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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CAHowell

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/29/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                       PPPPPPPPPP    RRRRRR     EEEEEEE    Y   Y
                       P        P    R     R    E           Y Y
                       P        P    R     R    E            Y
                       P        P    RRRRRR     E            Y
                       PPPPPPPP      R  R       EEEEEEE      Y
                       P             R   R      E            Y
                       P             R    R     E            Y
                       P             R     R    E            Y
                       P             R      R   EEEEEEE      Y
                             F A Q  /  W A L K T H R O U G H
                                 V E R S I O N  1 . 2
                              *LAST UPDATED ON: 7/29/2006
                               Written by: Jason Howell
                               Email; Howellgames@gmail.com
      |                                                                           |
      |                           A1. Table of Contents                           |
             |Name of Section                                   |Search Number |
             |__________________________________________________|_____________ |
             |TABLE OF CONTENTS.................................|...........A1 |
             |VERSION HISTORY...................................|...........B1 |
             |THE BASICS........................................|...........C1 |
             |-Tommy, the Hero..................................|...........C2 |
             |                                                  |              |
             |WALKTHROUGH.......................................|...........D1 |
             |                                                  |              |
             |  -Last Call......................................|...........D2 |
             |  -Escape Velocity................................|...........D3 |
             |  -Downward Spiral................................|...........D4 |
             |  -Rites of Passage...............................|...........D5 |
             |  -Second Chances.................................|...........D6 |
             |  -All Fall Down..................................|...........D7 |
             |  -Crash Landing..................................|...........D8 |
             |  -Sacrifices.....................................|...........D9 |
             |  -There are Others...............................|...........DA |
             |  -Guiding Fires..................................|...........DB |
             |  -The Old Tribes.................................|...........DC |
             |  -Hidden Agenda..................................|...........DE |
             |  -Jen............................................|...........DF |
             |  -The Dark Harvest...............................|...........DG |
             |  -Following Her..................................|...........DH |
             |  -The Complex....................................|...........DI |
             |  -Ascent.........................................|...........DJ |
             |  -Center of Gravity..............................|...........DK |
             |  -Resolutions....................................|...........DL |
             |  -Oath of Vengeance..............................|...........DM |
             |  -Facing the Enemy...............................|...........DN |
             |  -Mother's Embrace...............................|...........DO |
             |                                                  |              |
             |WEAPONS...........................................|...........E1 |
             |MISC INFO.........................................|...........X2 |
             |-360 Achievements.................................|...........X3 |
             |-Frequently Asked Questions/Emails................|...........X4 |
             |COPYRIGHT/CONTACT INFO............................|...........X1 |
      |                                                                           |
      |                           B1. Version History                             |
         VERSION .01 (7/12/06): Bare-bones guide. Just started on main guide.
                                Finished "All fall down" and "Crash Landing"
                                levels of the guide, and added contact info.
         VERSION 1.0 (7/13/06): Whoo! Finally done with the main part of the
                                guide. Sorry if the later parts and some of
                                the beginning feel a bit underdetailed, i've
                                been working on this for the last two days
                                non-stop. New content in the next few days.
         VERSION 1.1 (7/16/06): No, I didn't forget about this guide. Mike Grave
                                sent in the solution to the Cube in the complex,
                                so I added it in his own words. Anywho, i'm
                                still taking a break from the guide, and I do
                                plan on updating Monday with a Weapon and
                                Enemy guide (Gamespot released a guide with
                                most of the names of the enemies, so I finally
                                know which ones are what).
         VERSION 1.2 (7/29/06): Sorry for the long wait, Prey fans. Got a few
                                new things for you:
                                -Weapons guide (No info on Multiprey weapon
                                 strategies yet)
                                -Misc Info, 360 Achievements, and a Frequently
                                Asked questions section, due to the large
                                ammount of emails I get about Prey.
                                For you 360 Prey owners, I am going to rent
                                Prey sometime within the next few weels and
                                see if there is anything major that is
                                different. Also, a multiprey guide and
                                Enemy guide should be up in the next update.
      |                                                                          |
      |                           C1. THE BASICS                                 |
        *Please note: This was written based on the PC version. The 360 version
                      may be a little different, so please be aware. If anyone
                      has info on the 360 version they are willing to share,
                      please email me.
           /\                                                            /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/--------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                    \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/               C2. TOMMY, THE HERO                    \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                      /_\  /_\
          /  \----------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                          |  |
           --                                                            --
           Ah yes, the hero of the game. Tommy, unlike many FPS heroes is a
           Native American, Army braggart, heritage hating, and all around
           emo man.
           Tommy is also a bit different then other FPS heroes. Instead of
           getting a number gage for helth, you get a life bar. Not only
           that, but you can resurrect Tommy once you get the Spirit Walk
           by playing a short bow and arrow mini-game.
        First, however, the controls:
       |The default controls  |
       |C                     |Crouch. Use when going into small portals.        |
       |F                     |Lighter. Use when it is too dark to see. Be aware |
       |                      |of the gage near the lighter icon when you use it.|
       |                      |The more it is used, the higher the gage goes.    |
       |                      |If it reaches to the top, you must let it cool    |
       |                      |down for a few seconds.                           |
       |E                     |Spirit Walk mode. Once you gain Spirit Walk in the|
       |                      |main game, you will be able to enter and exit this|
       |                      |mode by clicking the SWM button.                  |
       |Space                 |Jump. Use to reach high areas...Self evident      |
       |Right Mouse button    |Fires any weapon currently equipped. Also used to |
       |                      |activate switches                                 |
       |Left Mouse button     |Action sensitive button. Used in a variety of     |
       |                      |different situations. When the Hunter Rifle is    |
       |                      |equipped, you can go into zoom mode by clicking   |
       |                      |it.                                               |
       |                      |                                                  |
       |W,A,S,D or arrow keys |Move up, left, down, or right respectively.       |
       |                      |                                                  |
       |Mouse wheel           |Changes weapons                                   |
           As you can see, Tommy is pretty much similar to how the marines in
           Doom 3 and Rhino Squad in Quake 4 handled. However, it is also good
           to note that Tommy's guns also use a bar instead of a number, so you
           have to keep a more careful eye on that.
           So, what exactly is your goal in Prey? Well, in the 2006 version (Sadly,
           we may never know the full story of the canceled versions of Prey from
           more then a Decade ago), you are on a Indian Reservation with your
           very traditional grandfather Enisi, as well as trying to get your
           Girlfriend, Jen, to come off the reservation for a few days. However,
           all this is soon forgotten when (OMIGOSHSOORIGIANAL!) a evil alien
           race abducts various parts of Texas! Now, as a kickass Cherokee, it is
           up to Tommy...Oh, who am I kidding: You fight fleshy aliens
           on a fleshy ship with fleshy guns.
      |                                                                           |
      |                           D1. Walkthrough                                 |
           /\      D2:                                                   /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/--------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                    \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/                    LAST CALL                         \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                      /_\  /_\
          /  \----------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                          |  |
           --                                                            --
           Ah, the beginning of the game. As you soon discover, you play the
           roll of a Rebellious Indian named Tommy! Much like the beginning
           of Silent Hill 2, you begin the game in the bathroom, over a
           Anywho, the first part is all story (Sadly, this are actually
           looks awsome. Too bad earth is always forgotten in Doom 3
           engine games...). You can look around, read the posters, play
           several of the games (Black Jack, Draw Poker, Video Slots, and
           a Pac-Man clone called Rune Man), and mess with the songs. Once
           you are ready to move on, stay near gen, and you will eventually
           pick up your wrench and hit the two guys drinking. Once that is
           done, you will get picked up by the aliens.
           /\     D3:                                                    /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/--------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                    \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/                  ESCAPE VELOCITY                     \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                      /_\  /_\
          /  \----------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                          |  |
           --                                                            --
           Not much to say here. You pretty much go on a track until a
           explosion happends and lunges you into a fleshy pit. Right now,
           all you have is your trusty wrench, so that is all you can
           really use for now. Going forward, you will see your first
           hazard: the Cilia (The tentacle things growing out in random
           places that explode and damage you). You also meet your first
           enemy: The Fodder (The reddish, bug looking things that
           attack you in this area). Hit them with your wrench, and
           then press the button on the console (Most consoles have
           a button you can press that activates something, although
           some consoles are just displays).
           Next room have several Fodder, and a crowchable room you
           can go into. When you see gates like this, it means you
           can warp through them. Crowch, and then go through the back
           of the gate to get to the next section. Keep going on the
           path, and then when you reach two hallways, go right. You
           will also be introduced to Prey's health recovery, the
           Health Spores (These repair a little ammount of HP). When
           you see the gate, crowch down and go through the back.
           Next room is a bit dark, so use your lighter and kill the
           fodder walking around. Not much else to do...Just keep
           walking the path ahead until you see Enisi get strapped
           to one of those absorbing machines. Just then, a person
           will come and stop it, and open a portal to the next area.
           Go into it to go to the next level.
           /\     D4:                                                    /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/--------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                    \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/                  DOWNWARD SPIRAL                     \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                      /_\  /_\
          /  \----------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                          |  |
           --                                                            --
           Right off the bat, you will get to see your first health basin
           (A grasshopper looking statue holding a bowl of purple liquid).
           Head up the ramp and down the path until you meet your first
           common enemy, the Hunter. Hunters usually carry a Hunter's Rifle,
           a sort of dual rapid fire/sniper rifle gun. Once you beat your
           first one, take the rifle for your own. Continue on through the
           asshole looking door (Hey, its a M-Rated game! Not to mention
           a accurate description) and continue forward.
           Several hunters in this room, as well as a portal that stays
           open (Nothing past it besides a healing spore). Go to the
           force field and press the switch to open it, then jump down into
           the pit. You should see a tumor-looking thing (a giant blob of
           round flesh) that you can push around. Push it to the green
           goo looking thing, and shoot at it several times to make it
           explode. Continue down the flesh hall.
