrade is sitting in an open space 
    on the machine.
    28. (Clip Extender)
    In the area where you vault over the rails to the 
    machine gun turret. After eliminating the enemies,
    go to the far corner that the turret faces, and use 
    the Glaive to fetch the Upgrade on the ground.
    29. (Double Shot)
    When you enter the area with the large statue and 
    no enemies, look under a truck to spot the Upgrade. 
    Use the Glaive to get it.
    30. (Stopping Power)
    In the room with very large generators and pipes
    running along the floor, where stealth/projectile
    Technocytes attack you. You start on a very tall
    walkway and must walk down stairs to get the enemies
    to spawn. After eliminating them, go back up the
    stairs to the tall walkway and look at a balcony
    across from you. The Upgrade is sitting on the edge
    of it so use the Glaive to get it.
    \___Chapter 8 : Unnatural History___[LCN08]____\
    31. (Accuracy)
    In the very first long hallway before the 
    showers, the Upgrade is sitting in the first room 
    on the right side. 
    32. (Clip Extender)
    In the two-storied, large office area, defeat all 
    the enemies and then go to ground level. Look for 
    the Upgrade behind the curved desk in the center.
    33. (Fire Power)
    In the room where multiple stealthing Technocytes
    attack, there are examination tables strewn across
    the left side of the room. Use the Glaive the nab
    the Upgrade that's sitting on one of them.
    34. (Reload Speed)
    In the first area after obtaining the Proto-Armor,
    where you fight a horde of Technocytes, look 
    on the left side of the area and the Upgrade is
    sitting on a cart about mid-way down the side.
    35. (Enferon Shells)
    In the area where you zap two security turrets 
    and then fight off Lasrian troopers, there is a
    hallway on the right side. Follow it to find the 
    Upgrade on a table.
    \___Chapter 9 : Threshold Guardian___[LCN09]___\
    36. (Fire-Rate)
    In the first area of the chapter, after walking up
    some wooden planks and into the winding stone pathways
    (Where two shield troopers attack you). Do not enter 
    the building; instead turn left and search the 
    alcove to find the Upgrade.
    37. (Fire Power)
    On the bridge area where the zombie-like Tech-
    nocytes attack, look to the left of the bridge 
    down into the water before the turn. There is a 
    boat washed up on the rocks, and in it is the 
    Upgrade. Use the Glaive to get it and take a moment 
    to enjoy your achievement.
    \____Chapter 10 : The Dark Sector___[LCN10]____\
    None! Didn't you realize this when you got the
    achievement in the last chapter? :P
      (, /  |     /)   ,                                
        /---|  _ (/       _ _ _   _ ___    _ __  _/_ _  
     ) /    |_(__/ )__(__(/_(/___(/_// (__(/_/ (_(__/_)_
    ***A Quick Thing To Note***
    When working on these achievements, note that 
    the requirements for each must be met in one 
    playthrough. For example, you must find ALL 
    Upgrades in the SAME playthrough if you want the 
    Master Researcher achievement. You CANNOT just 
    find half the upgrades in one playthrough and 
    half in another, because they DO NOT carry over.
    The same goes for the other achievements - don't
    just apply three Upgrades in one playthrough and
    two in another, and don't just find seven Upgrades
    in one playthrough and three in another, because 
    you will not get the achievements.
    Requirement : Apply 5 Upgrades
    Description : To get this achievement just apply
    any five Upgrades to any gun. It doesn't have to
    be the same gun or the same type of Upgrade.  
    Requirement : Find 10 Weapon Upgrades
    Description : Just find any ten Upgrades at any
    point in the game.                                 
    Master Researcher_____________________15G_______
    Requirement : Find all Weapon Upgrades
    Description : To get this achievement you'll need
    to find all thirty-seven Upgrades in the game on a
    single playthrough.
              ______)                     /  
             (, /  /)          /)        /   
               /  (/   _  __  (/_  _    /    
            ) /   / )_(_(_/ (_/(__/_)_ o     
    \_______Copyright and Thanks___[END00]_________\
    Well my first FAQ and I didn't even do all of the
    work. :P OVER NINE THOUSAAAAND thanks to the
    awesome Kenny/Otakufreak907 for helping me with
    the descriptions and types of upgrades, and
    especially for gunning through the game not
    once, but twice in a row with me over the course
    of a day. NOW ON TO ONLINE!
    And of course a shout-out to the P3 Chat who
    waited long hours with me for this game to be
    Additional thanks to Mud Magic and Glass Giant
    for the ASCII generators. 
    And a final thanks to Digital Extremes and all 
    its hard-working members for all they've done in 
    this ambitious project. The wait was long, but it
    was more than worth it and I can only hope you guys 
    have found the same satisfaction in completing 
    this game as countless will find playing it. 
    Can't wait for the sequel! ;D
    Now the fun legal stuff:
    Copyright (C) 2008 Supercircus
    All rights reserved.
    Material in this document is protected by copyright. 
    The copyright owner is Supercircus. You may not make 
    alterations or additions to the material in this 
    document, or sell it or misappropriate it. Material 
    may be downloaded or copied for personal use. However, 
    appropriate acknowledgment of the copyright owner is 
    required if material is re-published in any format.
    Except for the above reasons, no part of the materials 
    available in this document may be copied, photocopied, 
    reproduced, translated or reduced to any electronic 
    medium or machine-readable form, in whole or in part, 
    without prior written consent of Supercirus. Any other re-
    production in any form without the permission of 
    Supercircus is prohibited. Distribution for commercial
    purposes is prohibited.
    Written requests are warmly welcomed for reprint, 
    syndication or other permission and should be e-mailed to: 
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this 
    document are owned by their respective trademark and 
    copyright holders.
    Currently this guide should only be hosted on:
    Please contact me if you see this FAQ being hosted
    elsewhere then the sites listed here.
    \____________Contact Info___[CNT00]____________\
    Have anything to add to or correct in the FAQ?
    Want to point out typos, or in need of better
    descriptions? Have any questions? E-mail me at:
    I'm always up for improving this guide, and you
    can help make that happen!

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