           In the next room, you will find several flying enemies (Can't
           kill them at this point, and they don't attack) and several
           Hunters will warp in. Kill them, and take the wallwalk (The
           glowing pathway to the right). Head up the wallwalk, kill
           the Fodder, and go to the right. Kill any of the Hunters that
           warp in and avoid the Cilia, and go up the Wallwalk. Before
           dropping down at the end, take care of the Fodder on the celing
           so you don't have to get ambushed in a second. If you continue
           up the stairs, another fodder will tumble over a warp box and
           attack you. Kill it, then go through the box.
           Next room shows a small rock in a case, and another warp box
           on the left. Go in the warp box, and you will be on the
           rock you just saw! Worse, several hunters will warp in. Kill
           them, then go forward until you see a gate that contails a
           warp. Drop down.
           Next section shows a alternate to the anus hole dores,
           VOMITING anus holes! While they do not do much damage, they are
           sort of annoying and comming in the first few areas. Head
           through the warp, and then head through the second warp on
           the right.
           Continue on the path, avoiding the vomiting anus holes, and
           you will be in a hall with a new enemy: The Mutilated Humans.
           If you leave them along and not shoot your gun near them, they
           won't attack. Continuing on, the path leads into a room with
           several hunters, so kill them. Keep going on the path
           and you will face a new enemy: The Hounds (A Aliens "The movie"
           looking enemy, only brown). Kill them, and continue.
           In the next room, go to the right and then hit the switch on
           the console not only to open the window, but to activate the
           wallwalk. Go up the wallwalk, shoot the hunters that appear
           on both the celing and the floor, and crowch when you get
           to a small space. In the next room, you will be in a small
           space with some Mutilated Humans. Don't bother them, ignore
           the wallwalk, and push one of the tumor bombs to the door on the
           upper left and shoot it.
           Next room is the bridge area. Go past the metal bridge to the
           closed door, turn around, and you will see that the hunters
           are shooting the cable. Let them, and you will warp to the
           next level.
           /\     D5:                                                    /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/--------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                    \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/                  RITES OF PASSAGE                    \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                      /_\  /_\
          /  \----------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                          |  |
           --                                                            --
           Not much to do in this level. Listen to the ghost of Enisi talk
           about the Cherokee for awhile, and then enter the spirit cave.
           There, you will be able to use the spirit walk to pass the
           fire. The spirit walk is a move where you can use your spirit
           to do things you normally can't do, such as going through
           force fields. Touch the stone on the other side and continue
           on. Enter spirit form and go through the circular fire to gain
           the bow, the only weapon you can use in spirit form. Once that
           is done, you will be able to go back to the Sphere.
           /\     D6:                                                    /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/--------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                    \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/                   SECOND CHANCES                     \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                      /_\  /_\
          /  \----------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                          |  |
           --                                                            --
           As soon as you warp in, wait for the tumor bomb to drop on the
           right side, and push it to the pit in the middle and shoot
           it. Go through the flesh cave until you see a force field.
           Enter spirit mode, go across and kill the Fodder. Then, press
           the button to lower the force field. If you want, you can also
           go up via a path only available in Spirit form that leads
           to some ammo. Once you are done, go through the door.
           Next area is pretty much a fleshy hall. Continue through it
           until you see a force field. Go into spirit mode, kill the
           Hunter, and press both the wallwalk button and force field
           button to activate and lower respectively. Go up the wallwalk
           kill the enemies, then enter spirit form when you are on the
           edge. You will now be on a balcony where you can go through
           the door and press the button to make the platform move.
           Go back to your body and walk up the steps and in the
           room you were just in to find the Leech gun, a type of gun
           that absorbs various types of energy located along the
           walls. Once the hunters open the door, go through it.
           Head along the fleshy hallway until you see a glass wall
           and a anushole vomitor. Wait until the ghost kid breaks
           the window, and then go through. In the next room, blast
           the Fodder that are in the hall, then go under the steps
           to find two warp boxes. Choose the right one, and go
           through it.
           Next room is a Gravity Switch room. Keep in mind that
           gravity switches cannot be shot at on the floor, but
           ones on celings and walls can change gravity. Keep changing
           the direction until you find the portal.
           Next part is mostly a sniper area. Enter sniping mode by
           using the secondary button (With the Hunter Rifle only),
           and try to either shoot at the head or chest. Once all the
           hunters are dead, drop through the opening along the path and
           look for a gravity switch on the celing. Shoot it, and you
           will wind up in the next room.
           The trick here is to manuver yourself a little below the
           edge of the walls and shoot the gravity switches. If you
           are lined up right, you will be a little bit on the next
           platform. If you just jump down, then you will need to start
           over. Once you get to the end, you will find what happened to
           the Bar: absorbed in the ship. Shoot the gravity switch near
           the bartenders area to get in the area, and kill all the
           hunters that warp in. Eventually, several warps will
           appear. Go into one, and a blue one will appear that will
           warp you to the next level.
           /\     D7:                                                      /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/--------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                    \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/                  ALL FALL DOWN                       \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                      /_\  /_\
          /  \----------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                          |  |
           --                                                            --
           Beginning in this area, go right and shoot the Hunter patroling
           the pathway. Continue through the anus door and you will find
           a lone Mutilated Human, and giant Cylander, a inactive wallwalk,
           and a switch. Press the switch, go up the wallwalk and kill any
           hunter that comes along. You will then be in a area with several
           Fodder. Kill them, then move the tumor bomb to the door to the
           left and shoot it. You will then see a force field you can
           go through with Spirit walk. Enter spirit mode, go down a
           little ways, and press the switch to lower it, then re-enter
           your body.
           Once in the next room, kill the hunter that warps in a look
           for a path on the left. Gather the ammo near the human,
           and continue on the path that goes up. Kill the Hunters that
           warp in, then enter the tube to fine a lone Hound. Kill him,
           and then drop down to the fleshy cave.
           Turn on your lighter and continue onward. On your way to the
           door, you will hear a child cry, then get ripped to shreads.
           Ignore it, since there is no enemies you have to fight above or
           anything you can really do. Continue through the doorway and you
           will wind up in a room with a bottomless pit in the middle. Defeat
           the hunters and Fodders in the room and collect the healing spore
           near the south side of the wall. Once all the enemies are
           defeated, look on the sealing for a gravity switch. Shoot it to
           land on the sealing, and then head toward the pipes. Look up and
           hit the gravity switch on the celing to land in the other section
           of the room you were not able to enter due to the pit.
           Grab the healing spore if you need it, then hit the right
           console to make a round portal appear. Once you are on the
           other side, you will find a room with several Vomiters, beam and
           ice charges for the Leech Gun, and a Draw Poker machine. Nothing
           too important, so go back through the portal you just came out of
           to warp into a room with a Elevator (With a healing spore, if you
           need it).
           Once on the elevator, you will have to wait about a minute or so
           for it to get to the next area, so kick back and watch the pretty
           view in the distance (AKA: Your next destination). Once at the
           top, you will enter a room with the ghost girl and a healing
           spore. She will run off, and leave the door locked. Look on the
           celing near the enterance for a Gravity switch and shoot it. Once
           on the celing, go forward and look at the bottom for a warp.
           The next room is a bit of a annoyance, but isn't too bad. In it
           is sevral healing spores, ammo for the Hunter Rifle, several
           recharge stations for the leech gun, and two of those ghost
           girls. I'm not too positive, but from what I remember, you are
           supposed to shoot at the two ghosts until a crouchable passage
           opens on the upper left wall. Once in the next section, you will
           find a healing spore and ammo for the Hunter Gun. Continue on
           the left passage until you come to a room with a portal. Enter it
           to end the level.
           /\     D8:                                                      /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/----------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                      \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/                     CRASH LANDING                      \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                        /_\  /_\
          /  \------------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                            |  |
           --                                                              --
           Right off the bat, you will be in a room with a force field blocking
           your way, and several hunters on the other side. Enter Spirit Walk,
           and hit the switch on the right to lower the force field. Go back
           into your body, and kill any of the Hunters in the room (Some warp
           in on the left, so take care of those. There are several Healing
           Pods and a leech gun station if you need it, so use them acordingly.
           Once you are done, head up the stairs on the left and hit the switch
           to the right of the door to reach the balcony near the Crash site.
           Gather the Hunter Rifle ammo, then enter Spirit Walk and pass
           through the section on the bottom. Go down and then go forward to
           find the terminal to lower the force field. Lower it, then re-enter
           your body and head back down and go forward. Several Hunters will
           ambush you, so take them out. Also worthy of note is the Electric
           energy station for the Leech gun on the right wall (Slow on attacking,
           but each blast is powerful enough to kill most lesser enemies).
           Jump down to the ground section to find several hounds, Electric leech
           stations, several balloon jellyfish things (The Prey manual and website
           make no mention of its name, so that is what I will call it until
           someone can find the true name of it), and some Fodder. Note that if
           you kill all the Balloon aliens, then Sniping Hunters will appear on
           the ledge to the left. Now, the only problem is getting up to the area
           that leads to the next section. Head forward and then go up the
           platform to find a Spirit Walk symbol. Go into Spirit Walk, then go
           up the spirit pathway to find a terminal switch. Hit it to activate
           the elevator on the right, then go back to your body and hit the
           switch on the elevator and head through the portal.
           Right when you enter the next room, a hunter will close the gate and
           lock you in the section you are in. If you turn around, you will
           find a gravity switch on the left, and a health basin right in front
           of you. Hit the gravity switch to switch the direction of the room
           (Which allows you to go through the metal bars). Jump down the small
           pit, then hit the switch right above you to return the room to
           normal. Head down the path to the right to find a cabnet of Hunter
           Rifle ammo, then continue forward to the force field. Several Fodders
           will jump from the celing, so be prepared to take them out. Press
           the switch to lower both force fields (The small passage on the left
           leads to some Hunter Rifle ammo), while the one in front of you
           will lead to the next room.
           The next room is a easy puzzle. First of all, go to the left to find a
           warp door and a switch. Do not hit the switch, but instead go through
           the door's path (go through the gate, and then turn around to find
           the portal). Once you are through the portal, you will be in a turnable
           room with a switch and a cabnet of Ammo. Press the switch once to
           appear on the other side of the room you were just in. Ignore the
           switch, and head on through the door.
           The passageway has several mutilated humans, a tumor bomb, and those
           crab-like grenades walking around. First, kill the mutilated humans,
           then destroy the celing turret near the door (Note that the turrets
           seem to not take any damage from the Spirit Bow). Once all that is
           out of the way, head through the door on the north wall.
           In the next room, you will find a electric charge station for the leech
           gun on the right, and a force field that you can sprit walk through on
           the left wall a little ways forward. Hit the switch to the right, and
           then re-enter your body and look on the terminal in front of you for
           a number password you will need in just a minute or so (*Note: When I
           first recorded my playthrough, the password shown was 1623. Based on
           emails I recieved, this is always the same for both versions.) Once you
           have the password, head back and then forward to find some steps and
           a terminal to enter the password (The terminal will show the numbers in
           the alien language, but will appear as English numbers after a few
           seconds). Enter it, and then head through to the next section.
           Next room is a bit annoying. Instantly, you will have several Sniper
           Hunters on the top areas shooting at you. Take them out, and use
           Spirit Walk to show a path leading to some Rifle ammo (Optional).
           Head back to the enterance area of this room, then look on the celing
           to find a gravity switch. Hit it to flip the room, then drop into the
           pit. Continue foward on the path until you find a gravity switch on
           the floor, and then look above you to find a second one. Hit it to
           discover that you are on the platform across the previous pit.
           The next room is pretty mcuh two recharge stations for the leech gun
           (Energy and Ice), as well as a Health Spore. You know what the next
           room must be...Aw hell yeah! It's a giant ass fight! Both Hunters and
           Hounds will attack you from every direction, so take them out so you
           can go up the elevator on the left side of the room. To activate it,
           position your body on the elevator lift and go into Spirit Walk form.
           Then, go through the force field and activate the switch on the other
           side and return to your body. Once the elevator is on the top, go
           through the door.
           Next room has several dead humans and a single mutilated human, so take
           him out (or ignore him, which ever you prefer). The room after that is
           filled with bodies hanging on the celing, several crab grenades, Rifle
           ammo and health spores. Go up the platform right across the entrance to
           find a small gateway portal. Crawl through it to head to the next room.
           Next room is a wall walk puzzle, so take it a bit slowly. Walk across
           the small pathway in the middle to reach the otherside with a wall walk,
           then go up to find a hunter. Kill him, then hit the switch to cause the
           sections of the wall walk to start moving (Which allows you to get
           across). Go down the path you took to reach the switch and go either
           right or left. When a section of a walk goes down, walk onto it and
           wait for it to intersect with another part of the walkway. Once you are
           on the other side: go straight, then whichever path goes up to reach
           the other side. To the right is rifle ammo, and the left is a warp
           box. Crouch to enter the next area.
           On the top of the next room is a Hunter, while the bottom holds a
           turret. Ignore the warp box infront of you, and continue on to the
           left side. There is a hunter on the celing, so take him out as soon
           as you see him. While you do see several leech charge terminals,
           ignore them for now and go into the warp box. You will now be on
           a inverted gravity part of the room with Hunters shooting at you.
           Grab the rifle ammo, and take them out. When you are done with
           that, look at the side of the box you just came out of to find a
           second warp box. Enter it to head to another gravity warped part
           of the room. Grab the Hunter's guns, and then prepare to fight
           the Hound and Hunter that come out of the door to the north. Grab
           the Leech power-ups if you need to, then continue on through
           the door.
           Next room is filled with Cilia tentacles, so watch your step when you
           walk around. The right wall has a ammo cabnet, so grab it if you need
           it and the lower left section of the room has a health basin. The
           password console on the right needs a number password (Mine was 2724,
           but if that doesn't work, go out of the room you were just in and look
           on the leftmost wall in the room where you fought the hunters).
           NEXT room is a doozy. Ice leech charge on the right, and a lift that
           will bring you down to a Hound cage. There are quite a few of them,
           so use your fastest method (AKA: NOT sniping) to kill them. Once they
           are dead, hit the switch on the upper left to activate the wall walk.
           Once on top, you will be in a room with speakers (In which you can
           listen to the unfunny conspiracy show, if you want). Once you are
           done, hit the switch to open the portal to the next room, ending
           the level (FINALLY!)
           /\     D9:                                                      /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/----------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                      \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/                     SACRIFICES                         \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                        /_\  /_\
          /  \------------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                            |  |
           --                                                              --
           This level begins with a Mutilated Human working over the vault you
           need to enter. Shoot him and then enter the code "0634" (Temporary
           note: If that doesn't work, continue on down the pathway right in
           front of you until you reach several Fodder and a Mutilated Human.
           Shoot the Fodder and Human, and look on the left wall for the
           Entering the vault will reveal a school bus and a sealed off
           passage. Use the spirit walk near the sun symbol to create a
           path to the area the bus is in. While over there, press the switch
           to open the shutters that were blocking your path. However, once
           you get to the door, the school bus will become possessed and a
           legion of ghost children will attack you. Keep killing them until
           the door that previously shut opens.
           Next room is filled with Cilia and Fodder, so take care of them
           accordingly. Keep going forward (Health Spores if you need them)
           and you will eventually pass a huge warp ring down below a
           window. Continuing onward is nothing great, just a energy recharge
           for the leech gun. Eventually, you will reach a wallwalk room with
           several Hunters in them (and a working Blackjack machine). Kill
           them off and press the switch near the middle of the two wallwalks.
           Head up the left one, which will then summon several Hunters who
           will then shut off the wallwalk you are on. Kill them off, and
           then turn the wallwalk back on and continue. Head on the right
           path when you see the portal to head to the next room.
           More Fodder in this room...You know what to do (I mean, you don't have
           tea and crumpets with them...YOU SHOOT THE LIVING HELL OUT OF THEM!
           on topic...There is a cabnet of rifle ammo, so get that. Push the tumor
           ball to the ooze net on the upper left side and blow it up to reveal
           a new passage.
           Oh joy, a new item! Too bad it is a servered hand...A HAND THAT CAN
           BRING THE DOWNFALL OF THE ALIENS! *Ahem* the alien hand is used to
           open up doors with the alien looking hand design on them, so it will
           come in handy later. More fodder past the area with the hand, as well
           as some Health Spores. You will then fall down into a cave and
           eventually face the boss, Centurion.
           |BOSS: CENTURION       |
           |Centurion...Doesn't he seem a bit like the Cyber Demon from Doom?    |
           |Anyways, he is fairly resistant to attack (Normal weapons do jack    |
           |when it comes to damage. When you do die, you will wind up in a cell |
           |on the edge of the area you are in. Eventually, Centurion will stick |
           |his right hand in and start blasting you (Stick to the left part of  |
           |the holding cell) and wait until he tries to pull out and loses his  |
           |hand. Also, be careful of the Fodder that appears a little after that|
           |(A sneak attack from those bastards can usually kill you in a few    |
           |hits). Eventually, Centurion will break down the door and allow you  |
           |to pick up his hand, a automatic hand (literally) gun. Just hold down|
           |the fire button while aiming at him and he should be dead in pretty  |
           |much no time.                                                        |
           Not even a few seconds after the female voice talks to you that the
           hunters attack. Head through the portal on the right to end up in a
           room filled with ammo. Head through the northern door to reach a
           wallwalk puzzle and several Hunters. Kill the hunters and continue on
           to a section with a almost shut door, two force fields, and a hand
           switch. Use the hand on the switch to deactivate the left force field,
           and continue up the wallwalk. Continue going up and killing the
           Hunters that spawn and continue on the main path until you are in a
           room with a force field. Use the hand on the door switch on the left
           wall, and continue to the next area.
           Not much in the next area, just some leech stations and a Ammo Cabnet.
           Continuing forward, you will see several of those guys from earlier.
           Ignore them for now, and continue going forward.
           Quite a few hunters and hounds in this area, so take them out before
           you do anything else. Click the switch on the console to line up the
           rings, and create a portal to the next room. This time, you will
           see a unamed, spider-like alien attack you. Dodge its attacks for now,
           since it will escape through the area he appeared from. Continue forward,
           and you will get a message from Enisi, transporting you to the Spirit
           realm once again.
           /\     DA:                                                      /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/----------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                      \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/                  THERE ARE OTHERS                      \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                        /_\  /_\
          /  \------------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                            |  |
           --                                                              --
           Just like any other level in the Spirit Realm, this one is short.
           Continue going forward until you see Enisi, and listen to what
           he has to say. Once that is done, a path to the left will open and
           allow you to continue on. Just keep going forward, and you will
           eventually find a floating, holographic version of Jen. Listen to
           what Enisi is telling you, and then you will be warped back to
           the Alien Sphere.
           /\     DB:                                                      /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/----------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                      \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/                     GUIDING FIRES                      \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                        /_\  /_\
          /  \------------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                            |  |
           --                                                              --
           You will be instantly teleported to a new room with nothing really
           in it, so continue going forward. Next room is a bit odd: A hunter
           is fighting off one of those balloon things from earlier, so leave
           it alone and focus on the two switches. Use the alien hand on both
           sides of the tower to lower the electric gate, and continue on
           to the elevator. In truth, I do not know what is on the 3rd floor,
           since I choose 2nd, but it should be the same either way.
           Once on the 2nd floor, there will be two hunters standing outside,
           so take care of them (or run). Walk around the area until you find
           some alien text and a arrow pointing to a brownish-platform. Once
           you step on it, a console will appear that allows you to board a
           Shuttle controls are fairly simple: Fire button fires rapid burst
           energy shots, and the left is a tractor beam (Not used until later).
           Fly the shuttle up, and then dock it near the path that leads to a
           Next room is pretty much full of Hunters, although there are several
           healing spores if you need them. Continue going up until you reach
           a ammo cabnet and wallwalk switch on the left and a alarm switch on
           the right. Press the wallwalk switch, then use the wallwalk to get
           to the next section of the room. On the right is the switch you
           need to hit, while the left is is a switch that opens a portal
           to the beginning of the room. Hit the right switch, activate
           the portal, and then return to the room with the shuttles.
           At this point, several new flying enemies have spawned, so either
           continue on or take them out. Once you are ready, fly to the area
           that was right above the door, and go through the air lock until
           you find a docking station. Continue on through the door.
           Next room is a hall with several hunters and a hound that can sneak
           up on you if you are not careful. There is also a healing basin if
           you need it. Once you are ready, continue on. Press the switch in
           the next room to open a portal to a shuttle station. Mound the
           shuttle, and continue onward. You may have to fight the black floating
           alien that tries to attack you, but you can just aim the shuttle
           upwards and continue through the tubes.
           Next up is a room with two electric rings circling around. While
           touching them doesn't harm you, getting trapped in a corner while
           one of them passes hurts the shuttle, so be careful (Also noteworthy:
           Crashing the shuttle usualy transports your body to the last Shuttle
           area you last used). Manuver past the rings and continue to the next
           tube area.
           Not much to note in the next area, just the moon circling around the
           Earth. Continue down the pipes until you reach a force field, which
           will then shift the pipe downward (If you hit a door that does not
           open, then you went the wrong way). Continue going forward until you
           are lead down into a area with Wallwalks. Ignore them and continue
           going down. You will then find a room with several Hunters and those
           Black and red flying enemies. Dock (You don't want to die in the ship
           and then have to come all the way back), ignore the enemies for now,
           and continue on through the door. Press the switch to open a portal
           to the wallwalk you saw earlier.
           The platform you are on now has a active wallwalk and some Rifle
           Ammo. Head up the wallwalk (Trying to avoid the flying enemies
           in the process), jump down once you get to the edge, and head
           through the door that is not too far ahead of you. Also, be careful
           of the hunters that spawn in this area, and the one in the watchtower
           that tries to Snipe you. Head through the door and press the switch
           to open a portal to the watchtower in the previous room. Pick up the
           Hunter's Rifle, and hit the switch to drop the force field. Head back
           to the shuttle area, grab one, and then fly through the door that
           previously had a force field and dock at the station below. Head
           through the door and press the switch to open a portal to the end
           of the level.
           /\     DC:                                                      /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/----------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                      \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/                     THE OLD TRIBES                     \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                        /_\  /_\
          /  \------------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                            |  |
           --                                                              --
           This next one is a doozy. You will spend most of your time in this
           level in the giant hallway you see once you head through the area
           you start in. First, take care of the enemies in the hall so you
           don't have to deal with a larger number later on and get overwhelmed.
           Next, head through the door to the first of many halls with lasers in
           them. If you hit one, a turret will bust out. Fortunatly, you can
           turn them off via the switch near the end of the hall, so do that
           when you need to go back. Continue down the hall to find some
           Rifle ammo, and a door to a room with a giant fan and several
           Mutilated Humans listening to the radio show**. You don't
           have to go in here, so skip down past the ** paragraph to find
           what you need to do next.
           **(This room is optional, but the ammo may come in handy later).
           Ignore them and grab the healing spore/A healing basin and Leech Gun
           charge if you need them, and continue to the next room. More leech
           gun chargers in this room as well as a door that leads to a optional
           Spirit Walk section, which allows you to gather some more ammo.
           Back in the hall with the lasers, head through the middle door to
           lead back into the giant hall. Activate the wallwalk via the switch,
           and continue to the next section. Several Hunters will spawn on the
           bridge you fought them in the beginning, so be careful. Hit the
           switch on the end to open the door.
           This is the second hall with Laser traps, so be careful. Deactivate
           them, and head through the door to wind up on the bridge that the
           Hunters were on previously. There will also be a new flying enemy
           that launches slow moving missles at you, so kill him ASAP.
           Third laser hallway, same deal. Head past the lasers and ignore the
           door on the right to find another portal room. Warp to the sniping
           tower, activate the wallwalk, and take care of the enemies that
           spawn. Head back to the previous laser hallway and open the right
           door to find a force field. Use spirit walk, head past the spirit
           path, and activate the wallwalk. Then, before reentering your body,
           hit the switch to the right of the force field (Near the wallwalk,
           in Spirit Walk mode). Walk past the wallwalk to find yourself in
           your fourth laser room.
           Nothing new, dodge the lasers, collect the ammo, and head through
           the door. Defeat the flying enemy and continue up the wallwalk.
           Kill the hunters, and then jump down once you get to the edge.
           Shoot the enemies that spawn below, and then head onto the pipe and
           jump onto the walkway below. On one end is the Rifle Ammo near
           a closed door, while the other is a active door you can go
           through. Head through the door to find another portal room. Once
           again, use the portal to head through.
           Next room is a shuttle area with a hunter at the controls. Ignore
           him, and use the shuttle to go forward through the airlock.
           Dock, run past the enemies (New flying alien as well, try to
           avoid it if possible, although you will need to use Spirit Walk
           in not too long). Use Spirit Walk on the shuttle docking area to
           gain access to a spirit path that leads you to the switch
           that opens the door on the top (RUN ON SENTENCE!! WHOOHOO!!!)
           Head back to the shuttle area, grab a shuttle, and fly upward.
           Next area is a bit annoying, so I will just give the best rundown
           I can: each docking station holds a power supply that keeps the fan
           above on, as well as a force field. You will need to deactivate the
           force field on each, open the hatch (Via a switch) to the power
           supply area, go back to the shuttle and pull each of the
           rectangular power supplies. Once all 3 of them are pulled out, the
           fan at the top will open up.
           Next area has some blue junk blocking the way to the next area, so
           use your tractor beam to move it. Head through the path to find
           those odd people again. The next area is mostly story, so just follow
           what the people tell you and you will meet Elhuint, a priestist that
           leads her people from Gaia, and talks about The Keeper, the main
           boss around the sphere. After the chat, a portal will open up to
           lead you to the next level.
           /\     DE:                                                      /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/----------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                      \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/                     HIDDEN AGENDA                      \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                        /_\  /_\
          /  \------------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                            |  |
           --                                                              --
           More Mutilated humans in the beginning, so leave them alone. Keep
           going forward and head down the right path into the laser room.
           Dodge the lasers, and head down the right path to find a second
           laser room and a switch to deactivate the lasers. Head through the
           left door to find a hallway with some health spores, and your
           first encounter with the keeper (Sadly, he runs away like a sissy
           girl). Head right and use the alien hand on the switch to open
           the door.
           First thing you see when you enter the room is a weapon floating
           in midair. To get it, head to both the left and right doors (You
           can stand in the doorway) and blast the energy soruce that is
           right in front of you. Once both of them have been destroyed,
           the weapon will drop (allowing you to pick it up) and causes
           several Hunters to spawn. Eventually, a portal to the next room
           (With some ammo, Health spores, and a switch) will open. Once
           you are ready, head through the right door.
           Next room has several hunters, a leech station, and a force field.
           Hit the switch near the leech station (Its near the middle wall,
           near the seperator to the small room on the right wall that faces
           the force field) to deactivate it.
           More running and gunning in this room, you pretty much have to
           take out the turret and Hunter, so do that. To the left of the
           turret is a rotating room, so leave your body in there and do a
           spirit walk past the force field. Click the switch on the left
           to bring your body around, but don't leave spirit walk just yet.
           Instead, head through the next force field and click the switch to
           your left. Doing that will rotate your body around to you, which
           you can now safely re-enter. Kill the hunter that appear, collect
           the ammo, then head forward and look to your left to find a
           warp box to the next room.
           Next room is pretty much a switch room, so...open the portal.
           The room you just warped into has some ammo in front of you,
           so go get it. Watch out for the turret on the left hall and
           dodge/take care of it and ignore the mutilated humans (There is
           a health basin on the left if you need it). Head down the path
           in the middle and go left to find a portal.
           Ignore the Mutilated ones, and continue down the path to the
           right, and then crowch to enter a air duct. Destroy the mini-flying
           enemies, and use your Spirit Walk to cross over the pit to the switch
           on the other side. This will deactivate the force field and allow
           you to walk up the wallwalk. A hunter appear on the way up, so be
           caucious. Head on the right path to reach the next room. Take care
           of the turret, then crowch down to enter the duct.
           On the other side, you will then enter one of the most annoying puzzles
           in the game. Go past the pipes, crowch to go down, and then shoot the
           gravity switch on the celing. Go forwards a little ways, look up for
           the celing switch, then shoot it again. After that, there should be a
           crowchable passage in front of you, so go that way.
           Keep going forward, shoot the switch on the top, and then you will
           be in a area with a force field. Use spirit walk to go through the
           FF and click the switch to open a portal. Go forward (In the
           direction of the portal) and look up for another gravity switch.
           Shoot it to rotate the room to where you can enter the portal,
           and then you will be in a room where The Keeper then escapes.
           In the room, look to the left to find a crowchable passage, and go
           through. Grab the ammo and drop down to the platform below. Next
           section is a bit hard, so be prepared. All of a sudden, the flying
           robots from earlier will start attacking you in waves. Keep shooting
           them until the voice starts laughing and talking to you, then enter the
           portal that appears on the right. Enter it to end the level.
           /\     DF:                                                      /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/----------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                      \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/                        JEN                             \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                        /_\  /_\
          /  \------------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                            |  |
           --                                                              --
           Aw hell yeah, things are starting to heat up now! Go forward until
           you find a force field, then use Spirit Walk to go through. Look
           on the floor for the code (2432) and enter it in the password
           terminal to lower the force field. There is also a crowchable
           room with some ammo and a healh basin, so use it if you need
           it. Once you are ready, head through the door near the terminal
           to end up in a room right above where Jen is being held. Look to
           your right for a crowchable air duct, and enter it.
           On the other side is a Hunter patrolling the area, so shoot him
           when you see him. Head on the left path to find a huge room with
           a force field. Spirit Walk through, kill the Mutilated one on
           the upper left if you have enough Spirit energy, then press the
           force field switch on the left to open it. Use the alien hand on
           the switch on the upper left area, and several new enemies
           called the Mutate will attack you. Kill them, and several Hounds
           will also attack you. Once they are dead, the force field will
           drop and allow you to go through the door.
           Next area has several Mutilated Humans, so ignore them and
           spirit walk through the left force field, then crowch down. Go
           on through until you reach a room with a Mutilated Human at the
           console you need to use, so nudge him and quickly press the button
           of the console he was using and go back to your body. Head to the
           door on the hallway with the MH to end up in the room you were
           just in as a spirit. Take out the MH using the console, and
           press the button to make the portal come out. Enter the room
           with the ammo and health basin, and use Spirit Walk. Go back
           to the button and press it again to move your body back to the
           glassed room.
           Head through the shutters on the right, and take out the turret and
           hunters on the wallwalk before using it. Go up, then keep going until
           you are near a portal and jump in it. Kill the hunters in the room,
           and continue down the path into another portal. In this room, you
           will have to kill the 4 mutates that come out (Electricity works well,
           and there is a Electric Leech charge in this room). Once they are
           all dead, a portal will appear. However, you can go up the stairs
           to find some health spores and ammo, and crawl through the passage
           for a health basin (and a Art Bell phone conversation with The
           Keeper). Once that is done, head through the portal that opened up
           in the last room.
           Keep going down the passage until you find the room Jen is in. Hit the
           switch on the right of the containment cell to trigger a cutscene. Just
           then, a image of Elhuit will appear on the screen and tell you they
           have been attacked. After that, both doors will hopen (The left is
           the exit, and the right holds ammo). Head through the left door
           to end the level.
           /\     DG:                                                      /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/----------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                      \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/                 THE DARK HARVEST                       \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                        /_\  /_\
          /  \------------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                            |  |
           --                                                              --
           At the very beginning of the level, you will be transported to
           the area The Hidden were located in. In a rather stupid move,
           Tommy insists that Jen stay behind (Bad for him, but good for
           us since we do not have to do a stupid escort mission). Once you
           can control you weapons again, several hunters will burst through.
           Kill them, and continue on the passage they came out of.
           The path ahead is pretty straight forward. Along the way, you
           will fight Hunters and Hounds, so the Rifle or Acid Gun may be
           your best bet. Continue going along until you reach the room you
           fought Centurion in. There are ammo cabnets on both ends south of
           the portal, so use them if you need to. Once you kill all the
           Hounds and Hunters, a Centurion will appear as a normal (But
           strong) enemy. Defeating him will summon another Centurion, while
           beating that one will summon more Hunters. After that, Jen will
           then scream, and you will see her get carried away by one of the
           flying enemies into the portal. After talking to the female voice,
           the portal will open and allow you to access the next level (Short
           for a action level, eh?)
           /\     DH:                                                      /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/----------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                      \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/                    FOLLOWING HER                       \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                        /_\  /_\
          /  \------------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                            |  |
           --                                                              --
           You begin the level in a room with a window and several health spores
           and a leech gun station. You will also see Jen going by with that
           flying monster (How the hell can she breathe?). Anywho, once you
           got all you need to in this room, continue on down. There is a wall
           walk, a ammo cabnet, and a switch. Get the ammo, press the switch,
           and start walking on the wallwalk (A hunter will also warp in, so
           kill him). Next room has several Fodder, so kill them and crowch
           so you can enter the passage on the left. Go right and you will
           see a portal to the next room.
           In the next room, you will habe to fight sevral Hunters (and I think
           hounds as well). You can ignore them if you wish and continue on
           through the door. Go up, use Spirit Walk and select Floor 1. When
           the lift arives, place Tommy on it and go back into Spirit Walk
           mode and press Floor 2. You will then rise up to the second floor
           and can access the next door.
           The next room will be dark, and Tommy will make a stab at Doom 3
           (I mean, it IS the same engine, after all). Go down the hall and
           kill the Hunters and Fodder that come along (There are also Ammo
           Cabnets and a Spirit Walk point). Once you are ready, head through
           through the northern door.
           Next room is a pain in the ass...From what I can tell, you have to
           kill the giant spider aliens until the shutter on top of the wall
           walk opens and allows you to get through (Be careful of the Spider
           enemy when the door opens, though). Once it is open, go through.
           On the table in the next room is the Launcher, sort of a mixture
           of a rocket launcher and grenade launcher (Although it is somewhat
           weak compared to other Rocket Launchers in other games). Anywho,
           once you are ready, head down the left hall. Kill the Hunters, and
           hit the gravity switch on the celing to change the direction of
           the room. Go forward and look up for the second gravity switch,
           and shoot it. Kill the hunters that appear, and use the Alien
           hand on the switch on the left side to open the door.
           Next room has ammo and a Health Basin. Continue forward to find
           your next puzzle: two cylander energy creators going back and
           fourth. Go left and follow the path (collecting the ammo), and wait
           until the cylander goes all the way to the left. Jump onto the
           metal platform, and continue left. Kill the spider enemy in the
           room, grab the ammo, and then head outside. Kill the flying
           enemies, then wait until the left cylander stops and allows you
           to go through. Head on the path, kill the Hunters that warp in,
           and press the switch. This will stop the energy on the cylander
           you just crossed, allowing you to use the platform. Jump onto the
           platform of the cylander and wait until it reaches the other side.
           Next, head forward and wait for the energy in the cylander to stop,
           and jump in the left part the second it stops. Keep going forward
           until you find a path to the right. Next room has bars on the left,
           and a path on the right. Leave your body at this part and go into
           Spirit Walk mode, then head to the right. Keep going until you find
           a spirit path that leads to a switch. Pressing it will unlock the
           bars and allow you to pass, so head back to your body. Go on
           the left path and head through the door.
           As soon as you enter, a Spider Alien will pop up from the ground
           and attack you. Down below, several Spider Aliens and flying
           enemies will spawn, so take care of them as well. Once they are
           dead, jump down and go forward until you see a platform, then jump
           on top. Lead the tumor bomb to the door on the other side (Be careful
           though, several Sniper Hunters will spawn on the opposite side) and
           shoot at it to unlock the door. Once it is open, several Fodder will
           attack you, so be on guard. Finally, jump into the portal at the end
           of the hall to end the level.
           /\     DI:                                                      /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/----------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                      \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/                      THE COMPLEX                       \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                        /_\  /_\
          /  \------------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                            |  |
           --                                                              --
           You will begin this level is a sort of fork in the road, one hall
           having Fodder and ammo, while the other has a locked door and a
           alien switch. Use the alien hand to unlock it, and continue
           forward. Next room has some Sniper Hunters and normal ones as well,
           so take them out before you do anything. Also, be careful of the
           turret in the middle hall. Once everyone is dead, head to the
           area where the pipes are (It should be a bunch of pipes right past
           a metal floor with no safty bar). Go down and crowch, and continue
           on the path of pipes.
           *Note: I am not sure about the next section. I think you have to avoid
           the wall walk for now, head through the right door, and either kill
           the two Mutilated Humans or go up the stairs and go through the door
           to find it blocked off, and then return to the wallwalk to find several
           hunters have spawned. I don't know which triggers it.
           Anywho, go up the wallwalk once the above is done and kill the hunter
           that spawns (There is also a spirit walk point where you can gain
           some ammo). Continue onward until you are in a room with lasers. The
           lasers in this room are tied to the flying robot station outside, and
           will release it if touched. Continue onward through the door and
           kill the Hounds and hunters along your path (The steps below lead to
           some ammo). Once you are done, you will be in the cube room.
           Once you enter the cube room (You will see why it is called that in a
           minute), several hunters will warp in. Kill them, and go to the force
           field. Wait a little while, and the cube will form.
           *Note: This is another thing I am not positive of, but I will update
           when I have more info. The cube has a box in it that needs to go along
           the path of the cube, and turning the cube by using the gravity
           switches is how you use it. I do not have the order you need to turn
           them in at this time, but if someone can send me them, then I will
           give you credit.
           *UPDATE: Mike Grave kindly sent me this info, after about 20 emails
                    from other people repeating the same thing I said in the
                    guide. Here is the solution:
           It took awhile to get this but i know it will help alot of people.
           This part alone took me like 20mins. Then i had to figure out the
           route. Let me know if this helps."
           Once you figure out the cube, then the path will open to the wallwalk.
           Kill any of the Hunters and flying robots that spawn, and continue down
           the walk. Head to the path that has a small cliff and pipes below it,
           and jump down. You will now be in the beginning area, where you need
           to be. Go back to the area with the warp in the middle and the wallwalk
           on the left, and use the now activated teleport in the middle.
           You will now be in a giant section with various alien spiders. Kill
           them, and head down the right path to find a portal. Jump through it
           to end up in the cube room where that switch you saw earlier was.
           First, put your body on the metal bridge on the right and enter spirit
           form. Then, go and press the button and re-enter your body as soon as
           you press it, and then go onto the metal bridge on the other side when
           the two meet.
           Next room is a bit of a time puzzle. Enter spirit form and jump over
           the force field and press the switch. Gravity will go upside down,
           but only for a short time. Press the big transparent block near the
           hole on the other side, and then do the same with the small one.
           Once both are in jumping distance, jump on the small one and then
           again onto the bigger one and enter the path above. Keep going
           until you are in a hall of mirriors-like area. Kill the Hunters
           and look for the door on one of the hallways near the middle.
           Next few rooms are mostly spider aliens and Fodder, so bring out
           the big guns for the former. There is also some ammo throughout
           the rooms, so collect that as well. Find the switch for the
           gravity in the room without a exit, and while it is reversed,
           hop onto the platforms and onto the moving metal platforms
           going down. That will lead you to a wallwalk, which leads
           to a portal.
           Take out the Spider Aliens and flying enemies in the next room, then
           push the tumor bomb to the goo-like substance blocking your path
           ahead of you. Shoot it to set it off, then go across the clear
           floor and duck so you can go underneath. In front of you is a gravity
           switch, so press it to reveal a portal to the next area.
           The next area has some shuttle platforms, so use a shuttle to go
           up and then to the side where you see docking stations (You can also
           use the tractor beam to pick up the enemies in close range and
           throw them off). Go through the left door and through the portal to
           end the level.
           /\     DJL                                                      /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/----------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                      \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/                        ASCENT                          \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                        /_\  /_\
          /  \------------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                            |  |
           --                                                              --
           First things first, use Spirit Walk to get across the laser gate and
           water and hit the switch and go back to your body. In the next room,
           stick to the right path and continue to go forward until you see a
           door with a alien switch on the left. Press it, and enter. On the
           right is a ammo cabnet and the left is a switch you need to press.
           Once done, go through the left door to hear a message from that
           woman voice again. Now that you are done here, go outside the room
           you were just in and go to the right, you will then see a shuttle
           terminal. Angle yourself into the middle of the green ring, and it
           will transport you up a bit ways.
           Next floor has a docking station, some ammo, several mutilated
           humans, and some turrets if you hit the lasers. Dodge the lasers
           and avoid the Mutilated Humans, and hit the switch. Head back to
           the shuttle and go upward. The next area is pretty much dodgeing
           the liquid that comes out of the pipes, so be a bit careful in
           this part.
           Next part of the Spindle is a bit weird. Kill the Hunters that
           attack you, and move the blue objects near the door so you can
           move your shuttle through. In the next part, dock your shuttle
           and kill the hunter (and turret if you activated it) and press
           the switch on the platform to open the airlock. Head back to
           the shuttle dock and get a shuttle.
           Ok, next area is a doozy. Kill the flying creatures near the
           floating astroid, then head to the left and look for a docking
           station on a small station. Kill the hunter, and press the switch
           to your right to open the area below. Then, get back into the
           shuttle and fly to the dock on the planet. Follow the giant
           metal wires near the dock (and kill the hunters along the way)
           until you find another station and switch. Press the switch,
           then follow the path back to the dock (This also spawns hunters,
           so take them out). Get back into the shuttle, and head back to
           the station where you pressed the button (and while in the shuttle)
           go into one of the clear cases that has a green ring in it. This
           will lock you into place, and send you to the next area.
           Once you are able to move again, kill the enemies in the area and
           dock. This area has some ammo, so collect it if you need it.
           Pressing the switch on the platform you landed on will activate the
           clear box creating thingies that are used to exit, so head back to
           the shuttle and go right until you see the arms create the clear
           boxes, and enter when you see the green ring.
           Next area also has flying enemies, and a platform you can land on.
           The portal that is on it only leads to a ammo room, so only use it
           if you need it. Go to the left and look for a gravity switch on the
           celing, and shoot it. When you are across, shoot the other one so
           it will return to normal. Continue on to the giant, energy producing
           tube and go into spirit form near it (Make sure all the enemies are
           dead). Head inside the tube to find a small station, some ammo,
           a health basin, a Hunter, and a switch. Kill the hunter, activate
           the switch, return to your body, and then get any ammo and health you
           In the next room, dodge the lasers and kill the Hounds and continue
           down the path. In the next room with the giant energy center, kill
           the flying robots and then look for the power sorces from each
           beam going into the giant center. Destroy all 4 and the power will
           go out. Now, head back the way you came, and you will be in a new,
           closed off room with several spider enemies. Kill them, and then
           look up on the celing for a gravity switch. Hit it, and then look for
           a portal on the ground that will transfer you to the next level.
           /\     DK:                                                      /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/----------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                      \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/                  CENTER OF GRAVITY                     \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                        /_\  /_\
          /  \------------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                            |  |
           --                                                              --
           Nothing major in the first two rooms besides a Spider enemy in the
           second one, so ignore him and continue to the third room. Kill the
           spider guard in this room, and then go into Spirit Walk mode and
           walk through the force field. Deactivate the field via the switch
           on the right, and continue. Kill the Hunters in the next room, and
           gather the ammo (There is also Video Slots in the room). Once you
           are ready to continue, step through the portal.
           In the next section, head down to the broken bridge area and Spirit
           Walk across. Hitting the switch on the other side will bring down
           the lift, so position yourself on it and spirit walk back to the
           portal near the switch. Now back in the room you fought the hunters
           in, you will need to press the button near the middle of the glass
           and quickly warp back to your body to reach the ledge.
           After that, crawl under the box to enter a new area. Fall down the
           pit a little ways in and continue onwards. Go down the hall and
           you will be a room with several of those flying robots and a
           turret. Take out the robot first, then the turret and look up to
           find a gravity switch. Shoot it, and you will either be on a
           walkway or the celing. Position yourself over the bottom of the
           small walkway, and shoot the gravity switch on the celing. You will
           now be able to access the door to the next room.
           Grab the ammo and healing spore and wait for the room to shift to the
           next side. Head down the right path to find a hunter and some flying
           aliens. Take them out, then spirit walk over and hit the switch on
           the other side, which will activate the wallwalk. Head back to the
           other path (Left side of the revolving room) to find the wallwalk
           you need to go up. Kill the hunters that warp in and continue on.
           Eventually, you will end up in the area the switch was in. Go to
           the shuttle dock and grab a shuttle and then head up to the right
           of the area you were at. You should find a blue door on the celing,
           so enter it.
           Dock, and then head over to the planet area with the force field.
           It will suck you in with the gravity, but you will be stuck on top
           of the force field. Use spirit walk to enter the area and look for
           the beacon that looks like it is the center of the force field.
           There should be a switch, and if there isn't one then you are at the
           wrong becon. Once deactivated, head back to your body and kill the
           hunters that warp in. Then, look for the shuttle dock on the planet
           with the switch and press it. The passage to the next area will open
           up, and will allow you to leave the area. Get on a shuttle, and fly
           into it.
           Keep going along the tubes until you find the exit. Kill the flying
           robots and land on the first planet. Kill any of the hunters you
           find, and then look for a metal pipe. It will lead to the second
           planet and to a switch you can press to open the exit. Head back
           to the first planet, grab a shuttle and head up. Wait until the
           energy released from the door dies down, and then quickly go
           through it.
           Next area is a bit difficult. You need to use the shuttle to blast
           the protective shields around the energy tube, and then once all
           of them are destroyed to focus on breaking the rings. Once all the
           rings are destroyed, the tube will collapse and reveal the pathway.
           Use the shuttle to go up. Dock, go on the platform and head through
           the portal to end the level.
           /\     DL:                                                      /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/----------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                      \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/                     RESOLUTIONS                        \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                        /_\  /_\
          /  \------------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                            |  |
           --                                                              --
           Fair warning, most of this is story stuff, so this section may be a
           bit sluggish. In the first two rooms, wait until the voice stops
           talking and the doors will open. Next room is a puzzle.
           Once the voice stops talking again, all the previous portals will
           close and the single one will remain, at the top. First, use spirit
           walk and head over to the switch on the right and press it. This
           will cause several platforms to appear on several sides. Head back
           to your body, and then head to the white platform on the left side.
           Head back into spirit form and go back to the switch and press it.
           Once on the top, head over to the white platform infront of you
           and go into spirit walk form again. Go to the switch on the left
           and press it to move the platforms again. Next, head onto the white
           platform on the right and go into Spirit Walk form again and go
           to the switch and press it. The voice will speak to you again and
           allow you to pass into a room with another portal. Voice will speak
           to you again, and then allow you to enter another portal.
           This room introduces you to a new attachment to the Leech Gun, the
           a beam-like wave that does quite a bit of damage if you leave it
           over your enemy. Kill the spider aliens and continue on to the
           next section, which has a turret and another spider alien. Kill
           those, and continue down the path. Next up is some Hunters in a
           room with a sealed door. Kill them, and continue on to the next
           section: a room with a turret, a spider alien, and a switch. Hit
           the switch to enter the door, and continue on.
           On the wallwalk, you will fight several Hunters. Jump down and
           you will then have your first major enemy rush. Basically,
           pretty much every enemy in the game will attack you at this point,
           so be careful on what ammo you use with each enemy. Once that
           is done, the voice will reappear the open a portal to the
           next room with Jen...You should have a idea what happends at this
           ************WARNING: THE FOLLWING MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*****************
           |BOSS: JEN             |
           |Jen, now fused partially to a four-legged alien with gatling guns,   |
           |will attack you out of her control. At this point, use weak guns to  |
           |inflict damage. After awhile, two regenerative devices will pop out  |
           |and start to heal Jen. At this point, focus your attacks on one of   |
           |the healing devices (Don't be afraid to use your most powerful       |
           |weapons, they take quite a bit of damage before they break). Usually,|
           |it will take around 2 or 3 tries of weak attacks of this method      |
           |before both of them will break. After, and only after they are both  |
           |down should you use heavy fire on Jen. She will also introduce a     |
           |beam attack a little ways in that you can easily dodge. If you start |
           |running out of ammo, use the leech gun chargers on the wall.         |
           |Once she is out of health, Jen will ask you to shoot/hit her one     |
           |more time to put her to rest.                                        |
           After the battle, the voice will speak to you again, and you will be
           transfered to the spirit area once last time.
           /\     DM:                                                      /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/----------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                      \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/                 Oath of Vengeance                      \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                        /_\  /_\
          /  \------------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                            |  |
           --                                                              --
           Another short level. Tommy will speak to Enisi for a little bit,
           and tell you that you will have to do seven trials (Oddly enough,
           you will never do those trials nor is it really mentioned again.
           Maybe cut from the final game, or purposly left out due to story?)
           Anywho, continue to the spirit cave and pick up the power-up, which
           raises your max health. Then, the voice will tell you that you have
           lead her to this area and can now enter it. Head back to the main
           area, and you will find Enisi fighting off the aliens. Second
           enemy rush time: pretty much kill all enemies that come to the
           area until a portal on the right opens up. Entering it will end
           the level.
           /\     DN:                                                      /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/----------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                      \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/                   FACING THE ENEMY                     \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                        /_\  /_\
          /  \------------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                            |  |
           --                                                              --
           Oh goodie, a THIRD enemy rush in a short ammount of time (Did the
           prey staff run out of time?). Anywho, you know the drill by now:
           Kill all the enemies until the portal appears (It appears in the
           upper section). Once through, use the hand on the switch near the
           closed door to open it.
           Next is a bit of a odd puzzle: A spinning cylander with two switches
           on each side. Each switch opens one-half of the door to the core of
           the spinning cylander and will close after about 10 or so seconds.
           Push both buttons, get your most powerful weapon, and blast the
           inside until it drops down. Then, go into spirit walk mode and
           go across the pit and press the button. Then, re-enter your
           body and head to the next section. Not much in the next room
           besides a fodder, some ammo, and a locked door and switch. Press
           the switch to go forward.
           Another time puzzle: Kill all the enemies flying around, then position
           yourself at one of the switches and go into spirit mode. Go to the
           switch on the other side and press it, then quickly go back to your
           body and press the second one to bring the lift down. Then, run down
           the walkway and get on the lift before it has the chance to go back
           up. Are you ready for a boss fight, boys and girl? No? Well, screw
           you too. Instead, you have to do a enemy AND boss rush against pretty
           much every enemy in the game (Including a alien version of the Mutated
           Jen without the healing devices). If you need ammo, use the Leech Gun
           stations around the battlefield. Once that is done, The Keeper will
           finally face you.
           |BOSS: THE KEEPER      |
           |For a hyped boss, the keeper sure is a wimp. He pretty much uses the |
           |exact same psycic attack while several lasers will shoot around the  |
           |field. Although he is somewhat resistant to attack, he is slow and   |
           |does not dodge that often. If you need ammo, use the leech gun       |
           |stations throughout the battlefield.                                 |
           Then, the voice will transport you to a new section...A section that is
           very, VERY tedious.
           I'm not going to go into specifics in this section, but the main thing
           to keep in mind that each area will usually have anywhere from 2-4
           creepers. These seem to have less health, but more attacks. They will
           tend to use their psycic shild/item grab quite a bit (You can't attack
           them when they do this), and will throw the object at you (Sort of a
           reverse Half-Life 2!). If you need ammo, there is leech gun ammo in
           each section, and the door will open when each section has no more
           Keepers in them. Each area is straightforward (and some will have other
           enemies besides Keepers), and will usually lead to a healing and ammo
           room. You know you are at the end when you see a room full of Keepers,
           and the voice kills them all and opens a portal. Enter the portal
           for the final area!
           /\     DO:                                                    /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/--------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                    \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/                  MOTHER'S EMBRACE                    \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                      /_\  /_\
          /  \----------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                          |  |
           --                                                            --
           Short as hell level, mostly story. Head down the hall and the
           voice will start talking to you. You will now have to enter a
           weird vehicle around a floating orb. Your main goal is to
           ignight the small beams with your electric charge (Fire button)
           and move with the secondary button. The main thing to do is
           to wait until a unlit beam is near you, and then use the secondary
           button to lunge at it and use the fire to ignight it. Once all
           of them are lit, then you will enter the final area.
           The Sphere will start talking to you and revealing what happened so
           many years ago. After that, a psudo-boss battle will take place.
           You can't damage her (and she can't you until you break one of
           her windows), but you can break her green windows. Enter spirit
           form, and then shoot a arrow at one of the green windows. When
           that happends, the sphere will flinch a little and you will then
           have to shoot out the window in your main body. Hunters will also
           warp in, so take care of them before you enter Spirit form  (Once
           again, Leech Gun ammo is on various sides of the walls). Once all
           of the windows are broken, the final battle will begin.
           |BOSS: SPHERE          |
           |You can't really hit her right off the bat, in truth. To damage her, |
           |you will need to go around and hit each of the switches on the sides |
           |of the metal structures to launch a mine. When she gets close to one,|
           |shoot the mine and she will become immobile for a few seconds. At    |
           |this time, shoot her with your most powerful weapons. She has several|
           |Beam and wave attacks, and will float around the battlefield in a    |
           |random manner. If you need ammo, there is some around the mine       |
           |containers.                                                          |
           Once you beat her, you will get to see the ending. Congradulations, you
           beat one of the easiest FPS's ever made@
      |                                                                           |
      |                            E1. Weapons                                    |
       *Note: I am not too sure of the 360 controls at this point, so I am going
              to call each of the alternate ways of firing the guns/using the
              weapons as "Left Method" and "Right Method", based on the mouse
              functions in the PC game.
       Recieved in: Last Call
       Also wielded by: None
       Left Function: Rapid swing. Does less damage, but is faster and has a wider
                      swing range
       Right Function: Brings the wrench above your head, then lowers when you
                       release the button. Strong, but not as accurate as the
                       rapid swing.
       Your standard Melee weapon for a FPS shooter. Not very good for standard
       enemies, but good for taking out weak ones, like Fodder, or as a last
       resort if you run out of ammo. Not to mention it's short range means you
       have to be right next to the enemy to strike it.
       Hunter Rifle
       Recieved in: Downward Spiral
       Also wielded by: Hunters
       Left Function: Rapid fire. Hold down the button to use it like a automatic
                      weapon. Does not do as much damage and is less accurate,
                      but faster and works well for closer enemies.
       Right Function: Sniper Rifle mode. Brings up a scope in which you can
                       aim and fire at certain parts of a enemy to inflict more
                       damage. Slower, but uses less ammo and can kill many
                       common enemies in one hit.
       Not only will you get this weapon early in the game, but it is pretty
       much two weapons in one. Ammo is common and plentiful, and the sniper
       mode allows you to take care of enemies from a distance. Although
       it loses some of its use once you get the Auto Cannon, it will be
       your main gun for most of the game until then.
       Recieved in: Downward Spiral
       Also wielded by: Hunters
       Left function: Mine. Basically, you will throw the crawler and it will
                      stay at the spot you threw it at. When a enemy walks over
                      it, it will explode and do splash damage to anything in
                      its explosion radius. Not very helpful for the most part,
                      but useful with a large ammount of enemies around.
       Right function: Grenade. From what I can tell, you rip one of its legs off
                       and throw it a little above you. After a few seconds, it
                       will explode and cause splash damage. Once again, only
                       helpful if there is a large ammount of enemies
       Ah, the grenades, AKA "Crawlers". Unfortunatly, they are not as strong as
       their Doom 3 cousins, nor are they as helpful. Now, the mine mode may be
       helpful if you can get a strong enemy to walk over it, but it is pretty
       much useless otherwise.
       Leech Gun
       Recieved in: Rites of Passage
       Also wielded by: None
       Left function: Fire mode. Fires whatever energy you have sucked into the
                      Leech Gun.
       Right function: Leech mode. Creates a vaccume that allows you to suck up
                       various energy from a leech gun station.
       The leech gun is pretty much a variety gun, and instead of going on and
       on how good or bad it is, here is a list of its ammo types. (Note: There
       was no official name in the Prey manual, so I decided to base it off its
       Red: Rapid fire. Creates energy and shoots it at a rather large rate.
            Strong and useful in the beginning, but becomes more rare as the
            game goes on.
       Frost: Freeze energy. If you are REALLY close (and I mean close enough
              that the enemy can attack you), and hold down the fire button,
              then you can freeze the enemy. This depends on how big the enemy
              is, and if they move around too much. If you do freeze them, they
              die. Most useless of the ammo types, and is rare to boot.
       Electric: Electric blast ammo. Creates a powerful jolt of electricity
                 that does quite a bit of damage to whatever it hits. Ammo for
                 it is plentiful in the middle of the game to the end, and
                 the only bad part is the ammount of energy it drains from
                 each blast.
       Beam: Constant beam energy. Creates a powerful beam that stays on as
             long as you hold down the button. Middle of the road when it
             comes to usefulness (Since you usually have to keep the beam
             on the enemy for a period of time, and it is hard to see if
             you killed them or not), and you only get it at the end levels
             of the game.
       Auto Cannon
       Recieved in: First Centarion boss battle (The mechanical bull enemy with
       Also wielded by: Centarion
       Left function: Rapid fire mode. Allows you to shoot bullets at a large rate
                      of speed, but the bullets themselves are weak. However, this
                      is useful later in the game against bosses and stronger
       Right Function: Grenade mode. Allows you to shoot flesh grenades similar to
                       the Crawlers, only a bit more useful. Fairly good when you
                       first get it, but becomes less useful as the game goes on.
       This weapon is the type you get mid game and use it as your main weapon
       once you get it. While the rapid fire mode is weak by actual bullet hits,
       the speed it fires it at allows you to kill pretty much anything in
       your way. The grenade mode is also more useful then the crawlers, since it
       allows you to alternate if you are in close range, or far away from the
       Acid Sprayer
       Recieved in: **I honestly don't remember. If one of you can email me, that
                    would be great
       Also wielded by: None
       Left function: Fires a stream of acid in a clump. The reload time is fairly
                      long (Shotgun) and the range is fairly small, but useful for
                      taking out bosses and more powerful enemies, and the acid
                      seems to spread when it is fired.
       Right function: Fires the bolt in the center. In a way, it is a little like
                       Half Life 2's crossbow in normal mode. Powerful and goes
                       farther, but takes up a bit of ammo and is very slow. Not
                       to mention it doesn't spread like the acid does.
       The shotgun of the game, although you get it much later then other FPS's.
       The acid gun is ideal for taking out stronger enemies, although the long
       reload time compared to other shotguns makes it somewhat meh. I mostly
       used it against the Keepers later in the game, and bigger enemies. Right
       function is a bit useless and slow, if you ask me.
       Recieved in: I got mine in "following her", but I also read that you can
                    get it via a harvester (Spider enemies). If you can, please
                    email with any info.
       Left function: Fires a organic-like missile with a Crawler in it. Powerful,
                      but not accurate, and Harvesters take no damage from it.
                      Only use against bigger enemies and bosses.
       Right function: Creates a ornanic-like shield that is a shield, but does
                       not allow you to shoot either. Useless
       Eh, for a rocket launcher, it sure is lame. Little splash damage,
       Harvesters are immune to it, and had a somewhat limited range. Use in
       bosses or against larger enemies that are not Harvesters. Otherwise,
       use the Auto Cannon or Hunter Rifle.
       Well, thats it for now. If you have anything to add to the weapons, feel
       free to email me at howellgames@gmail.com
      |                                                                           |
      |                              X2. Misc Info                                |
         *Note: Some info has been contributed via email. I am sorry if any of
                this may be ripped off word from word from another source. If
                anything you see is a word for word copy and paste from something
                else, then please email me.
           /\     X3:                                                      /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/----------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                      \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/                    360 Achievements                    \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                        /_\  /_\
          /  \------------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                            |  |
           --                                                              --
           Jared was king enough to send in this info (Although it is
           missing the ammount of points you get for each)
          "Here are all the levels including acheivements
          1. Last Call - Last call complete.
          2. Escape velocity - Escape velocity completed.
          3. Downward Spiral - Downward Spiral completed.
          4. Rites of Passage - Rites of passage completed.
          5. Second Chances - Second chances completed.
          6. All Fall Down - All fall down completed.
          7. Crash Landing - Crash landing completed.
          8. Sacrifices - Sacrifices completed.
          9. There Are Others - There are others completed.
          10. Guiding Fires - Guiding fires completed.
          11. The Old Tribes - The old tribes completed.
          12. Hidden Agenda - Hidden agenda completed.
          13. Jen - Jen completed.
          14. The Dark Harvester - The Dark harvester completed.
          15. Following Her - Following her completed.
          16. The Complex - The complex completed.
          17. Ascent - Ascent completed.
          18. Center of Gravity - Center of gravity completed.
          19. Resolutions - Resolutions completed.
          20. Oath of Vengeance - Oath of vengeance completed.
          21. Facing The Enemy - Facing the enemy completed.
          22. Mother's Embrace - Mother's embrace finished.
          23. Savour - Completed game on Normal difficulty.
          24. Galactic Hero - Completed game on Cherokee difficulty.
          25. Young Blood - Reached 50 kills total in death match.
          26. Brave Star - Reached 125 kills total in death match.
          27. Ultimate Warrior - Reached 500 kills total in death match.
          28. Team member - Reached 50 kills total in team death match.
          29. Team player - Reached 125 kills total in team death match.
          30. Team leader - Reached 250 kills total in team death match.
          31. Sharpshooter - Reached 25 Sniper kills in death match and team death
          32. Invisible assassin - Reached 25 kills in death match and team death
                                   match using spirit form.
          33. Mechanic - Reached 25 kills in death match and team death match
                         using the wrench.
          34. Rifle Ranger - Reached 25 kills in death match and team death match
                             using the rifle.
          35. Crawler King - Reached 25 kills in death match and team death match
                             using Crawler grenades.
          36. Machine Gun Tommy - Reached 25 kills in death match and team death
                                  match using the Auto-Cannon.
          37. Launcher Lord - Reached 25 kills in death match and team death match
                              using the Crawler Launcher.
          38. Soul Sucker - Reached 25 kills in death match and team death match
                            using the Leech Gun.
          39. Toxic Overlord - Reached 25 kills in death match and team death match
                               using the Acid Sprayer.
          40. Rank 1 - Win a ranked match.
          41. Ten Ranked Matches - Play ten ranked matches.
          42. Black Jack - $250 won on Black Jack. [Secret Achievement]
          43. Poker Face - $250 won on Draw Poker. [Secret Achievement]
          44. Retro Gamer - Scored over 15,000 on Runeman. [Secret Achievement]
          "This should help a lot. but good job on the walk through thing "
           /\     X4:                                                      /\
      \-\ /__\ /-/----------------------------------------------------\-\ /__\ /-/
       \-\    /-/                                                      \-\    /-/
        \-\  /-/         Frequently Asked Questions/Emails              \-\  /-/
        /_\  /_\                                                        /_\  /_\
          /  \------------------------------------------------------------/  \
          |  |                                                            |  |
           --                                                              --
           *Note: If you have a question that is not answered in the guide,
                  then email me at howellgames@gmail.com, and if your
                  question is something unique, I will answer it here.
           Q: About saved games on the PC:
           Well I played through and beat Prey (within 24 hours of purchase)
           and I'm one of those people who like to keep save games backed up
           so I don't really have to play through them again...unless I want
           to. Problem is that I can't figure out where the saves for Prey
           are stored on my PC. Can you help me out please? Much appreciated.
           A. They are usually stored in My Documents. Go to Start, then
              My Documents, then My Games, then PREY, then click on the
              folders until you find the save game folder.
          Q. About the Alien Hand:
          A. You will ALWAYS have the Alien Hand once you get it, so you must
             have either forgotten to press the force field button, or it is
             some glitch I have not heard of yet. That, or the force field
             is something you cannot deactivate and is part of a puzzle.
         Q. Prey, the earlier years...
         Gian was kind enough to send me a rather lenghty email curious about
         the earlier Prey versions. Here is a sample of the email:
         "...but anyway returning to my original request(sorry for the lenght
          of these e-mail).....I REALLY WANT TO KNOW SOMETING ABOUT "the original
          cancelled version of prey of the 1990"AND WHY YOU MISS IT...(AND...IF
          I CAN...WHERE TO FIND IT) I've never eared talk about thes name."
         A. Prey has been through quite a bit, but the most insightful info about
            the previous cancelled versions of prey has to be on this sight:
            http://www.apogeegames.com/prey/. I'll put up a more insightful
            section on Prey's history once I have the time.
         Q. Hard Mode
         From Jeff:
         "How can I play the game on hardest skill setting the first time through
          the game?"
         I also got another email from a fellow Jason about Hard mode:
         "If you beat the game on Hard, do you ALSO get the achievement for
         A. Sadly, there is no way at this point. Only way I can think of is
            by modifying a few of the variables in the PC version to have it
            already unlocked. Otherwise, you will have to play the full game.
            I'm also not sure if the 360 version already has hard mode unlocked
            or not (I doubt it), but I would have to guess no, you wouldn't get
            the achievement if you did beat it only on Cherokee. Reason being
            is the 360 will only unlock achievements for certain things, and
            the Cherokee difficulty is tied to that achievement. Now, if you
            are refering to the level achievements, then I dare say you could
            get those.
      |                                                                           |
      |                           X1. Copyright/Contact Info                      |
           This guide is Copyright of Jason Howell. While using it on websites is
           fine, editing or selling this guide will warrent legal action. All
           written material has been written by Jason Howell, and not copied from
           other guides without giving credit. Quotes used in the items secion are
           borrowed from the Peasant's Quest game, which was produced and hosted
           by Homestarrunner.com. Please don't be a bad boy, or I may have to have
           my lawyers spank your money =O
           If you have any questions, comments, or whatnot, please email me at
           Also, if you have something to add, please email me at the address
           above. I will accept alternate boss stratigies, section additions,
           any items I have not added, and so on. If you can, please give a
           brief bio on the item if that's what you wish to contribute. You
           will get full credit on it.
           Sources/Programs used to create this guide:
           -UltraEdit 32: Text editor. Great for writing guides with due to column
           -FRAPS: Trust me, it is far easier using a capture program to record
                   me playing through it on a PC then buying the 360 version and
                   writing it every step I take. Thanks FRAPS, you didn't crap
                   out like Camtasia Studio did!
           -Prey website and manual: Granted, the manual and site (www.prey.com)
                                     doesn't reveal much, but it does give the
                                     names of several of the enemies and items
                                     in the game.
           -Gamespot: In truth, by the time I wrote the weapons guide, I forgot
                      where most of the items locations were. I also had no
                      idea what the Launcher's second function was until I read
                      it and tried it in a previous save game. Thank you.
            The Basics..............30%
            Weapons.................50% (Multiprey still needed)
            Misc Info...............40%

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